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17 Most Exotic Places To Visit In Scotland

If you are finding the best places to visit in Scotland. Here is a list of some excellent and grandest places to visit in Scotland.

Remember the fabulous magical & fantasy Happy Potter Series? Well, Scotland is one of the most used natural sites of the Harry Potter movies. The magical natural sites of Scotland can also make you lost in the world of fantasy…

Travelers, who want to make their trip with a mixture of adventure, adrenaline rush, at the same  having memorable moments while visiting some of the historic abbeys, b, chateaus, castles and of course want to taste one of the world’s famous beer brand and recipes of its own to make your travel not other than of a royal experience, and best places to visit in Scotland.

Part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is home to one of the great cultures in the world with lots of myths and folks as well as their locals enjoying much of their life by participating in a variety of festivals and rituals. 

If you don’t know, which places to visit in Scotland that can have more surprises for you, consider some of the best places we are showing in this article to make the most of your Scottish delight. 

Must see places in Scotland

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh: Ancient Tourist attraction

You can’t imagine your Scotland tour without roaming around its capital city which is of course Edinburgh. The city is well known for its historical monuments, thrilling castles which are perfect examples of some of the fine medieval architectures that are still standing over the period of time. 

The city of Edinburgh also has a new town area which is built in around the 18th century, which are so-called Georgian townhomes, and other best places to visit in Scotland such as Grassmarket attraction, a popular square best known for its residing shops, galleries, cafeterias, and much more.

2. Glasgow

Glasgow, places to visit in Scotland
Glasgow: Historic Places Tour

Another city that is so popular and must be listed in the best places to visit in Scotland is Glasgow. Much like to Edinburgh, this city also has some of the historic cathedrals, as well as famous walkways,  navigate yourself to the brilliant and historic places which are part of the country’s unique culture. Riverside Museum is the perfect example of the city’s transportation which depicts how the people and goods are carried from the city’s coastlines by various means such as trams, buses, steam engines, vessels, etc.

In Glasgow, you can never think of a tradition free lifestyle. The best of the cultural part of the city is depicted in the form of theatrical plays that showcases the work by some of the great names in history such as vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, etc. The city also has a major soap opera theatre to enthralls the audience with the melodious voices by the renowned singers and musicians.

3. St. Andrews

 St. Andrews: Sleepy Seaside Town, places to visit in Scotland
St. Andrews: Sleepy Seaside Town

Well, you will not want to miss the mecca of the golf where the golf begins and introduced to the modern world. Established in 1754, St. Andrews golf course is a top golf destination where great golfers of the world flocks to participate in a prestigious golf tournament in the world’s oldest golf course.   

While in St. Andrews, you can also witness the remains of the great medieval architectures which had lost their shine during the course of the time period. Of such architecture, St. Andrews church and St Andrews castle are some of them and also not to forget the town’s old cathedral.

Apart from the St. Andrews golf course, you should also check out the British Golf Museum. Well associated with St. Andrews, it is the place to experience some of the modern facilities in conjunction with its centuries-old golf tradition.

4. Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands: The City of Inverness
Scottish Highlands: The City of Inverness

Another fascinated experience that can await you while traveling around Scotland is to go to the highland regions of the city. This region is the most beautiful place to visit in Scotland and romantic experience with the city’s natural beauty.

Scottish highlands are ideal if you are planning for some fun-loving adventure in the outbacks of Scotland to add flavor in your travel. While traveling around the Scottish highlands, you can come up with the view of ruined castles and cathedrals. Scottish Highlands are popular for their seasoned adventures such as kayaking, fishing, water rafting, etc in the summertime and skiing during winter. 

5. Aberdeen

The flowers of Scotland
The flowers of Scotland

In Aberdeen, you can find yourself with lots of historic and fine examples of medieval architecture and even if you get tired you can rest in many of its beautiful parks and gardens to start afresh to enjoy the park’s concert.

If you wonder how this place is called “the flower of Scotland”, well you can get the answer by visiting its numerous indoor gardens which are one of the biggest in all of Europe.  The city’s beaches are also worthwhi to see especially in summer to enjoy two miles of the walk to the white sandy surface.

6. Loch Ness

 Loch Ness: The Noch lake monster , places to visit in Scotland
Loch Ness: The Noch lake monster

If you want to travel to the world of fairies than you should come to Loch Ness which is an exciting place in Scotland to know about how a sea monster ever exists here. 

But one example that makes you realize of Loch Ness attraction for tourists is the Urquhart castle. This centuries-old castle now lies in ruin and can tell the tale of its glorious past which is much like a legend comes alive. 

Loch Ness also best explored around a Boat ride which takes you to the vision of many of its coastline. If you have more time, you can also wander to its old villages, castles, forts, etc that can make your Loch Ness tour worthwhile. It is one of the best places to visit in Scotland.

7. Stirling

Home to Beautiful Monument

It is one of the best places to visit in Scotland. One-stop destination between the city of Edinburgh and Glasgow in the town of Sterling which is famous for residing a so-called sterling castle which is a major and iconic landmark to know the great life of the “queen of scots”, of course, Queen Mary who spent her childhood here.

Once a Palace of the queen, this castle has much to know about the royal life of the great names in the history of the Scottish kingdom.  If you want to explore more of this great place, you can come up with evidence of conflicts between Scotland and England which took place in Stirling.

