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8 Top Breathtaking Scuba Diving Sites To Reveal Your Holidays

By diving, you could swim alongside fish and be pretending like you’re one among them. By diving, you may see the whole global of underwater. Here we cross to tell you about 8 best places to scuba dive in which you need to pass for diving in this vacations.

Scuba diving is one of the finest revels to live some other existence. To revel in your holidays, diving is one of the high-quality desires to spend or revel in your holidays. Diving is the only manner to recognize about the lifestyles of underwater. For swimming below the water, a swimmer has to deliver a scuba tank that’s complete of compressed air it enables to take a breath underwater, a mask and a couple of snorkeling.

  1. Egypt, Red Sea
  2. Australia
  3. Indonesia
  4. Galapagos Islands
  5. Belize
  6. Maldives
  7. Thailand
  8. Fiji
  9. Havelock Island

1. Egypt, Red Sea

Egypt, Red Sea,best places to scuba dive in the world
Egypt, Red Sea

Egypt has a huge quantity of pyramids and monuments. It is also acknowledged for luxurious nightlife, for extensive deserts and in particular, it additionally acknowledged for diving, for divers it has RED SEA.

The highlights of Egypt pink sea are hammerhead sharks, shark movement, dolphins, manta rays, turtles, schooling fish & huge pelagics, non-diving sports…Etc.

The Red Sea is one of the best places to scuba dive into the world as well as one of the best tourist attraction in Egypt. The diving surroundings of Egypt’s healthful reefs, break diving, wall diving, waft diving, caverns, novice, and superior divers, are very popular…  Beyond all of this, you could discover the thousands of fishes, clean visibility, stroll gardens, and wrecks and many others.

The pleasant time for diving in the red sea is from June to August because at this time the water attains to fall 30 diploma cel. But in Feb the temperature of the water is so chilled.

Best places to scuba dive in Egypt, Red Sea

Here we cross to inform you approximately some locations for diving in Egypt which are so famous.

  1. Safaga: Seven Pillars
  2. Hurghada: Giftun Island
  3. Dahab
  4. Sharm el-sheik: Straits of Tiran

These are some well-known places of the Red sea for diving.

2. Australia

australia Scuba Diving
Australia Scuba Diving

Australia is one of the best places to scuba dive and magical places inside the international. It’s far famous for diving due to having a white big sea. In the ocean of Australia, you notice a variety of top-notch white sharks, shark movement, turtles, first-rate macro existence/ marine diversity, training fish & huge pelagics, non-diving activities…And so on

The high-quality time for diving in Australia is between August and December. But you may move there any time of yr because the temperature of right here is between 22-degree cel. To 30 diploma cel.

In Australia, you can have almost 3000 reefs, and still have close to seven-hundred continental islands and 350 coral cays, for diving and a day trip.

Best places to scuba dive in Australia

Here we additionally going to inform you about a few sites in Australia for diving so here we pass…

  1. Ribbon Reefs, Northern Great Barrier Reef
  2. Osprey Reef
  3. The Whitsundays

In those locations, you could cross for diving. These places are the pleasure of Australia for diving. There are many good places to visit in Australia as well. It’s a place not like any other place in the world.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia Scuba Diving
Indonesia Scuba Diving

Indonesia is one in every of the longest shoreline inside the international. Here you can see the most brilliant or colorful seas for diving. Indonesia has so much marine variety. No one has within the global these quantities of marine.

Whales sharks, shark movement, manta rays, turtles, schooling fish & massive pelagics, high-quality macro lifestyles/ marine diversity, and so forth these are the highlights of Indonesia that you may experience right here. Indonesia additionally recognized for a pricey holiday home.

The first-class time to head in Indonesia is the dry season from April to December.

Most famous dive sites in Indonesia

Here we pass to tell you about some places for diving in Indonesia which can be so famous.

  1. Jakarta
  2. Lembeh
  3. Bali
  4. Raja Ampat
  5. Lombok

In Indonesia have many more places for dive, however, those are some are proven above which are so famous. Indonesia is one of the Best Holiday Destinations in the World.

4. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands scuba dive
Galapagos Islands scuba dive

Galapagos Islands are one of the dreams for each scuba divers. It adds to all the scuba divers list that they want to dive into the sea of Galapagos.

If you believe the penguins are a swim in equatorial sea and dolphins are a seat at the lap for phosphorescent and make the pal to a lion for playing so now simply open your eyes into Galapagos it’s now not a dream or creativeness, now it emerges as truth here.

You can pass any time to dive around a year. The temperature of the water relies on you that which time you should pick out for diving Sept to Nov the water temperature is so cold. And from Feb to April, it turned into so hot.

Best places to scuba dive in Galapagos Islands

Here we go to tell you approximately some locations for diving in Galapagos island which might be so famous.

  1. El Arco, Darwin Island
  2. Roca Redonda, Isabela Island
  3. Cape Douglas, Fernandina Island

These are few places to diving in Galapagos island. But you are certainly enjoying your diving right here. Galapagos including many others in this list are also the Best Islands Destinations in the World .

