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8 Best Places To Visit In Sweden For Outdoors Lover Travelers

Best known for its breathtaking landscapes, Sweden is commonly known as the traveler’s paradise. Best places to visit in Sweden for people who love the outdoors adventures, that’s certainly hard to beat. Water and the air are crystal clean, and there are thousands of acres of unspoiled forests and majestic lakes to explore.

This country is famous throughout the world for lots of things like- Saab and Volvo (Automobiles), ABBA (Music Group) & pickled herring and the DIY megastore IKEA

Sweden is endowed with bright wooden buildings, traditional huts, stone fortresses and cathedrals, and some pretty innovative contemporary architecture.

As a traveler, there are so many things to do in Sweden. That would be allowing you to have plenty of time to enjoy all its outdoor adventures and historic treasures. Here is an outline of the best places to visit in Sweden & it’s points of interest.

If you think about the best places to visit in Sweden for the upcoming holiday, that is a good idea. The country is famous for its friendly people and heavenly tropical islands. Basically, Sweden is quintessentially a Paradise. And there are lots of cool places to visit in Sweden.

Places to visit in Sweden

  1. Stockholm
  2. Gothenburg
  3. Kalmar
  4. Gotland
  5. Are
  6. Malmo
  7. Sigtuna
  8. Lapland

1. Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and obviously one of the best places to visit in Sweden. The capital city is consists of 14 islands, and it was founded in the 13th century. This is the place where annual Nobel Prizes are given out.

Stockholm; must see places in sweden
Stockholm: Captial of Sweden

Stockholm is easier on your budget than other Nordic cities, the city offers free entry approximately for 15 museums including some more places like

  • Swedish History
  • Medieval Museum
  • Royal Armoury
  • Skokloster Castle

Places to Visit in Stockholm

Royal Palace, things to do in Sweden
Royal Palace At Stockholm
  • Royal Palace
  • Modern Art Museum
  • City hall
  • Djurgarden
  • Skansen
  • Vasa Museum

Things to do in Stockholm

Hellasgarden’s lakeside sauna
Hellasgarden’s lakeside sauna
  • You may watch the sun goes down from Monteliusvagen cliff Path
  • Sip a hot chocolate in Stockholm’s oldest square
  • Rummage the vintage stores in creative sodermalm
  • Get naked at Hellasgarden’s lakeside sauna
  • Watch a gig at 19th-century music venue Berns
  • Indulge in a sky-high cocktail in revamped Brunkebergstorg

Stockholm Hotels

Grand Hotel Stockholm; where to stay in Sweden
Grand Hotel Stockholm
  • Grand Hotel Stockholm
  • Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel
  • Hotel Skeppsholmen
  • Comfort Hotel Kista

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2. Gothenburg

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city which holds its charm, despite being overshadowed by the glam of Stockholm. Reinvented its old space, the city is now home to the Michelin star restaurants lined across the streets and the eroded warehouses which have turned out as art galleries.

Gothenburg, Places to visit in Sweden
Gothenburg: The Musical Center of Sweden

In Gothenburg, there is also the most magnificent port city in Scandinavia, with boasted the region’s largest film festival as well as numerous music festivals throughout the year.

Gothenburg Attractions

  • Liseberg Amusement Park
  • Gothenburg Museum of Art
  • Archipelago
  • Gothenburg Botanical Garden
  • Universeum

Must-Dos in Gothenburg

Enjoy Christmas in Gothenburg, Places to visit in Sweden
Enjoy Christmas in Gothenburg

1. Enjoy Christmas in Gothenburg- In Sweden some parts, the sun doesn’t even rise for weeks. At the time of Christmas, Gothenburg city is one of Scandinavia’s most popular Christmas destinations from November 29 to January 6.

2. Buy Seafood at Feskekorka Fish market- The “Fish Church” is a fish market hall completed in 1874 design by the city architect Viktor von Gegerfeldt. And yes it actually looks like a church.

