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Best Places To Visit In Boston To Travel Cradle of Modern America

Boston, one of America’s largest cities in the heart of New England. The city is always attracted by tourists all around the year with its countless best places to visit in Boston.

Mainly Boston is known for its historic sites and famous tourist attractions that comes in the bucket list of the best places to visit in the United States.

But there is more than a historic attraction for tourists to enjoy. The islands, the Maine and New Hampshire coasts, and the famous beaches that make your trip more enjoyable.

Thus we have listed below some of the best places to visit in Boston

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1. Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill, Boston, boston tourist attractions
Beacon Hill, Boston

One of the most delightful places in Boston is Beacon Hill. It’s worth visiting these best places to visit in Boston as it is showcasing culture and tradition of Boston. At the south side of Beacon Hill is the home of old money families, locally known as Brahmins who are the traditional upper caste communities.

Make sure when you go to Boston, try to visit Beacon Hill, walk around the brownstone-lined streets and taking a picture over Acorn street. This small city is a great beauty of Boston. It always attracts visitors for its nature and history. It contains so many attractions and famous landmarks which are all fun places to go in Boston.

There are so many places in Beacon Hill to visit and some of them are Boston Common, the Freedom Trail, Massachusetts State House, Acorn Street.

Things To Do Near Beacon Hill

i. Boston Common
Boston Common, best palces to visit in Boston
Aerial view of Boston Common

Boston Common is one of the favorite places among tourists. It is the oldest public park in the United States dating back to 1634. This 50-acre park that touches five of the city’s main streets which will make you amazed. Furthermore, you will find Frog pond here where you can do ice skating in winters.

ii. Freedom Trail 
Freedom Trail
Symbol of Freedom Trail showcasing the history of Boston

If you are interested to know about Boston history, so Freedom Trail is the best place for it. This is the 2.5-mile walk, you can start from Boston Common end it in Charles town.

The Trail is so easy to follow. Just walk on the painted brick red line made on sideway and roads. In this walk, you will visit Old State House, Paul Revere House, and Bunker Hill Monument on the way so it will be so enjoyable.

iii. Acorn Street
Acorn Street
Acorn Street

Street of Acorn are the most photographic streets of the city. When you visit here then you get to know that why is it so. The narrow cobblestone pathway combined with old brownstone attracts more to photographers and tourists. Especially during holidays, whole streets are decorated with wreaths, lights and many other things, making it the best places to visit in Boston. 

iv. Charles Street
Charles Street, best places to visit in Boston
Charles Street

Shopping lover will know that Charles Street is basically famous for shopping. So, this place is famous as Boston’s shopping area. Especially known for boutique stores you can get to purchase plenty of branded product from here. Boston’s most of the branded things are made here. So Charles Street is one of these places which is something great for the ladies out there as a Boston points of interest to pick up their favorite brand.

v. Louisburg Square
Louisburg Square
Louisburg Square

Louisburg Square is known as Boston’s most expensive place to live. The homeowners get square in their own way and developed it by there self. Some famous homeowners for over for years are Louisa May Alcott and John Kerry, Secretary of state. This is one of the awesome places to visit in Boston for sure. You can take a walking tour of this place.  

2. Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden, best places to visit in boston
Statue of George Washington in Boston Public Garden

This beautiful garden was created in 1634 and modified in victorian age by adding charming stuffs. There are 80 species of plants from all over the world. The most popular attraction is the famous Swan Boat, which is created and operated 100 years ago.

The beauty of this garden covers fountains, lovely lakes and a variety of trees. All these things make this garden one of the must-see places in Boston.

This place is America’s oldest botanical garden and victorian style monuments and statues including an equestrian statue of George Washington and famous modern bronzes of a family of Ducks making it a most visited Boston tourist attractions.

Things To Do Near Boston Public Garden

i. Make Way For Ducklings
Make Way For Duckling, Boston; boston top attractions
Make Way For Ducklings, Boston

Make Way For Ducklings are the statues, near Charles and Beacon Streets. There is not only the sculpture of Ducks. But actually, the entire city is filled with the many famous statues and things to see in Boston, which makes Boston the best tourist attraction. You can see so many ducks, attractive flowers and so many trees.

ii. Take A Ride On Swan Boat winter
Taking a amazing ride on Swan Boat, Boston ; boston top attractions
Taking an amazing ride on Swan Boat, Boston

Take a ride on Swan Boat and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. During 15 min ride, you will realize that its one of other places of Boston which you will adore. In winter you can also try ice skating. This activity is now moved to Boston’s Frog Pond but still, you can enjoy it here.

