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16 Best Places to Visit in the U.S |Virgin the Jewel of Dazzlingly White Sand Beaches

Located in the Caribbean, the U.S Virgin Islands is the United State’s overseas territory and a top spot for tourists to enjoy the lush white sand waters, beaches, amazing landscapes, flora-fauna, archipelago, and many more attractions.

The capital Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas island is a worth visit for the tourists and a must in your list of places to visit in the U.S Virgin Islands.

Must visit St. John and St. Croix islands for your historic town experience.  With a total of 50 islands and cays falls under the American Virgin Islands category, it is a pleasure to visit the best places in the United State’s Virgin Islands.

Places to visit in the U.S Virgin Islands 

  1. Virgin Island National Park (St. John) 
  2. Trunk Bay (St. John)
  3. Magens Bay (St. Thomas)
  4. Buck Island 
  5. Frederiksted’s Distillery  (St. Croix)
  6. Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas)
  7. Christiansted  (St. Croix)
  8. Coral Park  (St. Thomas)
  9. Heritage Trail  (St. Croix)
  10. Reef resort  (St. Thomas) 
  11. Plantation Museum  (St. Croix)
  12. Sandy Points  (St. Croix)
  13. Blackbeard Castle  (St. Thomas)
  14. Old Synagogue  (St. Thomas)
  15. Fort Frederic  (St. Croix)
  16. Xiuma Private Yachts

1. Virgin Island National Park (St. John)

Virgin Island National Park, places to visit in us virgin
Virgin Island National Park

Virgin Island National Park is the major tourist attraction in the archipelago of the US Virgin Islands. Attracting more than one million visitors annually, the park provides visitors with a magnificent view of the beaches, underwater sea gardens, petroglyphs, and the ruins of historic sugar mills.

Just go for the guided hikes of the Reef Bay to explore the beauty of the park on barefoot. The park’s ecology also attracts many of the enthusiasts and ornithologists who just came here to witness over 800 species of plants and around 30 species of birds.  

The parks Watermelon Cay, Maho Bay, Caneel Bay, and Cinnamon Bay makes you can’t resist going to dive, swimming or snorkeling.  

2. Trunk Bay (St. John)

Trunk Bay, St. Johns, U.S Virgin Islands
Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay in St. John is your perfect getaway spot where you can find beautiful beaches that are specialized with their see grapes and coconut palms. Snorkeling is the main activity among the tourists of the Trunk Bay that can get amazed by the crystal clear water, white sands on the shore.

If you are snorkeling in the area, just follow the underwater signposts and at the same time witness 30 different species of fish which makes your experience fantastic.

3. Magens Bay (St. Thomas)

Magens Bay
Magens Bay

Truly a gem in the US Virgin Island and one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas is the foremost choice for travelers. who just usually fringed away with its magnetic tropical discovery hike which leads them to its 75-acre preserved area. 

The scenic hike covers unique flora and fauna of the Bay featuring its diverse habitats right from the forest hills to the wetlands of mangrove. With the migratory birds in the blues, its stunning two miles of wind trial will eventually lead you to the beautiful Magens Bay Beach where you can freshen your trip of the island.

4. Buck Island

best U.S virgin island to visit
Aerial View Of Buck Island

Buck Island National Reef Monument is the center of attraction for the snorkelers and divers who just came along the sea creatures like blue tang and barracuda in the island’s underwater. The most visited spot for the tourists for its amazing sea garden is acclaimed as America’s first underwater national monument. 

The site offers protected beaches, picnic sites, cooking grills as well as a hiking trail through a forest of giant tamarinds to expand your island experience to the memorable one. 

5. Frederiksted’s Distillery (St. Croix)

Frederiksted’s Distillery; places to visit in us virgin
Frederiksted’s Distillery

If you have the craze of tasting some of the fine Alcoholic drink than this place is TaylorMade for you. Cruzan Rum Distillery provides you with guided tours to its headquarters in Frederiksted. In the distillery, you not only make a wow by tasting these exceptional Rums but also learn the bottling and distilling process of this popular liquor. 

