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Best Holiday Destinations in the World | The Gateway To The Year 2021/2022

In our mind, the first thing strike’s on hearing the word “holiday” is that of vacations. Holidays are important to get freshen yup from your boring life. And one should go someday vacation to the land of your interest, to taste the essence of excitement from your life.

According to research, says that nearly half of global travellers (approx than 45%) want to be more adventures when it comes to choosing holiday destinations. And there is no surprise or doubt that figures rise to a whopping 58% for 18-34 years olds.

When it comes to choosing holiday destinations, what appeals to one group of travellers might not be of interest to another. And with so many different holiday destinations across the globe to choose from, here we are narrowing down your options can be challenging.

There are some list is below which shows everything from national parks to incredible island escapes to cities bursting at the seams with cultural sights.

Best Holiday Destinations In The World

1. Valletta, Malta

The city is a honey gold capital, Valletta is in the spotlight as a European capital of culture. The city is also considering in the UNESCO World Heritage city.

Being the capital of Malta, Valletta is one of the most developed, astonishing and amazing city to pay a visit, And I must tell you this is a place worth your visit.

The top tastemakers have been quietly rediscovering the history-soaked Mediterranean island of Malta for a while, knocking it to the top of your holiday destinations list.


The city is a melting pot of European influences since it was built by the Knights of St John following the Great Siege of 1565, Valletta has long packed a historical and artistic punch well above its weight.

In before years this will be true in spades, with hundreds of events – the art of all kinds, theatre, dance, opera and music, fireworks, food, and fun – in Valletta and across the country.  There are many winter destinations in Europe as well. Best European cities to visit in winter are also there for you all.

💁 Things to do in Malta

Grand Masters Palace

1. St. John’s Co-Cathedral (Co-cathedral in Valletta, Malta)

  • Address: Triq San Gwann, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta
  • Opened In: 1577
  • Architectural style: Baroque architecture
  • Status: Co-cathedral
  • Phone: +356 2122 0536
  • Architect: Girolamo Cassar
  • Burials: Jean Parisot de Valette, Alof de Wignacourt

2. Grandmaster’s Palace

  • Opened In: 1574
  • Floors: 2
  • Construction started: 1574
  • Owner: Government of Malta
  • Architects: Girolamo Cassar, Nicolau Nasoni
  • Architectural styles: Mannerism, Baroque architecture

3. Upper Barrakka Gardens (Park in Valletta, Malta)

  • Address: 292 Triq Sant’ Orsola, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Open 9:00 Am ⋅ Closes 10:00 PM

4. National Museum Of Archaeology

  • Address: Republic St, Valletta, Malta
  • Open 9:00 Am ⋅ Closes at 6 PM
  • Architectural style: Baroque
  • Founder: Agatha Barbara
  • Founded: 1958
  • Phone: +356 2122 1623
  • Architect: Girolamo Cassar

🏠 Valletta Malta Hotels

Phoenicia Malta

🏨 1. The Phoenicia Malta (5-star Hotel)

  • Address:- The Mall, FRN1478, Floriana, Malta
  • Phone no. +356 2122 5241

🏨 2. Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta (5-star Hotel)

  • Address:- Great Siege Road, Floriana FRN 1810, Malta
  • Phone no. +356 2125 0520

🏨 3. La Falconeria Hotel (4-star Hotel)

  • Address:- 62 Melita St, Valletta, Malta
  • Phone no. +356 2247 6600

🏨 4. SU29 Hotel Valletta (4-star Hotel)

  • Address:- 29, St. Ursula Steps, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1230, Malta
  • Phone no. +356 2124 2929

2. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast: Stunning Atmosphere

The beckons of the Amalfi coast are both for adventure travellers and relaxation seekers. It is considered a coastal gem of Italy. It is a true manifestation of nature’s beauty.

There are 13 cliffside towns that comprise this region offer picturesque hiking trails and several beautiful beaches of the world to explore. The place is considered the best holiday destinations in the world. Amalfi Coast, Italy is a combination of both adventure and nature.

You may also find some exquisite luxury hotels, sharing real estate with colorful residences framed by greenery and imposing cliffs cascading down to the cobalt Mediterranean Sea. The Amalfi Coast shines bright like a star in the night and comes alive with the first ray of the sun.

Suitable Time To Visit: Mid May to September

Wanna know more about Italy? You should definitely go through these Best Cities To Visit in Italy to get the best experience in Italy. It will definitely make your visit worth it if you are an outsider.