iii. Admire The Real Swan
Admire The Real Swan
Admire The Real Swan

Public Garden is home for ducks sure. Here you will encounter with pair of Swans, known as Lagoon, staying for many years. You can enjoy watching the charmness and gracefulness of these pairs of Swans in summer, they arrive in May and the public welcomes them to the Public Garden when through their parade. 

iv. The Duckling Day Parade In March
The Duckling Day Parade
The Duckling Day Parade in march

This parade is organized to welcome the arrival of the Swans. You will also be offered an offspring yellow dress. This activity creates a huge crowd in Public Garden with Brass Band, so they have to check on the security. Thus these places to go in Boston in March will be of great fun with your family.

v. Admire The Magnificent Statues 
The Magnificent Statues
Magnificent statues of Ether Monument

There are numbers of Statues that increase the beauty and make the Public Garden more appealing. On the very first of the entrance of the garden, there is a statue of George Washington. Another most popular statue nearby the Garden is Ether Monument, located near Arlington Street and Beacon Street.    


3. Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard, place to visit in Boston
Martha’s Vineyard

This small town is not as small as it said, cause tiny town has covered 6 vineyards making Martha’s Vineyard, one of the best places to visit in Boston. You are here and not having a glass full of wine is useless to come.

Bur if you are not a wine lover, don’t be upset. there are other places to go in this vineyard town. Don’t forget to see cute little Chappaquiddick Island. That makes your trip to Martha’s Vineyard more enjoyable and when you visiting in the Victorian cottages in Oak Bluffs, take a ride on the Flying Horses Carousel. 

Things To Do Near In Martha’s Vineyard

i. Oak Bluff Campground
Oak Bluffs Campground
Victorian cottages in Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluff Campground is the most symbolized with beautiful and extra decorative cottages in Matha’s Vineyard. Visitors come here in every season to explore campus and for worship.

people of Bonton come here, buy the amazing property and then, make a trip with their family on the wonderful campus of Victorian cottages in Oak Bluffs to make beautiful memories.

ii. Martha’s Vineyard Beaches
Martha’s Vineyard Beaches, best palces to visit in Boston
Martha’s Vineyard Beaches

In Martha’s Vineyard, there are so many beaches available. People come here to enjoy these beaches too. The view of this location is much more good than exploring the gorgeous cottages of the town, which always attracts the visitor extra. Some visitors like to visit this place by bike from Boston tourist attraction, Edgartown.

iii. Edgartown Lighthouse
Edgartown Lighthouse
Edgartown Lighthouse

Edgartown Lighthouse is one of the best locations to visit in Martha’s Vineyard. When you will reach the top of the lighthouse, followed up by the stairs, where you will be a fortune to get a fantastic picture-perfect view. And you are permitted to go inside at any time of the day.

Though you will get tired climbing top of the tower but its worth and make your tiredness flew away by the cool fresh air and the view of the sunset or at the time of sunrise.

Flying Horses Carousel, Oak Bluffs
Flying Horses Carousel, Oak Bluffs

Flying Horses Carousel is the very oldest platform carousel in the country. Built-in 1876, the specialty is hand-painted horses are housed in a big red barn. They have been preserving the old horse’s hair and tails. This is the most interesting ride that makes you so much fun. This place is much more enjoyable for kids to ride. Thus, this particular place must be check on your list of places to visit in Boston.

v. Chappaquiddick 
Chappaquiddick Bridge

Chappaquiddick is the location, best for those people who want to spend some time in peace. People visits by their bikes and some preferred to explore this place on their foot.

There is no facility of any restaurants or any resort on this island. So, when you will be planned to visit here prefer to take eating materials with you. You will definitely enjoy the calmness of this island.

4. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library And Museum

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library And Museum, top place to visit in Boston
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library And Museum

This Library museum is one of the Best Places to visit in Boston designed for gathering national memories of JFK. It is situated on the shore south of the Boston city. It contains three theatres, personal memorabilia, photographs, and historical exhibits that document the life of JFK and his presidency.

These exhibits cover the presidential campaign trail, the oval house, First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and the Kennedy family. When you go there try to visit the cafe near John F. Kennedy’s in a very beautiful location, grabbing some tasty food.

