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Top 7 Best Beach Towns To Visit On The East Coast

To most people, mentioning summer brings to mind Hawaii or the beautiful beaches of California. The truth is the East Coast beaches offer a wide climatically range and cultures and stretches for 14 states from Texas and Florida in the south to Maine in the north. We’ll list some of the best east coast beach towns that are most famous and the hotspots for the tourist.

If you want a spot to wind up summer or spend next summer, you will find a beach on the East Coast that can satisfy any imagination. With countless beaches to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed. 

But you do not have to do all the hard work, as this post can help you narrow down to some of the best.

List Of Some Best East Coast Beach Towns

1. Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is arguably the most popular beach in New Jersey. Located less than 48 miles south of Atlantic City, Cape May is home to 600 perfectly restored Victorian homes. This walkable town has a rich history, with one of the districts having the designation of a national historic landmark. 

On average, Cape May hosts over 40,000 tourists every year. If your idea of vacationing is enjoying your quiet while also having lots of options in terms of activities, you need to experience Cape May, NJ, this summer or the next time you plan a summer vacation.

2. Long Beach, New York

If you live in New York and are hoping to wind up this summer close to home, Long Beach is your best option. The beach is 75 miles away and roughly two hours drive from New York. While the beach attracts quite some crowd, it extends for approximately 18 miles, and it’s always possible to find a secluded spot where you could have a good time with your family. 

There’s a lot you can do to enjoy your vacation on Long Beach, from sunbathing, bicycle riding, peaceful stroll, or even high-octave activities such as surfing. The beach also features some of the best restaurants where you could cool down with drinks after a day in the sun.

3. Bethany Beach Delaware

Bethany beach in Delaware offers the best setting for family vacations. This coastal town is 130 miles southwest of Washington and approximately 15 miles from Maryland’s Ocean City. What makes this beach suitable for family vacations are its rules. 

Ball-playing, pets, beating, and alcohol are all prohibited, making it among the few beaches where you can enjoy a truly tranquil vacation if your idea of a vacation is laid-back activities. The beach also has lifeguards on duty all day to ensure that vacationers are safe and that the rules are adhered to. The coastal town also has some of the fairest accommodation rates you can find in coastal towns.

4. Canaveral National Seashore: Titusville, Florida

If you are a fan of nature, then Canaveral National Seashore is a place you may want to visit, thanks to its 24 miles of nature. And that’s not all; Canaveral National Seashore is near the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, so if you or any of your children are a fan of space science, you can have the time of your lives in the facility. 

Besides enjoying a beautiful beach in a somewhat secluded setting, you can also enjoy other activities, like bird watching and watching turtles and alligators at Playalinda Beach. If you have kids, the National Park Service offers a complementary ranger activity book they could enjoy even after the vacation. 

In terms of accommodation, you may have many options. If your idea of vacationing is RV living, Titusville has abundant camping grounds. Also, the small town features small and big motels that cater to all needs and budgets. 

5. Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach, Florida, is a place you may want to visit if you enjoy the seaside nightlife. It is one of the few downtown areas in the country that are nested at the beach. This beach is the shortest among the beaches listed in this guide, extending for only two miles. 

This beach gives you the feeling of being at the shore while also being close to shops and restaurants. 

Most people that have visited the beach praise its cleanliness, presence of lifeguards around the clock, concrete walkways for joggers, and an abundance of restaurants. 

In terms of accommodation around Delray Beach, your budget will be the determining factor as the downtown has a motel within reach of almost everyone’s budget.

6. Carolina Beach, NC

If you are thinking of a laid-back and crowd-free beach, Carolina Beach is the place you want to visit along the East Coast. The beach features soft golden sand shorelines and tons of fun activities to keep your vacation fun-filled. 

Some of these activities include carnival rides and surfing. If you have never surfed before, North Carolina Beach can be where you could try your hands at it. All you need to do is sign up for surfing lessons from surfing schools on location and start your surfing journey here. 

Carolina beach also offers a slew of other activities all year round, including boat festivals, live music, etc. That means there will always be an activity you can enjoy irrespective of when you choose to visit.

7. Rockport, Massachusetts

Massachusetts coastal region has built a reputation through its excellent seafood cuisines, historic landmarks, and beautiful beaches. In fact, the region’s beauty has not gone unnoticed by filmmakers and has been featured in several good films such as Manchester-by-the-Sea and Shutter Island. 

While there are many towns you could visit in this region, Rock Port is the only place you can experience the best of it. Some fun activities to keep your day occupied in Rockport include kayaking, exploring the sandy beaches, and climbing up two of the oldest lighthouses. You may also want to visit Halibut Point State Park to break the monotony of the beach. 

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