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How To Call A Live Person At Frontier Airlines Customer Service

When you need help with your flight reservation, status information, connected flights, baggage or other services with regard to your trip with Frontier Airlines, who would you talk to? Know how to call a live person at frontier airlines customer service.

For a company that caters to its customers by offering products or services, the need for quick and hassle-free communication with regard to customer assistance also arises. The customer service of any given company plays an important role as it is the first line of contact between its customers and the company. This is also true with Frontier Airlines. Customers reach out to the airline company via its customer service centre in order to get the help they want.

Customers Service Of Frontier Airlines

The customer service centre at Frontier Airlines renders assistance to its customers, whether it is a general query or a problem that needs to be dealt with promptly. Customer service is run by a team of representatives that are prepared to help their customers with concerns that may be common or uncommon, depending on the customer’s situation.

Frontier Airlines has a dedicated customer support service that renders assistance to its passengers. The assistance can be in the form of a telephonic conversation, exchange of e-mails, live online chat on social media and also mailed to the authorities at their physical mailing address. Such contact methods allow the company to provide convenience to their customers, especially when their customers are in need of assistance and want to contact the company as quickly as possible.

If you are in need of talking to a live person at Frontier Airlines’ customer service centre and need some assistance going about it, we are here to guide you. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to call a live person at Frontier Airlines’ customer service and have your queries answered as quickly as possible. Our website Treknova provides useful information that travellers will find quite handy.

How to Call a Live Person at Airlines Customer Service – Step-by-Step Guide

If you are in need of assistance and wish to talk to a live person at Frontier Airlines’ customer service centre, below are a few simple steps you need to follow.


1. First, you will need to dial their toll-free phone number to get connected with one of the representatives at Frontier Airlines’ customer service. You can do this either using a fixed-line phone or a mobile phone. The phone number for their customer service is +1 801 401 9000.

2. Upon dialling their customer service phone number, you will be greeted by an automated voice menu system. This automated voice system, also called IVR (Interactive Voice Response), then provides you with a couple of options based on the service for which you seek assistance. These options are listed as under:

  • Flight status (select option 1)
  • Details or assistance with reservation (select option 2)
  • Baggage enquiry (select option 3)
  • Book a flight (select option 4)
  • Frequent flyer program (select option 5)
  • Website support frequently asked questions and feedback (select option 6)
  • Repeat options (press the star “*” key)

3. At the first prompt, you are required to select the option that is relevant to the purpose of your call. The automated voice system will then ask you to choose the relevant service

4. At the next prompt, simply select the option to proceed. Again, the automated voice system will ask for your confirmation for the service that you have selected.

5. Now, depending on the type of service that you have selected for which you need assistance, you will be immediately connected to the relevant customer service department and a live person will be there to answer your queries.

These are all the steps you need to get connected and talk to a live person at Frontier Airlines’ customer service centre.

There are also a few additional phone numbers for different services that you can contact the airline’s customer service. These are listed some contact numbers:

    • Frontier Airlines Customer Service: +1 801 401 9000

    • Customer Relations: +1 801 401 9000

    • Frontier Miles: +1 801 401 9000

    • Media: +1 720 374 4560

    • Travel Insurance: +1 866 807 7258

    • Travel Agency Desk: +1 801 401 9001

Note*: If your query or grievance is with regard to any of the services listed above, you can simply select the option that is offered to you. However, if the service is not offered to you in the list of options, then you may select option 6, which will get you connected to a live person at the customer service centre.

However, if you are not able to get through to the customer service, for assistance via phone, or you feel that your query or grievance was not handled properly, there are other ways as well, through which you can contact Frontier Airlines customer service.

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How to Contact Frontier Airlines Customer Service through Different Ways

It is no doubt that you can easily reach Frontier Airline’s customer service centre in a number of ways. When you call their customer service centre, there is a high probability that you will be guided through their IVR system, before you are finally connected to a real, live person in the customer service. However, also keep in mind that there may be little to longer waiting time if the representatives are having a busy day or night answering calls of customers.

Alternatively, when you contact your airline’s customer service online, i.e. via social media or their web forms. In such cases, you generally don’t have to wait too long. The communication takes place quickly, unlike in the case of making direct phone calls, where you could end up waiting in a queue for several minutes.

Now, given below are social media links that are the best ways you can reach their customer service for assistance.

The social media links to their Facebook and Twitter pages provided above can be used to chat with their customer service representatives for any assistance you need.

Frontier Airlines Live Chat and E-mail Support Services

Sometimes, when you are not quite happy with the airliner’s product or service, or you want to offer them suggestions so that they can improve on their flaws, this is where your feedback or grievances comes into play. When you submit your feedback, whether it is positive or negative, it can make a difference for the airlines.

They usually provide an online form on their website’s contact page, where you can write your feedback or grievance and then submit the form. Their official website is

You can also reach out to their customer service by contacting them at their e-mail address and through an online live chat system, such as the social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. You can chat online on these social media to ask for any queries, complaints and grievances regarding Frontier airlines.

Their customer service is available 24/7. So, this means that you can easily contact them at your convenience, no matter if you are at home or somewhere else.

Frontier Airlines Mailing Address

You can also mail your queries, feedback or grievances to Frontier Airlines’ customer relations via their mailing address, which is given as follows:

Mailing Address:

Corporate Office:

Frontier Airlines,

4545 Airport Way,

Denver, Colorado (CO) 80239

United States

Customer Relations:

Customer Relations Frontier Airlines,

4545 Airport Way,

Denver, Colorado (CO) 80239

United States

In the end

Like any other company, big or small, providing customer service is an essential component of any given company, in this case, being Frontier Airlines. The importance of rendering assistance to its customers, which may be delivered through one or more communication mediums, will have a prominent effect on the company and its relationship with existing and future customers.

Getting in touch with the customer service representatives and talking to a live person at Frontier Airlines can often be a great help, rather than getting no help at all.

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