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8 Best Places To Visit In Australia To Relish Southern Land Of World

Searching for the best places to visit in Australia? Ahh!!! That would be a little difficult to list it down. Cause each and every part of Australia is itself a complete pack of entertainment and joy.

Want to plan a trip over some wonderful island? It will be hilarious, but yaa Australia is an island, even the largest one in the world. Being an island it is also the smallest continent as well as a complete country.

In Australia, you will get to explore some awesome places adjoint with the traditional lifestyle of the nation’s Aboriginal people. Australian love to relax on one of many sun-kissed beautiful beaches in the world. Or you can just hangout revelling the fun-night away in a city hot spot.

Turquoise waters of the ocean touching the shores are home to the eye-opening Great Barrier Reef which will offer you the world’s best scuba diving sites to reveal your holidays. And there is one of the miracles of the natural world and Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

The city is full of great things to see and do. You’ll have your work a bit hard to fit everything into your trip! Below are some of the places to visit in Australia which you help you make your plan accordingly.

Top Places To Visit in Australia

1. Perth

Perth, tourist attraction of Australia
Cottesloe Beach of Perth

Perth is one of the most isolated cities on earth, it is the capital of Western Australia. It is an awesome place to visit in Australia if you´re looking to sit back and relax for a bit. This savour and an enjoyable city have a collection of lovely beaches with amazing weather.

Away from the beaches, the city has lots of outdoor activities for you. There are many places to visit in Perth like Museums as well as numerous other cultural sites. You would be lucky to be in these remarkable tourist locations.

Do explore the city’s most wanted bars and restaurants. For sure you will even get some great shopping options as well, which attract travellers and locals.

2. Brisbane City

Brisbane City, best places to visit in Australia
Brisbane City

This is the capital of the Sunshine State. Queensland and as such, a dynamic and awesome place that is the dip in beautiful sunshine at the year-round.

The city is the third-largest city in Australia accommodating more than 2 million people approx. This city is a popular tourist attraction in Australia.

Brisbane has a fantastic climate which means you will surely enjoy popular outdoor activities here. Like, you can take your kick from a big catalogue, Ranging from kayaking or can take interest in climbing, hiking, and biking.

The city is also one of the music capitals of the world. And there are lots of venues in the city where you can enjoy a great show. Thanks to its talented local Australian music scene which lets this record happen.

3. Sydney

Sydney Opera House, best places to visit in Australia
Sydney Opera House

Sydney’s iconic look makes it a perfect destination to visit the place. The city represents itself as a modern city along with the great laybacked history.

Places to visit in Sydney can be those beautiful beaches like Bondi and Manly Beach. Whereas Royal Botanic Garden, Streets of Oxford and William Streets are some of the other awesome tourist attractions for travellers to this city.

The Sydney Opera house is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Located in Australia which you would obviously not gonna leave in your visit to this largest city in the country. The city’s other symbolization is Sydney Harbour Bridge over Parramatta River.

If you take a drive of 90 minutes from the Sydney city centre. You can enjoy the Blue Mountains National park as a must-visit place. And also see the three sisters rock formation from there. So don’t miss to explore the best city in the world.

You can even check out the blog of day trips from Sydney to explore the part of the island much more.

4. Melbourne

Melbourne, best places to visit in Australia, Tourist attraction of Australia
Colorful Brighton Beach of Melbourne

Melbourne is the 2nd largest city in Australia, and it is also known as the “Australia capital of culture”. In this city, you would have a lot to see and do.

This is an awesome place for a tourist vacation which has plenty of mesmerizing art galleries, some fantastic museums, and a lively music scene are some places to visit in Melbourne.

Melbourne city has some European feel too. As architecture around the city shows European design building, even the city’s streets and the number of green spaces will inevitably make you fall in love with Melbourne.

The city is also known for its famous sports activities. Like the Australian Football league,  Australian Open tennis championship and formula 1 Grand pix are all held in this city. And how could we miss the cricket, which is the spiritual home of Aussie cricket? The Melbourne Cricket Ground, locally says as “The G”, symbolize the love of crickets since ages.

5. Canberra

Canberra, tourist attraction of Australia
Parliament House of Canberra

Canberra is the largest inland city and it is the 8th largest city in all over Australia. If you want to spend glorious days in Australia then Canberra is one such place to utilize the quality time of your vacation.

The city is located at the end of the northern side of the Australian Capital Territory (Act). And placed in 280 km south-west of Sydney, and 660 km of north-east at Melbourne city.

It is populous by politicians and civil servants. The city has numerous things to do or see by discovering Multiple Number of Museums, Galleries, and Monuments. With the famous Namadgi National Park and it’s natural wonders.

Canberra has decorated with plenty of restaurants and bars which gives the splendid city nightlife. And surely is loved by foodaholic and party lovers.

6. Adelaide

Adelaide, best places to visit in Australia, tourist attraction of Australia
Port Noarlunga Beach of Adelaide

Adelaide’s city is laidback with a peaceful atmosphere, quiet streets are lined with bars. Which makes it a surprisingly fun place.

Adelaide city is also known as “the city of churches ”. People who are residents of the city argue that there are actually multiple pubs than church spires in the city!

Though Adelaide is the 5th most populous city in Australia but has some awesome places where you spend quality time. Things like roaming around Belair National Park, exploring Central market and Rundle-street (the heartbeat of East end District)

Moreover, entertain yourself with a visit to the zoo which is 45 minutes of the ferry ride from kangaroo island. The best time to visit the city is ´Mid March,´ when plenty of festivals and events are held concurrently.

Check out our blog of some other best places to visit in march in the world.

7. Byron Bay

Bryon is one of the beautiful places to visit in Australia, perfect for anybody’s vacation spot. Even one of the most diverse and abundant coastlines located at the south-east of Australia

It is well known for sunbathing and surfing at the beaches with Barrier Reef. You can also explore hidden mountains, swimming holes, countless waterfall. And watch the incredible sunrise from the top of Byron bay lighthouse.

If you are planning to visit this place for your next weekend then take the kayak trip and see the dolphins passing by your side. Grab a perfect place from where you will get a beautiful view of Killen Falls.

Furthermore, you can go for shopping in local markets and check the farmers market in the nearby town. Explore another amazing national park the Arakwal national park which is well worth visiting.

8. Darwin

Kakadu National Park
Kakadu National Park near Darwin

One of the best places in Australia, which is well known for its culture and cuisine, is the capital of the northern region of the country.

The city is a getaway of natural wonders, water bodies, numerous nicest beaches. And the home of green biodiversity like Bicentennial Park, which includes many outside activities.

Kakadu national park is situated in the south-east of Darwin. It’s been one of the best hill stations in the world which can be utilized for your adventurous vacation.

Park is based on a bank of Alligator Rivers covering 7722.43 miles of area, which leads you to do many adventures like boating, swimming, trekking, hiking, etc.


From the above blog, we hope you will get some idea of tourist attractions. And things to do in Australia which will lend a hand to your vacation to Australia.

Australia is a country where you can encounter with historical sites, mind-blowing places, beautiful beaches. And many other things that you never been seen and experience in your life.

From our point of view, the country is a full package to enjoy holidays with your family and loved ones. For which you have to plan a trip and book your tickets for your luxurious vacation to Australia.

Have a look over some Best Travel Bloggers in Australia for better planning of your trip.

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