6. Belize

  The Blue Hole
The Blue Hole: Belize

Sometimes peoples are said that huge matters come in small packets. But Belize is likewise associated with it because it has the least population of central America. It has the number of seas coral reefs and many others. This approach that you can experience diving. Many exclusive coral reefs including partitions, pinnacles and reef residences that are placed throughout an enormous region of the sea. Belize is one of the international elegance vacation spots for diving. It has four hundred islands, white sandy beaches and so forth.

It is unique about Belize that The Great Blue Hole in Belize, named by French explorer Jacques Cousteau is a herbal marvel of Belize fashioned 100,000s of years in the past.

To go to Belize inside the overdue of November and beginning on march within the dry season is the excellent time for dive right here.

Best places to scuba dive in Belize

In Belize, right here are so many sites to go to dive… a number of them are given underneath…

  1. The Blue Hole
  2. Long Caye Wall, Glovers Atoll
  3. Silk Cayes Canyon
  4. Stann Creek District

Beyond this kind of in Belize, many more dive sites are to be had.

5. Maldives

maldives scuba diving
Maldives Scuba Diving

The Maldives is one of the fine vacation spots for diving within the global. In Maldive, you see many coconut plants, the yellow-fin tuna that are the image of Maldives. Divers called this place as paradise, you cannot forget about the dive of here. You can see the parrotfish, sharks, bull fishes and plenty of types of fish right here. The Maldives gives a few great reefs and marine life, extensive-angle images and plentiful pelagics, reef sharks and whale sharks.

Here it is not possible to dive on every occasion of the year.  The exceptional visibility and dry weather are from December to March although. Even in the rainy season or warm season is likewise exact for dive.

Most popular dive sites in the Maldives

In the Maldives right here are so many sites for visitors to dive… some of them are given beneath…

  1. Fotteyo Kandu, Vaavu Atoll
  2. Kandooma Thila, South Male Atoll
  3. Kudarah Thila, South Ari Atoll

These are a few great sites for dive in the Maldives. Including many other Places to Visit in the Maldives for tourists (Island vacation)

8. Thailand

  Best Diving In The World: Thailand, best places to scuba dive
Best Diving In The World: Thailand

Thailand is an Asian country. It is known for tropical beaches, ancient ruins, opulent royal palaces, and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

Thailand is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. It offers miles of tropical beaches, spectacular cultural experiences and spectacular marine and rock life for underwater enthusiasts. It offers the best diving in the world. Many of its islands are among the best in the world and all run along the coastline.

Thailand is in a tropical region and so all can dive at any time of the year. However, the best conditions exist between November to April as sharks travel from February to May.

Best places to scuba dive in Thailand

In Thailand, right here are so many sites to go to dive… a number of them are given below…

  1. Koh Dok Mai, Phuket
  2. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, Koh Lanta
  3. Similan Islands
  4. HTMS Sattakut Wreck
  5. Chumphon Pinnacle, Koh Tao

7. Fiji Island

Fiji Island, best places to scuba dive
Coral Coast: Fiji Island

Fiji is a visitor vacation spot. Which gives you so much provide: nature, stunning beaches, and fantastic nearby human beings, that on occasion the satisfactory of its diving can be superb. Diving in Fiji, it’ll take you to in any other world due to the fact you can see distinct turquoise waters, stunning corals, sort of colorful tropical fish. Shark action, turtles, extraordinary macro existence/marine range, education fish are the highlights of the Fiji islands.

The best time to visit for dive in Fiji is The iciness months from April to October constitute the primary season for scuba diving. In July and December when the water is cooler you can additionally move for dive. You can also dive during the summertime in Fiji from November to April when the seas are the warmest.

Best places to scuba dive in Fiji Island

In the Fiji islands, right here are so many sites to go to dive… a number of them are given below…

  1. Beqa Lagoon
  2. Coral Coast
  3. Yasawa Islands
  4. The Great Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu

These are the exceptional locations of Fiji island for dive. You ought to pass and enjoy your diving right here. Including many other Best Places To Visit In Fiji & Things To Do -2020/2021

9. Havelock Island, Andaman

Havelock Island
Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the top-notch place to visit in Andaman and Nicobar island. The island is brimming with silky beaches and exuberant greenery. That Island is the home of Radhanagar beach, which is one of the most popular places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar. The Island is spread over a massive area of 113.93 square kilometres and it is situated 57 km northeast of the capital city Port Blair.

Best places to scuba dive in Havelock Island

  1. Barracuda City
  2. Seduction Point
  3. Turtle Bay
  4. Mac Point
  5. Lighthouse
  6. Pilot Reef
  7. Minvera Lidge


When you planning to do Scuba Diving, once you read this article. Your all confusion get sort, in this article, there are 8 best scuba Diving Sites are mentioned in this article. You may get all the information about your favorite scuba Diving Sites. The above-listed places do not fit in everyone’s budget but there is not to mean you do not go for scuba Diving. You select the places within your budget and enjoy your rest a few singledom days.

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