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The Tips and Treats of Flying Business Class

Business class is a growing scene. More and more airlines are revealing new business-class seats with the most luxurious benefits. Have you ever dreamt about flying to a beautiful destination in the luxury of business class seats? You may think this class is designed purely for stuffy businesspeople in suits with briefcases and laptops. Alternatively, you may be under the impression that it’s just too out of reach for your budget. This article may change your mind if you share either of these opinions. We’ll discuss why you should fly business class, even if you’re not going on a purely business trip. We’ll also discover some tips about traveling first class and what you can do to find a good deal. Let’s get stuck in!

Why You Should Fly Business Class

There are so many reasons why you should, and why you deserve, to fly business class. Here are just a few:

1. The Space and Luxury of Double Bed

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to awkwardly nap in a semi-upright position propped against the window with a u-shaped neck cushion to awaken with stiff muscles and a toddler kicking you in the back. The seats you’ll find in the business class lounges of some airlines are luxuriously comfortable to start with, never mind when they fully recline into a bed, even doubling up with your travel companion for a spacious area for the two of you. There are also dividers between the seats to give you a private and secluded space as your travel in style. Even if the airline you fly with doesn’t quite offer a double bed in business class, you’ll find the seating, like that on Air Canada business class flights, is guaranteed to either be window or aisle seat with more recline, more legroom and adjustable rests for your feet and head. You’ll no doubt arrive at your destination better rested than any after any other flight you’ve ever taken!

2. Mouth-watering Meals and Delicious Drinks

Forget the microwaved meals, unidentifiable vegetables, and aluminum-wrapped trays. In business class, you dine as you fly – in luxury. Prebook meals quickly and painlessly with dedicated apps for the airline you’re flying with, and expect delicious food cooked by expert chefs. Sip delightful drinks from the bar, from a fun cocktail to get you into the holiday mood, to a glass of fancy champagne if you have something to celebrate. Flying may alter the taste of food and drink, but you won’t be able to fault the delicious delicacies you’re offering and the superb service you experience on board a business-class flight.

3. A Whole New World of Entertainment

After your three-course meal and bottle of bubbly, sit back and relax to the in-flight entertainment. Select from a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and even games and songs. There’s something to keep everyone happy with business-class entertainment! A personal touchscreen gives you full control, and using your phone as the remote you can scroll through the options from the comfort of your bed (did we mention there are beds?)

5. Luxurious Lounges

The luxury of a business class booking doesn’t start with the flight. Avoid the crowds and messy waiting rooms by making use of the relaxing lounges that are open to you as a business-class flier. You can take a hot shower to freshen up at a stopover, enjoy some more food or a calming tipple, and ease yourself into a comfy armchair to await your flight. This gets your holiday started before you’ve even left the ground!

With so many reasons to fly business class, you may be starting to feel convinced about the upgrade. But how can you afford it? And what other advice will help you to navigate a business class flight? Let’s find out.

Tips for Flying Business Class

Flying business class is a no-brainer for some, but if you’re feeling a little trepidatious, here are a few tips to calm your nerves and help you to make the most of your luxurious flight.

1. Stay Alert for Deals

There are many sites and apps that will give you the power to track flight prices and automatically alert you when the best deal comes along. With helpful notifications like this, you won’t miss a good bargain! Keep your eyes peeled and shop around. There are even websites designed to help you find the best deals and save money without skimping on the experience. This will take some perseverance and patience but it will be worth it in the end!

2. Take the Initiative

Some fortunate travelers may be able to grab a last-minute upgrade right at the airport without paying the price, just by biting the bullet and asking! The truth is airlines don’t like to have empty seats or empty lounges. They want to make the most of the investments they’ve made so there may be occasions when the business class seats are not full and you can request an upgrade at check-in. If you’re going to brave this, wear some smart clothes and make sure to be polite.

3. Get Rewarded for Loyalty

Airlines sometimes offer loyalty points systems, and there are credit card companies that offer air miles as an incentive to go with them. It will take some time to build up the points or the miles, but the reward of the business class will make it worthwhile.

4. Be Willing to Be Spontaneous

Change up the flight times and duration and see if you can find a bargain from a flight that hasn’t sold many seats. It may be at unsociable hours, but you’ll get a nice recuperating rest in the luxury lounge and comfy bed (there are beds, remember?).

All in all, the experience of flying business class is something everyone should have the chance to do at least once. If you thought it was out of your reach, perhaps these little tips and tricks have given you some ideas. Happy flying!

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