3. Take a “Fika break” in Haga- That charming neighborhood has a wonderful selection of cafes and small artisan shops. You may also try a giant cinnamon bun on Haga Nagata.

4. Shop for Gothenburg designs- Local clothing brands, second-hand items, and interior furnishing are just some of the many treasures you can find while exploring the city.

5. Indulge in seafood- The real specialty of Gothenburg city is fish and shellfish. Shrimp sandwiches, newly caught fish in classic and modern dishes, clams and oysters.

Gothenburg Hotel

Hotel Eggers, where to stay in Sweden
Hotel Eggers
  • Hotel Eggers
  • Upper House
  • STF Goteborg City Hotel
  • Spar Hotel Garda

3. Kalmar

Kalmar is a beautiful city on Sweden’s southeast coast. The city shows a vibrant contrast of historical architecture and modernity. The Kalmar city is situated from the wild Baltic sea by the island of Oland.

Kalmar, places to visit in Sweden
Kalmar: The Vibrant City

The history of Kalmar says that the city claims one of Sweden’s most spectacular castles within which the Kalmar union of 1397, united the crowns of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway was signed. Kalmar is one of the best places to visit in Sweden for its history and beautiful Coast.

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Top 7 sights to visit in Kalmar

World of Dinosaurs, places to visit in Sweden
World of Dinosaurs
  • Kalmar Slott
  • Kalmar Domkyrka
  • World of Dinosaurs
  • Kalmar Sjofartsmusuem
  • Krusenstiernska Garden
  • Lens Museum Kalmar
  • Kalmar Konst museum

Best Hotel to Stay in Kalmar

Kosta Boda Art Hotel
Kosta Boda Art Hotel
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Packhuset
  • Best Western Plus Kalmar Sund Hotel
  • ProfilHotels Kalmar Stadshotell
  • Hotel Skansen
  • Kosta Boda Art Hotel

4. Gotland

Gotland is Sweden’s largest island, and it is totally surrounded by the Baltic sea. This island is one of the best tourist destinations in Sweden. And the sunseekers like it more because it has more sunlight during the year than any other place in Sweden.

City's Gamle Hamn; best places to visit in sweden
Gotland: City’s Gamle Hamn

In Gotland, you can dress up as a knight, go to a traditional market and see tournaments and how people used to live during that period. There is also a place in Gotland that is Visby, if you are really into the medieval heritage and culture, you should visit Visby during the medieval week.

Places to see in Gotland

Visby City Wall
Visby City Wall
  • Visby City Wall (Well preserved medieval city walls)
  • Lummelunda (Cave tours & small boat excursions)
  • Kneippbyn (Waterpark, Camping, and Amusement Park)
  • Almedalen (Science city green space & event site)

Things to do in Gotland

Blue Lagoon, places to visit in Sweden
Gotland: Blue Lagoon
  • Catch some rays on a beach (This particular spot in Faro)
  • Rock with the Raukar (Gotland is famed for its Raukar or sea stacks)
  • Jump into the Blue Lagoon (Gotland’s northern rocky coast has stunning deep blues waters)
  • Pretend you are on a safari (Gotland called it “the world on one island” and it there is certainly a huge variety of stunning landforms, wildlife, and sights to explore)
  • Get Golfing (Approx than five 18-hole Golf courses and three 9-hole courses within a 45-minute drive from Visby.

Gotland Hotel

Hasselby Dalhem, where to stay in Sweden
Hasselby Dalhem Sweden
  • Brukshotellet Roma B&B
  • Hotel Dalhem
  • Hasselby Dalhem
  • Clarion Hotel Wisby

5. Are

The place is longing for those exciting ski slopes and after-ski parties.

Then Are is the best place for you. That place is a mountain village that never sleeps and gives a metropolitan vibe with its wide array of things. In “Are” you find something for everyone.


To the conveyor belts to world championship slopes to challenging off-piste to gigantic jumps in the parks. You just need to find your favorite spot. Are is a great escape for the people who are looking out to calm down their adrenaline rush and spend a vacation away from the city.

