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10 Best Day Trips From Prague To Travel The Charming Capital City Of Czech

If you planning a day trip to Prague. Then what are you waiting for? The best time to organize your day trips from Prague is in late spring or early fall. The month of April and May or September and October are awesome times for Sightseeing. The Mild Weather and fewer crowds, both the perfect combination for chilling in Prague.

Prague, the national capital of the Czech Republic is situated at the Vltava river in the northeastern part of the country. Now a day, Prague comes into the most famous destination to spend vacations. The golden history of Hradcany & Lesser Town, Josefov & Old Town Prague, New Town, Vinohrady & Zizkov, and other amazing uptown places makes it popular among tourists. Because of its Prague tours, international visitors visit annually around 8.4 million.

For Prague sightseeing, such as The Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, St. Nicholas Church, Vysehrad, Letna Park, National Theater, Vystaviste, Old-New Synagogue, National Monument, and Prague Zoo: you can opt. Public transport like metro, rails, inner and outer ring roads.

In Prague tourist attractions is mainly city tradition and its cultural centers in Europe. They host numerous intense cultural events. It is also famous for short films in Prague include Hollywood Films to Bollywood Films, Video Games sets.

And plenty of concert halls, cinemas & music club, galleries also host music festivals, for example, Prague Autumn International Music Festival, Prague Spring International Music Festival, etc. Therefore travelers plan a day trip.

The Places For A Day Trips From Prague

Now plan things to do in Prague smartly. Have fun in Prague city with the help of Prague travel guidance. Let’s begin a trip to Prague city.

  1. Olomouc
  2. Bohemian Paradise
  3. Kunta Hora
  4. Karlstejn Castle
  5. Konopiste
  6. Terezin Concentration Camp
  7. Cesky Krumlov
  8. Karlovy Vary
  9. Ceske Budejovice
  10. Moninec

1. Take a chill pill on the streets of Olomouc

Olomouc; Best Day Trips From Prague

The one day tour from Prague to Olomouc, freshen up your mood and take you into a very fascinating world. Although it is a small student town according to the mindsets of many tourists. But we make sure that they‘re missing out in many ways.

There are very charming and stunning places in Prague to visit like Old Town Square, mild green belt around the town, astronomical clock. Olomouc is famous as a student town because of its various beer gardens in the town, relaxing underground tea parlors for when the temp. is increase.

For more remarkable see sights of the town or city outskirts is from the tower in Kostel Svateho Morice. Traveling from Prague to Olomouc is easy with regular direct trains. It takes hardly 2h 30m to reach.

2. Bohemian Paradise adds into a day trip from Prague

Bohemian Paradise; Best Day Trips From Prague

In the northeaster, Prague, Bohemian Paradise or Cesky Raj is located and protects the area of the Czech Republic. The natural green rock town covers more than 150 square kilometers area.

The diverse landscape featuring fascinating rock formations, ruin & two dramatic castles, panoramic view. For travelers, it is easy for each of the destinations by train. And in this way, visitors endeavor the Czech Republic’s natural scenery.

Most importantly not to forget to see the beautiful view from the top of the Cesky Raj rock town.

For day trips from Prague tourists, the government of Prague makes traveling most convenient by the direct train from Prague to Bohemian Paradise. Hardly, it takes 2hr in traveling.

3. Kunta Hora

Kutna Hora

The Kunta Hora is a small Roman Catholic Cathedral. In the Czech Republic, Kunta Hora becomes the most popular hotspot due to its specialty of historic buildings. With its extraordinary artistic bones installation of people, causes curiosity among the visitors. Kunta Hora is must add in your day trips from Prague.

The real human skeletons are decorated as an ornament with the chapel. The Chapel of Bones houses having 40,000 to 70,000 people Skeleton, for these monks & tradesmen work together. In the world, this place is one of the fascinating chapels.

The Kutna Hora is also known as the Sedlec Ossuary. Also, plan to visit at Hradek Castel and Sankturin House too with the Kunta Hora. From Prague to Kutna Hora there is a direct train which takes 1 hr.

If this place is not according to your taste then walk to Gothic St. Barbara’s Church, it is famous for flying buttresses & medieval frescoes.

4. Don’t miss out the Karlstejn Castle in a day trip around Prague

Karlstejn Castle; Best Day Trips From Prague

Due to its fairly tail beauty, Karlstejin Castle is the most visited destination in the Czech Republic. Be prepared from the crowds of tourists, overpriced restaurants and shops during the high season near the castle.