In the distillery, the visitors just can’t resist themselves to taste some of the notable drinks such as  “Cruzan Sunset”, “Rum Cream” and “Rush Hour.” you can even buy one and bring it home easily without any custom intervention. 

6. Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas)

Beautiful town of Charlotte Amalie, U.S Virgin Islands
Charlotte Amalie

One of the places to visit in The U.S Virgin Islands, ‘Charlotte Amalie’ is the capital and its name is given after the Danish Queen. Located on the south banks of St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie is a colorful town that continues to become a magnet for the tourists who just come here in search of the exceptional restaurants and entertainment. 

The major attraction here is the outlets of boutique and jewelry showrooms. In addition to this, the town also offers charming beaches to spend your leisure time in swimming and snorkeling around. 

Visiting the island’s old structure also makes the visitors busy while roaming in the beautiful town of Charlotte Amelie.  

7. Christiansted (St. Croix)

Christiansted; places to visit in us virgin
Home in Christiansted

Saint Croix’s largest town, Christiansted is a historical town located on the north coast of the US Virgin Islands. Once a capital during the colonial times, the old town is an attractive place for the tourists to go down memory lane with the historic sites that shed light on the glorious Danish past. 

The town provides the best of the accommodations, entertainment, and dining for the visitors. Its charming resorts are what welcomes you to experience a unique feel of the place. Just wanders around the town with the sightseeing of the quaint buildings. If time persists, just try the beaches to view the scenic beauty of the shores. 

8. Coral Park (St. Thomas)

Amazing underwater coral ocean park, St. Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands
Coral ocean park

Coral World Ocean Park in Saint Thomas is an interactive park and a must-visit place in US Virgin Islands that can take your Caribbean island experience to the next level. All animal lovers and enthusiasts of marine life will stroll into this ocean park to feel the marine life in a most realistic environment. 

The park’s underwater observatory, a tropical nature trail, the Marine Gardens Aquarium, and a huge glass-enclosed coral reef tank are the key highlights for the tourist’s amazement. Apart from the vast sea creatures, you can also spot wild iguanas in the park.  

9. Heritage Trail (St. Croix)

St. Croix; places to visit in us virgin
Scuba Diving At St. Croix

A must-try adventure to feel the true spirit of the historical island of St. Croix is to go for the Heritage Trail. The trial is the self-guided tour that can take you to the island’s many interesting attractions that cover the history, culture, and natural spots of St. Croix on the go.

The notable or major sites during the Heritage Trial includes Whim Plantation Museum, St. George Village Botanical Gardens, Christiansted National Historic Site, plantation and sugar factory ruins, churches. It also provides some scenic views of the landscapes.    

10. Reef resort (St. Thomas)

St. Thomas
St. Thomas

The Frenchman’s Reef resort is the largest resort in Saint Thomas. An all-inclusive specialized resort is your no 1 choice to stay in the town to enjoy the additional perks such as magnificent view of the Caribbean sea, a private beach, a water ferry to town and lots of water activities.

Situated on a 17-acre area, the  4-star resort has 470 rooms, 7 restaurants, and 3 pools, for the guests to enjoy in full throttle. As the name suggests, the resort offers much of the magnetic reef attractions and activities for the tourists.   

11. Plantation Museum (St. Croix)

Plantation Museum St. Croix; places to visit in us virgin
Plantation Museum St. Croix

The Estate Whim Plantation museum is the only sugar plantation museum in the whole Virgin Islands. An interesting place to visit and go back to the slavery past after visiting it’s slave quarters to increase your curiosity of knowing how the slaves live at the time. 

Apart from this, the main thing here is to observe the traditional sugar plantation that attracts a lot of tourists and visitors. The museum provides various exhibits to make you better know this traditional activity of the residents of St. Croix. The museum’s Great house and Cookhouse are also worth a visit.