Places to visit in Are

Skistar Are
Skistar Are
  • Skistar Are
  • Are Gamla Kyrka
  • Tannforsen
  • Vaetabacken
  • Duveds Kyrka
  • Njarka Samelager

Hotels to stay in Are

Hotel Aregarden
Hotel Aregarden
  • Tott Hotel Are
  • Hotel Aregarden
  • Fjallgarden Hotel
  • Copperhill Mountain Lodge

6. Malmo

The city is Sweden’s third-largest city, and connected to central Europe by the Oresund Bridge, running between Malmo and Copenhagen. It is located within the rambling Malmohus Slott, operating under the broad banner of the Malmo Musser.

Malmo places to visit in Sweden
Malmo: Multi-Cultural City

Malmo is a multi-cultural place where you can experience culture from all over the world. The city has a marvelous old town (Gamla Staden) with three main squares-

  • Stortoget
  • Lilla Torg
  • Gustav Adolfs Torg

Places to visit in Malmo

Folkets Park
Folkets Park
  • Malmohus Castle
  • City Hall
  • Folkets Park
  • Oresund Bridge
  • Malmo Art Gallery

Hotels to stay in Malmo

The Renaissance Hotel
The Renaissance Hotel
  • The Renaissance Hotel
  • Astoria Hotel
  • Hotel Ibis Malmo
  • Scandic Kramer

7. Sigtuna

This 10th-century town marks the beginning of Sweden & gives a clear picture of its civilization with ancient heritage and modern architecture. Situated just a few miles away from Stockholm, this town will give a glimpse of Sweden’s streets lined with cafes and restaurants amidst the historical ruins.


Sigtuna’s amazing history is to be found in medieval churches, ancient ruins, rune stones, and buildings that are still there to this day. This incredible city that has stood for more than a thousand years are clusters of interesting & world-famous little boutique shops selling fashion, designer items, and handicrafts.

Places to visit in Sigtuna

St. Olof church ruins
St. Olof church ruins
  • Venngarn Castle
  • Steninge Palace
  • St. Mary’s Church, Sigtuna
  • St. Olof church ruins
  • Sigtuna rådhus
  • Sigtuna museum
  • St Peter’s Kyrkoruin

Hotels to stay in Sigtuna

  • AB 1909 Sigtuna Stads Hotell
  • Sigtunastiftelsen Hotell & Konferens
  • Stora Brännbo Konferens & Hotell AB
  • Sigtunahöjden

8. Lapland

If you want some wildlife adventure then Lapland is best suits you. It is located in the far north above the Arctic circle where summers shine around the clock. In Lapland, you found everything like nature, wildlife, and snow. The place shows the beautiful change of 24-hour daylight in summers and the dark winter days. Lapland is a paradise for skiing lovers.

Lapland: City with 24 hrs. of Sunshine every day

If you want the experience of Lapland wilderness then go to a 359- km (223 miles) long way from the canoeing center at storm und to the terminus at Vilhelmina.

Places to visit in Lapland

  • Church Town
  • Fatmomakke (You see the traditional wooden huts)
  • Jokkmokk
  • Abisko National park
  • Isbanan

Hotel to stay in Lapland

Jukkasjaevi Ice Hotel
Jukkasjaevi Ice Hotel
  • Jukkasjaevi (Ice Hotel)
  • Harads (Tree Hotel)
  • Gallivare
  • Lannavaara (Mountain Lodge)
  • Lulea (Pine Bay Lodge)

Ending Words

Sweden is a wonderful country that holds a wide range of nature, sightseeing, and culture. If you plan a trip to Sweden, that is a good idea. For all adventure lover tourist, Sweden is the paradise you for you guys!

But if you confuse the selection of your Sweden holiday destination then don’t take so much bother, above are some lists of best places to visit in Sweden are mention that should help to select your Sweden vacation destination.

I hope this article had given all your questions the best answer. Keep looking out for us for more travel related answeres to your excited traveler’s mind. We give out genuine reviews and real-time experiences with travel across the world.

Thanks for Reading…

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