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Shopping Places In Delhi For Latest Trendy Items: Perfect Shopaholics Guide

Welcome to the candy land of shopaholics. Today we will be opening the heavenly gates of “The Shopping Land” for you. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the national capital of India, Delhi. We are pretty sure that you all must be aware of India’s Tourist Attractions by now, after all, it harbors a number of historic places and sight-capturing monuments. Today we will be letting you in on the secret of some of the oldest and most authentic shopping places in Delhi.

Delhi is home to some of the best markets that you will find in Asia. The balance of Indian Traditional Art and the craft of adding Indian touch to almost every foreign item is what makes the markets of Delhi worth exploring and enjoying. So fasten your seat belt and hop in!

The Best Market In Delhi For Shopping Lovers

1. Paharganj

Are you on a hunt for hippie clothes and oxidized jewelry for easy prices? Then Paharganj is the best place if you are willing to bargain. From Indian pants to tunics, from hippies sweaters to dresses and skirts, from coats to slippers and sandals, you will get everything and anything at a low price with an exclusive Made in India tag.

Paharganj - one of the best shopping places in delhi
Paharganj Market

If you visit Paharganj, don’t forget to check out the shops in Main Bazaar, a long road flanked by small shops full of hand-made souvenirs, scarves, perfumes, essential oils, tapestries, and pretty reasonable backpacker hotels for low-budget travelers.

Bus: 181, 181A, 351, 894, 894CL
Train: EMU 64071
Nearest Metro Station: New Delhi Station (Yellow Line)

2. Tibetan Market

Known by the name of Monastery Market, this little Tibbet in Delhi carters a variety of hand-made Tibetan special goods that reflect their vibrant culture. You can easily find household handcrafted goods like quilts, clothes, towels, and drapes at affordable prices along with varieties of leather sandals, colorful bags, and purses. Apart from Tibet, you will also find traditional traces of Ladakh, Gujarat, and handicrafts from some of the beautiful regions of Rajasthan.

Tibetan Market Delhi
Tibetan Market Delhi

If you are looking for Tibet-style statues, paintings, and crafts, enter the market from ISBT Shahdara Link Flyover. It is also one of those few markets that are meant for men more than women. Shirts starting from just INR 300 to trousers worth INR 700 (which can easily be bargained) have always been the point of attraction for men.

Note: Closed on Mondays

Bus: 135, 173, CS-14/1, CS-14/2, TMS (+), TMS(+)Lajpat Nagar
Train: EMU 64411, EMU 64439
Nearest Metro Station: Kashmere Gate Platform No-6(Red Line, Violet Line, Yellow Line)

3. Connaught Place

Welcome to Delhi’s most famous roundabout harboring multi-cultural food items from different cities of India and the world. From Nepal’s and Tibet’s special momos to Japan’s sushi, you can find all varieties of finger-licking food over here. The luxury shops here harbor some of the top brands that can easily put FNAC to shame.

Connaught Place; Famous Market in Delhi
Connaught Place Delhi

Commonly addressed as CP, this place was awarded the 9th most costly place in the world to rent. But don’t let the stats fool you. CP might be famous for its multi-national brands but its heart “Palika Bazar” is known for reasonable rates and pricing of items.

The Connaught Place is divided into three circles. The inner circle is for crazy shopaholics in search of low-prices but quality possessions. Whereas the middle and outer circle leans more toward party lovers and is full of Delhi’s best luxury hotels, restaurants, monuments, and bars. But the main attraction of these circles solemnly lies in the roadside small shops that are well-known for serving authentic Italian-styled Ice-creams.

4. Chandni Chowk

We welcome you to Delhi’s biggest shopping hub. And when we say shopping, we don’t simply mean clothes and home items. You can shop a variety of spices, nuts, teas, aromatic plants, all genres of books, oxidized silver jewelry, fabrics, laces, utensils, sewing items, zari trimmings, designer wears, electrical and electronic goods, pearl accessories, jars, containers, digital cameras, polaroids and much more. We could probably not finish the list even if we wanted. And the best part is all the items are relatively reasonable as compared to other markets in Delhi.

Chandni Chowk
Chandni Chowk

Shopping Markets of Chandini Chowk:

Nai Sarak – For all types of books from fictional to non-fictional, from college and school textbooks to competitive exam guides and stationeries.

Dariba Kalan – This place is all about silver jewelry ranging from cute nose pins and rings to Indian traditional anklets and earrings. Apart from that you can also find Kundan and Meenakari jewellery at affordable prices.

Khari Baoli – There isn’t a single spice and herb that you can not find here. Collected and harvested from all parts of India, Khari Baoli is the exclusive hub where you can find anything and everything from common to exclusive nuts, spices, herbs, and dried fruits.