Things To See Near JFK Museum

i. HarborWalk 
HarborWalk, best places to visit in Boston
Punta Gorda Harborwalk

After visiting the John F. Kennedy Museum, you can go for a HarborWalk. This walk feels so amazing and freshen up your heart at the sight of the sea. Seriously, this is a great thing to do on warm days. Walking along with water on the right side of the very famous Boston Harbor Hotel is such a wonderful feeling.

This is one of the great places to go in Boston that provides the chance of being you. This walk is seriously stunning because you will get the chance to take the enjoyment of the beautiful city view too.

ii. Castle Island  
Castle Island
Bay Beach of Castle Island

You can enjoy the Bay Beach covered in the south and west of Castle Island, One of the top places to visit in Boston, Caste Island is where you can enjoy swimming in the Bay Beach along with sandy edges. Most of the visitors come here for taking the enjoyment of castle island view, or for a picnic and stroll their time over Harborwalk. 

Castle Island is almost located in the direction of the Mystic River from Boston Logan Airport which means you can see planes swoop downs on the river and landing on the runway. This is a big hit with kids.

iii. Bites of Boston Food Tour
Boston Food Tour
Boston Food Tour

Now we turned to Boston tasty food. Boston is a very vibrant and delicious country. Boston is foremost for food lovers also. During a tour with the best Boston tourist attractions, you will also experience some delicious and tasty food.

In this way, you have to get to know that Boston has a huge bunk of tourism and plenty of yummy food. Thus, perfect in both the way. You can go for a Boston Food Tour where you can try best to best dishes in Boston over A-One restaurants and cafes out there.

iv. Boston Children’s Museum
Boston Children's Museum, best places to visit in Boston
Boston Children’s Museum

This is the best place for children out in Boston, where your kids can enjoy a lot because there are plenty of things to do. There is a science playground, featuring giant soap bubble making tools, and new balance climb.

There are so many other games that are also available that make children to get knowledge of science by fun. There are small movies that also show related space that will make children get excited always.

v. Spectacle Island
Spectacle Island
Spectacle Island

It will take only 20 minutes from Boston. This place is very interesting for adventure lovers. You can enjoy hiking, swimming, and boating in this area.

If someone doesn’t know swimming, boating another thing to do with the help of a lifeguard. Perhaps you can enjoy the beauty of nature here. This is one of the amazing places to visit near Boston.

5. Harvard Square And Harvard Art Museums

Harvard Art Museum, best places to visit in boston
Harvard Art Museum, Boston

Harvard Art Museum is one of the largest museums in the country and also one of the best places to visit in Boston. Actually Harvard Art Museum is the collection of three museums The Fogg, Busch-Reisinger, and Arthur M.Sackler Museum. These all come under a single roof. There is lots of space to sit and you can enjoy various paintings. Its been relief as the museum is a very quiet place to visit.

This museum collections and exhibits the art and history of Boston. You will get a chance to see world wars stuffs here. So, this place makes anyone’s day memorable and fruitful.

Things To Do Near Harvard Square

i. Club Passim
Club Passim, best places to visit In Boston
Music show in Club Passim

Club Passim is a great place to listen to melodious music. You can visit here to smoothen your ears with the folk music of this country. This place is a terrific joint for music lovers. Club Passim does not provide a big list of the food but still, the food is awesome and at a good price. You will experience some of the talented bands here with their awesome performance. 

Copper Gallery
The Copper Gallery

If you are more excited to know about this country, you can visit this Cooper gallery. This place is known for the history and art of the country. Gallery tells you about American history and some famous American characters. There are exhibitions also held from time to time.

Though the place is quite small but good enough to visit which will excite you for sure. So, when you come to visit Boston try to get time to visit this location.

iii. Brattle Theatre 
Brattle Theatre
Brattle Theatre

This is an amazing place to see films with a great service. Here you will get a chance to watch movies over such a classy screen with service of butter-popcorn as snacks. It will be definitely a wonderful experience and will be a complete package of fun.

iv. John Harvard Statue
John Harvard Statue
John Harvard Statue

John Harvard is the iconic statue in the yard, everyone comes to see this statue. This is said that this is one of the most photographed statues in the United States. So, try to visit it at least once. 

The statue is in the middle of the Harvard surrounded by the grassy areas between two buildings. Statue is symbolized as fortune. So, everyone comes here especially students to touch the feet of the statue for good luck.

6. Fenway Park

Fenway Park, Boston, best places to visit in boston
Fenway Park, Boston

Fenway Park is the most visited park in the United States. This park is the most beloved park in America for both sports lovers and non-sports lover. The most famous thing about the park is Green Monster, which is a large wall on the left side of the park. This park has able to kept the old memories of it till now.