💁 Things to do in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Cathedral
Amalfi Cathedral

1. Grotta dello Smeraldo (a Tourist attraction in Italy)

  • Location: Via Smeraldo, 84010 Conca dei Marini SA, Italy
  • Open 9:00 Am  Closes 4:00 PM
  • Province: Province of Salerno
  • Discovery: 1932
  • Geology: Sea cave
  • Phone: +39 089 831535

2. Amalfi Cathedral (Cathedral in Amalfi, Italy)

  • Location: Via Duca Manson I, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy
  • Province: Province of Salerno
  • Affiliation: Catholic Church
  • Phone: +39 089 873558
  • Architectural styles: Gothic architecture, Romanesque architecture, Baroque architecture, Byzantine architecture
  • Architect: Enrico Alvino

3. Museum Of Paper (Museum in Amalfi, Italy)

  • Location: Via Delle Cartiere, 23, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy
  • Open 9:00 Am Closes 6:30 PM
  • Province: Province of Salerno
  • Phone: +39 089 830 4561

🏠 Amalfi Coast Hotels

Santa Caterina Hotel | Best Holiday Destinations in the World
Santa Caterina Hotel

🏨 1. NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi (5-star hotel)

  • Location:- Via Annunziatella, 46, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy
  • Phone no. +39 089 873 6711

🏨 2. Santa Caterina Hotel (5-star hotel)

  • Location:- Through Mauro Comite, 9, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy
  • Phone no. +39 089 871012

🏨 3. Hotel Miramalfi (4-star hotel)

  • Address:- Via Salvatore Quasimodo, 3, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy
  • Phone no. +39 089 871588

🏨 4. Hotel Marina Riviera (4-star hotel)

  • Address:- Via Pantaleone Comite, 19, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy
  • Phone no. +39 089 871104

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

The place is an Indonesian island that provides the perfect mix of opportunities for cultural exploration and relaxation. Some people say that it is a backpacker’s paradise and honeymooner’s heaven.

Speaking about a place like Bali, how can I miss some good scuba diving spots. So, all my fellow travelers having an enthusiastic value for marine life and want to do a marine life watch would like to see these best places for Scuba diving in the world. Bali is one of these spots as well.

You may also choose your holiday destinations to spend your holiday in this cool Island. The city is a perfect blend of

  1. Mountains
  2. Volcanoes
  3. Temples
  4. Reefs
  5. Beaches

These all combine to make it one of the best places to chose as holiday destinations in the world. It’s even one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

The Bali Offering post-card like views of the sunset, it is also famous for nightlife, shopping, and it’s yoga retreats.

Suitable Time To Visit: Mid May to July

💁 Things to do in Bali

Uluwatu Temple, Best Holiday Destinations in the World
Uluwatu Temple

1. Uluwatu Temple (Hindu temple in Indonesia)

  • Address: Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
  • Province: Bali
  • District: South Kuta
  • Locale: Uluwatu, Bali

2. Mount Batur (Volcano in Indonesia)

  • Elevation: 1,717 m
  • Last eruption: 2000
  • Prominence: 461 m
  • Location: Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia
  • Province: Bali

3. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Nature preserve in Ubud, Indonesia)

  • Address: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
  • Hours- open 9:30 Am Close 6:30 pm
  • Province: Bali
  • Phone: +62 361 971304

4. Ulun Danu Bratan Temple (Hindu temple in Indonesia)

  • Temple Location: Danau Beratan, Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82191, Indonesia
  • Province: Bali
  • Architectural style: Balinese architecture
  • Phone: +62 368 2033050

🏠 Hotels to stay in Bali

Hanging Gardens Of Bali | Best Holiday Destinations in the World
Hanging Gardens Of Bali

🏨 1. W Bali – Seminyak (5-star hotel)

  • Address:- Jl. Petitenget Kerobokan, Seminyak, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  • Phone no. +62 361 3000106

🏨 2. Hanging Gardens Of Bali (5-star hotel)

  • Hotel Location:- Banjar Susut, Desa Buahan, Payangan, Buahan, Payangan, Buahan, Payangan, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
  • Phone no. +62 361 982700

🏨 3. The Lovina Bali Resort (4-star hotel)

  • Address:- Jl. Mas Lovina, Kalibukbuk Lovina, Kecamatan Buleleng, Anturan, Kec. Buleleng, Singaraja, Bali 8115 1, Indonesia
  • Phone no. +62 362 3435800

🏨 4. Alila Ubud (4-star hotel)

  • Location:- Desa, Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572, Indonesia
  • Phone no. +62 361 975963

4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain | Best Holiday destination in the world
Barcelona Spain

People searching for bests holiday destinations to spend his/her holiday and Barcelona, Spain is one such a beautiful city which will let you make satisfy with its impressive architecture.