Kinari Bazar – This Bazar( market) is mainly known for traditional wedding clothes such as Indian Lehnga, Sherwani, heavily embroidered Saaris, kurta-pajamas, jutti, and along with heavy neckpieces, earrings, bangles, kamar-bandh, maang tika, and other jewelry. You can definitely get your pre-wedding shoot look from here.

Bhagirath Palace – It is one of the oldest markets in India and is the largest market of electronics and electrics in Asia. Apart from that Bhagirath Palace also sells medical equipment and allopathic medicines at a fair market price.

Bus: 118EXT, 120B, 347, 429CL, 502, 729, 838
Train: EMU 64055, EMU 64091
Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk metro station(Violet Line, Yellow Line)

5. Dilli Haat

This is one of the Famous markets amongst foreigners as they are offered the experience of traditional village markets. In this Haat, you will find all types of handicrafts which are a blend of the culture of all over India. Supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Textiles, Delhi Haat is one of the few officially recognized haats(Markets) that promote original and authenticate handlooms of traditional India.

Dilli Haat
Dilli Haat

You can Visit Dilli Haat if you desire something pure Indian that reflects the local culture. Traditional Juttis, manually sweed Boho Messenger and Fringe Bags, antique jewelry, desi & kitsch men’s kurta, phulkari dupattas, Kashmiri shawls, and beautifully handcrafted home decors and furniture.

NOTE: Dili Haat opens from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. including the national holidays.

Bus: 450, 522, 522LSTL, 728EXT, 910A, 966, 989
Train: EMU 64071, EMU 64091, EMU 64439, EMU 64449
Nearest Metro Station: INA Metro Station(Blue Line)

6. Chawri Bazar And Nai Sarak

Somewhere on the road connecting Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar, is the weekend book market by the name of Nai Sarak. Whether you are looking for educational textbooks, reference material, previous year question papers, fictional books by Indian or Western authors, or any other books, you will find it all on Nai Sarak.

Chawri Bazar And Nai Sarak; Famous Market in Delhi
Chawri Bazar And Nai Sarak

Not only books, you will find affordable books in bundles stocked on the side of a footpath. If you are willing to bargain, you can get the best seller series like Dreamland Billionaires, Dark Verse, and Flawless for around INR 200 – INR 300.

Nai Sarak is within walking distance from both Chandini Chowk and Chawri Bazar. You can also arrive from either New Delhi Railway Station or New Delhi Metro Station.

Bus: 405A, 419CL, 505, 729, 781, 858, 937A
Train: EMU 64071, EMU 64091, EMU 64411
Nearest Metro Station: Jama Masjid Metro Station(Yellow Line)

7. Sarojini Nagar

This area is one of the best shopping places in Delhi that offers all types of clothing. This is the market where you can find very cheap designer clothes and also reputed brands which are rejected by exports or the surplus quantity. You will find lots of stalls selling all kinds of clothing and jewelry but take care of your belongings because this place is overcrowded and thieves are everywhere.

Sarojini Nagar
Sarojini Nagar

The entire market is divided into pit stops. Every item is already set at a particular place that you just need to know about. For export material, you can easily find them in parallel export gali running across the street opposite to Gate No. 2 of Sarojini Nagar Metro Station. You can get classic vintage materials ranging from light lamps, bags, punk t-shits, Homer Simpson boxers, and other such items in the range of INR 350 to INR 1500.

While shopping, make sure to carry enough cash, wear comfortable footwear, and have your own water bottle for ease as these shopping trips can be tiring.

NOTE: Most of the market is closed on Monday and over-crowded on weekdays.

Bus: 465, 512, 536, 544, 544-LDS, 567, 610A, 610B, 615,780
Train: EMU 64090, EMU 64093, EMU 64094
Nearest Metro Station: Sarojini Nagar(Pink Line)

8. Palika Bazar

The Parila Bazar is unlike any other market that has been mentioned in the list above. This
underground market is not known for one thing in particular but many together. As soon as you enter the market, you will see shopkeepers trying to attract the crowd to their shop.

Palika Bazar
Palika Bazar

You can get almost anything to everything if you bargain hard enough ranging from deodorants and perfumes to handbags that too with the name of brands. If not a fan of brands, you can simply opt for hand-crafted and decorated items by local craftsmen such as authentic watches, shoes, home decor, and as such.