The stunning architecture and dramatic location made the castle a more popular tourist destination. During too many tourists hike, you can relax down for peace in the forest around the castle.

The government facilitates the direct train from Prague to Karlstejn Castle. Hardly, it takes 40 min.

5. Konopiste

Konopiste; Best Day Trips From Prague

Mostly tourist starts their Prague day trips from Konopiste. The specialty of this place is Konopiste Castle. It is one of the famous houses of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

This Castle has a huge building; built three floors & four different wings, from then one is a modern restaurant. Even visitors check out the castle residential rooms. Whereas Archduke used to sleep, read, eat and did many daily activities.

The Castle has highlighted keys are a botanical conservatory, rose garden Konopiste, and Kaple Panny Marie Lurdske. Additionally, Castle has the world’s third-largest collection of medieval weapons collections. And that’s the reason, this castle is counted as the most wonderful castles in the world.

Outside the castle just walk along the lake, and freshen up your mood by the view of nature.

Even you can carry some snakes, beer and other edible food items to make your day trip as a picnic.
Whereas it is the best way to go back to jungles to recharge your batteries.

6. Let’s include camping in your day trip at the Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin Concentration Camp; Best Day Trips From Prague

One important thing to remember i.e., it is from 70 kilometers towards north from Prague. And traveling time is not more than 1 hr. This place comes in many popular day trips from Prague.

For your guideline buy the tickets first because it sells out very fastly. Another fact is to know about the camping that it wasn’t an execution camp. Earlier it was used as a transit camp by Nazis.

In the camping, they were holding the Jewish people. Around 30,000 people died there because of horrible living conditions.

The camp structured with a Small Fortress. In this fortress, you will able to see the common shower room, prisoners’ cells, few courtyards and the rest of them are hospitals. So, don’t miss out on the chance to see an important piece of history.

7. Cesky Krumlov


Why a day trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov is in the travelers visiting list?
The Cesky Krumlov comes in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its Magical sunset view takes your mind to the fairytales. It is located in southern Bohemia. And on the one side is Vltava River where on the other side is Cesky Krumlov Castle. In between both of the Cesky Krumlov lies.

Cesky Krumlov’s day trip starts by viewing the castle features which is built in the 13th- century. And the inspiration was taken from the Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque Designers.

Nature lovers get relax their body & mind in the neat & clean atmosphere of 11- hectares flawless gardens area.

A happy time for art lovers, in a historic building of the Egon Schiele Art Centrum there is a house contemporary piece of art

8. Walk around the Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary; Best Day Trips From Prague

The Karlovy Vary situates 126 kilometers away from the Prague City Centre. The destination attraction point is Bohemian history and its culture which discovered and started with St. Peter & Paul Cathedral.

The architectural built in the 14th- century of the building with the gems makes it fascinating. Karlovy Vary is famous as a spa town. In this place, there are various natural spas to try. And don’t forget to take your swimming gear with yourself for making your day trips from Prague amazing & memorable.

9. Ceske Budejovice

Ceske Budejovice

It is the right place to get an idea about a day trip and knowing their cultural gems destination of the Czech Republics. The Ceske Budejovice is the largest city and situated in South Bohemia.

The most attractive point of the city is Black Tower which is built in the 1500s.

Well, nowadays it is the best place as the Budvar Beer home. Travelers also can have a brewery tour. Enjoy the local brew directly from the tap and make your moments.

Here, tourists learn the recipe of Budvar beer brewed. And also they will know the differences in tastes from those who have the art of the beer.

10. Moninec

Moninec; Best Day Trips From Prague

Don’t forget to add Moninec in your day trip from Prague bucket list. We know you also gonna like this place very much. In Czech, this ski resort is a very attractive destination among tourists. Those people like the snow around them & ready for thrilling then we must say this day trip to Moninec is worthy.

The adrenaline thrill visitors will easily get the ski equipment from the town at a very reasonable price. For guidance, their guides are available for different runs at Moninec compass. In the tiny Sedlec- Prcice town travelers have fun, wonderful enjoyment by a contest in the ski.


In general speaking, most of the travelers think about the Prague whenever they are planning day trips from Prague. Now, after lots of talk about the beauty of Prague. It is understandable how the capital city is famous among tourists.

In summary, there is another main reason to embark on day trips i.e., a short train facility from one Incredible destination to another remains people stay for more few days in Prague.

Compared to other places Prague is on a weekend destination city because of low airline costs in Europe. Such of these important factors attract tourists to visit.

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