Move, even its decadent food scene are just another reason why travellers should check out this Spanish city. There are many other cities for tourist to allure some best places in Spain.

The city is most popular for the uniquely designed:

  1. La Sagrada Familia
  2. Park Güell
  3. Casa Batlló

These all are renowned by architect Antoni Gaudí, and Las Ramblas, Barcelona city has also some beautiful Roman archaeological sites and a dazzling nightlife due to its high-end pubs and bars.

Whenever I talk about archeological sites I cannot unsee what the past had for us. Castles, the most impressive entity you can check out these 11 Most Impressive Castles in the World, and if they impress you trynna give them a visit.

Suitable Time To Visit: March to June

💁 Things to do in Barcelona Spain

La Rambla | Best holiday places in the world | Best holiday places in Spain
La Rambla, Barcelona

1. La Rambla, Barcelona (Street in Barcelona, Spain)

  • Length: 1.2 km
  • Province: Province of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Major cities: Barcelona

2. Casa Milà (Building in Barcelona, Spain)

  • Address: Provença, 261-265, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
  • Opened: 1912
  • Architectural style: Modernisme
  • Province: Province of Barcelona
  • Phone: +34 902 20 21 38
  • Architects: Antoni Gaudí, Josep Maria Jujol

3. Montjuïc (Hill in Spain)

  • Elevation: 185 m
  • Prominence: 148 m
  • Province: Province of Barcelona
  • Mountain range: Catalan Coastal Range

4. Plaça de Catalunya (Plaza in Barcelona, Spain)

  • Address: Plaça de Catalunya, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • Province: Province of Barcelona

5. Mercado de La Boqueria (Market in Barcelona, Spain)

  • Address: La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
  • Opened: 1840
  • Province: Province of Barcelona
  • Phone: +34 933 18 25 84
  • Architect: Josep Mas I Vila

🏠 Hotels Barcelona Spain

 Hotel Arts Barcelona  | Famous Holiday Destinations in the world
Hotel Arts Barcelona

🏨 1. Hotel Arts Barcelona (5-star hotel)

  • Hotel Address:- Carrer de la Marina, 19, 21, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone no. +34 932 21 10 00

🏨 2. W Barcelona (5-star hotel)

  • Hotel Location:- Plaça Rosa del Vents, 1 Final, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone no. +34 932 95 28 00

🏨 3. Hilton Barcelona (4-star hotel)

  • Address:- Avinguda Diagonal, 589, 591, 08014 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone no. +34 934 95 77 77

🏨 4. Hotel Novotel Barcelona City (4-star hotel)

  • Address:- Avinguda Diagonal, 201, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone no. +34 933 26 24 99

5. Crete, Greece

Crete | Best holiday Destinations in the world
Crete Greece

The list of best holiday destinations in the world can’t be ever complete without a mention of Crete, though there are many other best places to visit in Greece.

Crete is a spacious land of contrasting landscapes – expansive coastlines, rolling mountains, lush greenery, and rocky terrains. There are quiet villages as well as bustling metropolitans.

The largest island in Greece, Crete is popular for its interesting Greek archaeological sites and heritage monuments.

Beautiful Elafonissi Beach, deep blue water at Balos Lagoon, sunset at Falassarna Beach, opulent Palace of Knossos and the Manousakis Winery are some highlights of the city.