Timings: From 10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m (Closed on Mondays and Sundays)

Bus: 139, 207, 378, 390, 450, 522CL, 548, 859A, 894CL, EXPRESS-85A
Train: EMU 64091
Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk Metro(Blue Line, Yellow Line, Violet Line)

9. Janpath Market

Janpat Market is a mix of cultures and traditions and it does not shy away from showcasing it proudly. The cultural mix is clearly visible in Shop No. 22 and Shop No. 17 of Tibetian Market the display of local cultural arts beautifully engraved on silver jewellery. Another example is the famous Gujarati market where generally women, proudly sell brightly colored traditional Gujarati dresses, handbags crafted by local craftsmen, mirror embroidered kurtas, and other traditional items of the state.

Janpath Market
Janpath Market

Janpath is generally divided into different categories of sub-markets. The first is about majorly about handicrafts and beautiful handmade table covers and bedsheets along with other general home decor and items. The second is daily wear clothes for men and women along with some unisexual styled clothes at a very affordable price.

Bus: 181B, 390, 505, 522, 522CL, 729, 803, EXPRESS-85A
Train: EMU 64055, EMU 64091
Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk Metro(Blue Line, Yellow Line, Violet Line)

10. Lajpat Nagar

The beautiful market of Lajpat Nagar is one of the best shopping places in Delhi which is also known as the central market. Here you can find a glimpse of Indian Culture and Shopping. From cheap clothing to branded showrooms, antique jewelry to roadside stalls you will find everything here at a reasonable price(only if you are willing to bargain).

Lajpat Nagar
Lajpat Nagar

You can also find several Mehandi Wala to put the beautiful henna design into your hands. This market remains closed on Monday. The area has so many people from different nationalities who gathered here and have their own businesses that are the main reason for the variety of dishes found here.

Bus: 410 ,410CL, 410STL, 425
Train: EMU 64078, EMU 64094, EMU 64095
Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar Metro(Pink Line, Violet Line)

11. Matka Market

This unique Matka Market is one of its types present. The fact that it harbors pottery and not the usual clothes and home decor makes it one of a kind. If you love pottery then this market is for you. You can find pottery from all over India here and the fantastic place to shop for festival decoration items.

Matka Market
Matka Market

Other things you can see at the market are terracotta Bankura horses, blue Jaipuri pottery, garden pots, plant holders, clay idols of Hindu gods and goddesses, lanterns, vases, and earthen wind chimes. You must not miss this place on your Delhi Trip.

Bus: 34, 34A, 473A, 479, 479CL, 8, CS-13A
Train: EMU 64012
Nearest Metro Station: Vaishali Metro Station (Blue Line)

12. Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat is filled with shops full of brands and designer clothes. So it is a bit more expensive than other markets mentioned in our list. But it can be a good option for a once-in-a-while shopping spree and festive shopping. Despite being expensive, the sale does not slow down and the variety will not disappoint you in a bit.

Shahpur Jat
Shahpur Jat

Here are some of the best shopping stores in Shahpur Jat:

  • QBIK: Best for indo-western-styled clothing and cocktail parties. Starting from INR 30,000 onwards.
  • Riddhi & Revika: Known for Indian floral prints. Although the shop harbors Western dresses too the specialty lies more towards Indian prints and dresses. Starting from INR 15,000 onwards.
  • Shilpsutra: Exclusively known for footwear especially Indian calligraphed Juttis starting from INR 1,699.

Bus: 334, 413, 456, 522A, 540, 540ACL, 764
Train: Not available
Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas Metro Station(Magenta Line, Yellow Line)

13. Sadar Bazaar

Welcome to Asia’s largest wholesale market. Now, many foreigners might not have heard all the good things about Sadar. But the locals know what a gem it is when it comes to finding antiques at a reasonable rate. The only issue with Sadar Bazaar is that it’s often quite crowded. Sadar Bazaar is a wholesale market and has everything from the original brands to high copy. Makeup, sanitary products, eatable stuff, imported chocolates, showpieces, utensils, and what so ever you want. And of course with very good prices.

Sadar Bazaar
Sadar Bazaar

You can buy all types of items ranging from artificial jewelry to sarees and suits, from Kitchenware and dinnerware to spices and dry fruits, from home decor items to electronic goods, and much more. And that too at a low price if you can bargain properly.

Note: Single pieces are not available. You might need to buy the entire pack.

Bus: 19B, 207, 721, 817N, CBD1(-), E-817N
Train: EMU 64071, EMU 64411, EMU 64439
Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk Metro Station(Airport Express, Red Line)

The wrap-ups:

Feeling shopaholic… right? These were the best shopping places in Delhi for some trendy, cultural yet cool stuff in a great economical, and budget-friendly. Add-on food offered by each of the markets is just a YUMMM… feeling. We hope that the guide was helpful. Happy shopping!

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