Note – Don’t forget to visit Wallace Monument, which is the place that tells the tale of a legend called William Wallace. 

8. Loch Lomond

Queen of the Scottish Lake , places to visit in Scotland
Queen of the Scottish Lake

Wandering around Scotland without imagining romance is sounds weird especially if you come to the region of Loch Lomond which is considered one of the best places to experience romance with the beauty of lakes which is so-called the “Queen of Scottish lakes”. 

In Loch Lomond, the major attraction is “Lomond Bird of Prey Centre”. Apart from the scenic beauties, fun-filled adventures are not the exceptions. You can make the adrenaline rush by doing activities such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating, etc. You can also explore some of the vast forests in the region by paying a visit to “The Trossachs National Park”.

9. Fort William

Fort William, places to visit in Scotland
Thrilling Outdoor Activities

If you are thinking of another historic castle, then you are wrong, actually, fort William is a town in the western Scottish highlands on the banks of Loch Linnhe. It is a fascinating place to visit which takes you to Ben Nevis. 

Fort William is an ideal place to visit a mix of culture, art, tradition and also it is a place where west highland railways operate since its opening in 1894. But the major attraction is the amazing, heart touching travel route which takes a thrill out is called Glenfinnan Viaduct. 

You can admire one of the most beautiful sceneries that display the wonders of west highlands while traveling through Jacobite steam engine train that frequently runs on this route.  

10. Isle of Islay

Isle of Islay, places to visit in Scotland
Beautiful Sea View

The Isle of Islay is famous for its double tango that is to admire the scenic beauty of the place with the taste of some of the fine distilleries. 

Apart from observing the taste and treat, you can also make a safari in the outbacks of the Isle of Islay where you can witness some of the species of the animals which are unique of its own. 

11. Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye
Stunning Scenery View

As you can suggest with the name, the isle of Skye is a real Scottish gem which consists of various scenic beauties of its landscapes, mountains, rivers, and also some of the historic architectures. 

You can best experience the Isle of Skye by taking the adventure in the water which is crystalline in nature. You can also find the taste of Isle of Skye by going to a whiskey tour. 

12. Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park
Spectacular Mountains

While traveling to Scotland’s northeast region, you actually land on the largest national parks in the United Kingdom which is known as Cairngorms national park. It is a mountain wilderness area that consists of five highest peaks in Scotland and four of great Britain. 

The Cairngorms is home to the Scottish vast wildlife that spans from one point of the country to the other endpoint. It consists of various rivers, farmlands, forests as well as a variety of animals that thrives there such as Golden eagle, wildcat, reindeer, etc. 

13. Orkney islands

Orkney islands, places to visit in Scotland
Home of Great Archeological 

Rewarded as the Unesco world heritage site, Orkney islands are home to some of the fascinated sea wonders and old examples of life. You will find sea colonies, arctic seabirds, dolphins, etc along with Neolithic monuments, standing stones od Stennes, tombs made up of stones, four giant megaliths.

Apart from these sites, you will be more excited to visit a famous old man of Hoy, which is actually a 450 feet sea stack on the island of Hoy.

14. New Lanark

New Lanark
Asian Mill Factory

If you want to unwind some time relaxing your mind and to see the mill factories along the way then consider a tour to New Lanark, which is actually a cotton mill village besides on the river Clyde. 

Inhabited by over 2000 peoples, this village has a mill that operated for about 200 years until 1968. Also apart from the mill, this village also has millworker’s homes, famous Annie Mcleod ride, Owen’s school for children with his home, a village store, rooftop garden, and also textile machinery currently operating.  

15. Barra

Barra, places to visit in Scotland
Beach Airports

Wonder if you land on the world’s first beach airport, well you are excited about this right! Now you can fly from the beach and land at the seaside by going to Barra which is a wonderful site in Scotland.

In Barra, you can find yourself with an amazing view of Sunset and also make your experience even great by walking or biking around the region. You can also enjoy some of the water activities such as kayaking, water paddling, etc. 

Ever wonder a cave which is natural and much, looks like a cathedral, well to find out, you should go to Staffa which is an uninhabited place in Scotland where resides a cave or famously known as Fingal’s cave. 

16. Mull of Galloway

Mull of Galloway
Breathtaking Scenery View Near Lighthouse

If traveling in Scotland, don’t forget to go to the southern side of the country to gain some different type of experience. Mull of Galloway is a countryside place which can amaze you with its cliff-top views as well as sandy beaches and nice places. 

Mull of Galloway also has plentiful wildlife. The region is warmer and hence it is a treat to go to its splendid gardens full of a variety of trees and plants. You can also enjoy an amazing 360-degree view of the breathtaking scenery by climbing to the near lighthouse. 

17. Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey, places to visit in Scotland
The Ancient Town Of Red Sandstone

With its roots dating back to the 15th century, Melrose Abbey is undoubtedly the most famous for its ruins that tell the tale of its glorious past. Graveyard of the Scottish great King Robert the Bruce, this church is also an example of some of the fine arts and architectures of the interior design of an abbey. 


In the end, visiting Scotland is all about having a unique experience. Moreover, you can find more wonders in this small country which is an undisputed part of the United Kingdom. One thing you should never miss is to listen to the tune of Bagpipers while roaming around Scotland, which is the symbol of the country. 

 Apart from all those top places to visit in Scotland you can find more traditions as well as festivals in the different regions of this great country

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