12. Blackbeard Castle (St. Thomas)

Blackbeard Castle
Blackbeard Castle

The historic Blackbeard Castle is one of the top tourist attractions in St. Thomas and a must in your itinerary of the places to visit in the U.S Virgin Islands. After completing the famous 99 steps, you can certainly find yourself at the foot of the historic five-story masonry tower. 

This unique castle is built in the 17th century as a watch-tower which is associated with an interesting legend that says this structure is used as a lookout post for the famous Pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach).

Now, the castle is a popular site for tourists that comes to enjoy the scenic views of the St. Thomas Harbor and Charlotte Amalie as well as to eat and relax in the hotels and restaurants nearby.   

13. Fort Frederick (St. Croix)

Fort Frederick St. Croix; places to visit in us virgin
Fort Frederick St. Croix

Fort Frederic or Frederiksfort is the historic structure built to defend the shores of St. Croix from the possible threat of Pirates. Now a U.S National Historic Landmark is all welcome the tourists to observe the typical Danish-Norwegian masterpiece that once plays a crucial role in their economic ties related to deep-water port activities. 

Built-in the 18th century, the landmark is also associated with the so-called “Triangle Trade”, a shipping route for the slaves from the continents like Europe, Asia, and Africa. Visiting the museum can provide more historic facts of the turbulent times of the Mid-19th century.

14. Sandy Points (St. Croix)

Sandy Points St. Croix
Sandy Points St. Croix

The southern beach of the St. Croix, Sandy points National Wildlife Refuge is also the point of attraction for the tourists to take a glimpse of the so-called leatherback turtles. A natural habitat of these special species, Sandy points also lets the tourists enjoy swimming in its shallow waters as well as to take a bath in the buffs sands.

A two-mile stretch of the seashore, Sandy points has the attractive beaches that can surprise you with the nested leatherbacks that are just come close for their nested season.   

15. Xiuma Private Yachts

Private yacht
Private Yacht

A different kind of Caribbean experience can await you if you are boarding to the luxurious Xiuma Private Chartered Yachts. These Yachts will take you to anywhere in the U.S Virgin Islands. Virginia Lee and Jonathan Wehrung (the husband-wife duo) will take you to the ultimate adventure of the islands in these fun-filled yachts.

More-over you can also enjoy the meal on the go prepared by Virginia as well as click the most scenic views of the U.S Virgin Islands to feel the moments more memorable. A must try journey of Xiuma on the Virgin waters is most preferred by those who want a varied taste of their Caribbean journey.    

16. Old Synagogue (St. Thomas)

Old Synagogue St. Thomas
Old Synagogue St. Thomas

The oldest running synagogue in America and one of its kind in terms of sands on the floor, this synagogue in St. Thomas is the top priority for the visitors who just come here to see the historic congregation of Jewish lifestyle.

Connecting thousands of Jewish families all over the world, the place also arranges hundreds of weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, and other events.

With the tone of nobody alone on this land, the place is just the ideal place for the visitors to mesmerizes themselves with the spiritual well-being as well as to spot the marvelous beauty around there.


The U.S Virgin Islands along with the British Virgin Islands is truly a paradise in the beautiful series of islands in the vast Caribbean. A guaranteed getaway destination that can mesmerize you with its gorgeous blue sea, crystal clear water, magnetic lagoons with white sands, surrounding flora and fauna, lush green archipelago and of course the places mentioned above. 

Let’s conclude with the hope that you also want to go for this fantastic journey of the great mid-American adventure after reading this blog of the best places to visit in the U.S Virgin Islands.    

When you go for a tour of this beautiful state, Throughout the state, you will find many interesting things to do, and this place has some awesome natural wonders. Here in treknova all we do is just keep you updated with wanderlust stuff from all around the world.

So I hope this blog and information will help you to organize your trip and enjoy it without any stressful situation. Thank you for reading this and please share your experience with us.


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