If you never had an experience of the Boston Red Sox game you can visit Fenway Park and take the enjoyment of this game.

The thing that makes Fenway Frank more interesting is New England’s hot dog roll. When you visit here don’t forget to try these hot dog rolls which are very amazing in taste.

Things To Do Near Fenway Park

i. Boston Red Sox Game
Boston Red Sox Game
Boston Red Sox Game

The near Fenway park has much more than just a baseball stadium to explore. If you want to see Boston Red Sox Game, this is the time you can enjoy it now.

If you didn’t get a ticket as the Go Boston Card, don’t worry you can avail the VIP card also to get entered in the park. So, you have plenty of time to settle there and enjoy the Hot Dog Roll.

ii. Museum of Fine Arts 
Museum of Fine Arts, best places to visit in Boston
Museum of Fine Arts

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, the Museum Of Fine Arts is the best museum in the country and one of the top places to visit in Boston.

There are huge collections of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and decorative arts. It shows the history and arts of America making it quite an interesting place to visit in Boston.

iii. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, best places to visit in Boston
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is the best place for the Arts lovers. Basically it is more than a museum because this is a collection of historical things, arts. The museum is very well designed and maintained.

There are approximately 2500 artworks are available like Titian, Rembrandt, Manet and so on. It will be very difficult for you to find the best one to choose among these huge collections.

Panopticon Gallery
Panopticon Gallery

If you are fond of taking photographs of Painting, then this place is the best for you. It is one of the fine arts galleries in the country. Panopticon is the perfect collection of the visual arts if you want to purchase it or you just want to please your eye by viewing it.

v. Kenmore Square

Kenmore Square is also known as the heart of the country. This location is filled with restaurants, bars, and shops mainly crowded with students. Here you will find everything which is famous in between the locals.

There are bookshops, few old boutique shops. So, you can enjoy everything in a single place you don’t need to visit different places to get all these. this square is a collection of all in one, saving time and money to travel.

7. Cape Cod

Cape Cod Beach, best places to visit in boston
Cape Cod Beach, Boston

Cape Cod is basically famous for the summer holidays. It is situated in the Atlantic South Of Boston. This place is full of white sand and the small town there is filled with tourists attraction and amusements.

You can explore so much in Cape Cod such as sailing, fishing, Kayaking, Swimming, and Cycling. Travelers who love nature find this place perfect where they will get to see different types of birds and whales. Apart from places to visit, you will get to have amazing seafood also.

Things To Do In Cape Cod

i. Cape Cod National Seashore
Cape Cod National Seashore
Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod East coast area is almost covered with Cape Cod National Seashore. This place also has many attractive hikers trails. Nearby it, there is a park named as Atlantic White Cedar Swamp. You can visit this place within walking distance.

ii. Nantucket
Nantucket, best places to visit in Boston

Nantucket is known as the center of the world’s Whaling Industry. This has more than 125 whaling ships. Today, the city is well-established and has plenty of attractive places for visitors.

No need to carry your car here because hotels provide you the transportation facilities. Or you can get a service of a bicycle in rent, and if you will enjoy your trip on foot it will be more interesting.

iii. Province Town
Province Town

Province Town is known for its art and music. You can enjoy this place by riding a bike, walking miles on foot. If you want to see the work of the artists who lived there, you will get so in a visit to Provincetown Art Association or Museum.

iv. Cape Cod Whale Watching
Cape Cod Whale Watching
Cape Cod Whale Watching

You can take an amazing interest in watching Whales in Cape Cod which will be an enjoyable moment. Basically, if you are here and you are not having a boat ride its incomplete without doing so.

v. Sandwich
Sandwich, best places to visit in Boston
Long beaches of the Sandwich on Cape Cod

This place is known as the glass making center of the country. The sandwich is all attractive place in the town located at the west end of the Cape Cod. The long beaches of the Sandwich on Cape Cod don’t contain much crowed but it is equally beautiful as other beaches.


Now we end up our list of the best places to visit in Boston. We hope that you will definitely enjoy your trip to Boston. As we can say that this is one of the best places to visit.

Apart from the places to visit in Boston, you can also enjoy the Boston best food like Boston baked beans. The dish is served in a small crock with brown bread on the side. How can you forget Boston Cream Pie?. It is most favorite of the locals.

There is a long list that what are the places to see in Boston. Now, after knowing about these beautiful places you will be in a hurry of packing your bags and fly to Boston for your vacation.

Safe travel and be happy…

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