💁 Things To Do In Crete

Balos Lagoon
Balos Lagoon

1. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

  • Address: 1, Iraklio 712 02, Crete, Greece
  • Hours: 10 am to 8 pm
  • Phone: +30 281 027 9000

2. Rethymno Apartment Old Town

  • Address: Damvergi 3A, Rethymno 741 00, Greece
  • Phone: +44 7958 439308

3. Balos Lagoon

  • Location: Northwestern corner of Crete in the Chania region
  • covered with blue sea and sandy beaches

4. Agia Triada Monastery

  • Address: Moni Agias Triados ton Tzagkarolon 731 00, Greece
  • Phone: +30 2821 063572
  • Function: Monastery, Museum

5. Old Venetian Harbour

  • Address: Agiou Markou 8, Chania 731 32, Greece
  • Hours: Open 24 hours

🏠 Hotels in Crete

Grecotel Creta Palace | Best Holiday Destinations in the world
Georgioupolis Beach Hotel

🏨 1. Georgioupolis Beach Hotel(4-star hotel)

  • Address: Georgioupoli 730 07, Greece
  • Phone no: +30 2825 061056

🏨 2. Grecotel Creta Palace(5-star hotel)

  • Address: Missiria, Rethymno 741 00, Greece
  • Phone no: +30 2831 055181

🏨 3. Lato Boutique Hotel(4-star hotel)

  • Address: Epimenidou 15, Iraklio 712 02, Greece
  • Phone no: +30 281 022 8103

🏨 4. Kronos Hotel(3-star hotel)

  • Address: Sofokli Venizelou &, Monis Agkarathou 2, Iraklio 712 02, Greece
  • Phone no: +30 281 028 2240

🏨 5. Aquila Porto Rethymno(5-star hotel)

  • Address: Sofokli Venizelou, Rethymno 741 00, Greece
  • Phone no: +30 2831 050432

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6. Kerala, India

Kerala | Best Holiday Destination in The World

Kerala is known as God’s Own Country. It is the most famous and one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The slender coastal strip is defined by its layered landscape that is almost 600 km of the glorious Arabian Sea coast and beaches.

There is a vast network of glistening backwaters, and the spice and tea-covered hills of the Western Ghats, dotted with fiercely protected wildlife reserves and cool hill stations such as Munnar. There are many holiday destinations in Kerala for a soulful vacation.

That tropical paradise of Kerala serves as one of the best holiday destinations in the summer season in India.

Suitable Time To Visit: May to August

💁 Things to do in Kerala

Athirappilly Falls
Athirappilly Falls

1. Eravikulam National Park (National park in Kannan Devan Hills, India)

  • Location of Park: The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki, Kerala, 685612
  • Area: 37.45 mi²
  • Established: 31 March 1978
  • Nearest town: Munnar
  • Number of visitors: 1,48,440
  • Phone: 04865 231 587

2. Athirappilly Falls (Waterfall in Kerala)

  • Height: 25 m
  • Number of drops: 4
  • Watercourse: Chalakudy River
  • Average flow rate: 52 m3/s (1,836 cu ft/s)
  • Total width: 100 m (330 ft)

3. Vembanad (Lake in Kerala)

  • Area: 2,033 km²
  • Length: 96.5 km
  • Width: 14 km
  • Max. depth: 12 m (39 ft)

4. Mattupetty Dam (a tourist attraction in India)

  • Dam Location: Munnar, top station highway, Mattupetty, Kerala 685616
  • Opened: 1953
  • Catchment area: 40.54 mi²
  • Surface area: 1.25 mi²
  • Total capacity: 1.956 billion ft³
  • Construction began: 1949
  • Phone: 1800 425 4747

5. Varkala Beach (Public beach in India)

  • Address: Varkala Beach Rd, Varkala, Kerala 695141

🏠 Hotels in Kerala

Hotel Guruvayur Gateway
Hotel Guruvayur Gateway

🏨 1. Courtyard by Marriott Kochi Airport (5-star hotel)

  • Address:- VIP Road, Opposite Kochi International Airport Nedumbassery, Kochi, Kerala 683572
  • Phone no. 0484 669 3333

🏨 2. Joys Palace (5-star hotel)

  • Address:- Bus Stand, Near Sakthan, TB Rd, Thrissur, Kerala 680021
  • Phone no. 0487 242 9999

🏨 3. Hotel Guruvayur Gateway (4-star hotel)

  • Address:- Mammiyur Junction Puthanpally PO, Guruvayur, Kerala 680103
  • Phone no. 0487 255 0041

🏨 4. Hotel Pooram International (4-star hotel)

  • Address:- Kuruppam Road, Thrissur, Kerala 680001
  • Phone no. 0487 222 5555

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So at the beginning of the year, plan for your year out. With our list of best holiday destinations, it will be easy for you to decide which destination to fly.

All the places are best in all perspectives which one traveller search for. So, hurry up with your plan to go to these places with your family and friends, to spend your holiday making it memorable, before any other rush and it crowded.

Travel safe

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