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Top Airlines in The USA That Offer Cheap Military Flights Discount

Soldiers are the pride of any country giving their service and guard for countrymen’s safety. Keeping this in mind top we are here with top airlines in the USA that offers cheap military flights discount and freebies (including baggage deals).

People giving their full time being in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, Air Force or Coast Guard to protect the USA. For them we have try to give some gratitude by providing them with a reasonable fare for military flight tickets for them and their beloved family, living alone far from each other.

Cheap military flights discount

There are several airlines that give discount flights for the military. Most probably the least discount is 5% and free checked bags. As discount differs from airline to airline, thus before fixing up your tickets just check and compare each of the airlines for better offers and cheap flight fare.

Top USA airlines offering military discounts on flights

To get the most low-price airline tickets with discount flights for the military, USA. Listed below are some airlines in the USA giving military flight discounts and many more facilities to military men and their families.

1. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, military discount flights

Due to many factors, the discount for the military is not fixed by this airline. To get the latest details. You have to contact their helpline number.

Discounts are allowed only for the active military. Free baggage is allowed for the active military with up to 5 bags of 100lbs each.

Delta Military and Government desk: 800-325-1771. Open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.

2. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airline

By traveling with Jetblue airways, there will get a 5% discount for military persons or families of the soldier with 2 bags free for active military members. The same 5% discounts are allowed for the veteran with 2 checked baggage free.

If an Active military is traveling for security purposes or due to their national duty purpose they have to carry 5 bags free of cost.

For familiar packages or queries, you can call them at 1-800-538-2583 by verifying yourself as an active military person or a veteran member.

If you are a normal civilian then you have to get to know how to get cheap JetBlue Airline tickets?

3. Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines, military discount flights

By showing you ID proof of being a military man or family of the military, Southwest airlines give a cheap fare for military flights. Though you will not get this online, you have to call them to get the most discount for the military.

Moreover, you can only carry 2 bags of 50 lbs, if get exceeds then you have to pay extra for that.

4. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airline

With valid military ID, Alaska airlines give them about 10-5% discount flights for the military. Active military personnel or their relatives are permitted to carry up to 5 free bags.

By registering with VetRewards, even veterans or retired soldiers can pursue this advantage of military flights discount. They will even get a 15% discount on the snacks served on the boarding airplane.

5. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airline, military discount flights

With 5% discount off in military flights, this airline has given a facility to those having appropriate identification of active military or to their family. 

Moreover, if you are signed in to VetRewards then also you can avail this advantage of a 5% discount. But only 2 bags are free after that, you have to pay for them.

6. United Airlines

United Airlines, military discount flights

Airline united is offering a great thankfulness to the US army by giving military discount flights tickets to the active soldiers as well as to their beloved families.

For even veterans, they are providing a 5% discount offer. You can redeem this facility by just getting registered to VetRewards and giving it a code at the time of booking.

This airlines give free access to their lounges to active military and also give some pet discounts to active military.

7. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airline

Spirit Airlines has the lowest flight fares all over the USA. Thus due to this reason, it fails to give any additional discount.

But to give their regards to the US military, they have made 2 checked bags free and one hand back for the active military men or veterans or their families.

8. American Airlines

American Airlines, military discount flights

It’s quite obligatory by American airlines, giving a discount for military flights to active military and even to their family and ex-military men also. To avail, of these military discount flights directly call them at 800-433-7300.

Checkin bags are free up to 5 bags when going or coming from officially and at the time of vacation travel 3 bags are permitted to carry with you.

American Airlines offer 10% discounts for the active military as well veteran. American Airlines also give free access to their lounges to the active military.

9. Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines

From the latest information, it’s been acknowledged that only active-duty military men with 2 checked bags and 1 carry bag, and one personnel item are allowed for the active military.

It’s sad but for now, this airline is not providing military discounts to veterans and the relatives of the army men.

10. Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines

In most recent news Allegiant Airlines had said that they will give a free air flights service to active military, their family, and even retire military men.

They will even allow carrying 3 checked bags of 100 lbs and even 1 carry bag along with you. Moreover, they will not charge any cancellation fees from the active military personnel in case of an order. Free pets in the cabin of active military. This airline also gives free change and cancellations for the active military.

3 tips get cheap military flights discount

1. Compare with other Airlines too:

Once the cheapest flight tickets are not always the cheapest ones to buy. Discounts and offers change with time, so before placing any booking, get compared with every possible airline giving the facility of military discount flights.

By comparing you will get to have the most reasonable fare tickets, even apart from the military discount flights.

2. Wait for the cheapest time to book:

There are some days of the week when you will get the most cheapest flight tickets to book for your traveling. While sitting to book tickets just look over (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday) days which are considered to be the cheapest air flight tickets.

Avoid Fridays and Sundays for traveling unless it’s too emergency. Rather you have military discount flights.

3. Facing any query, call the helpline number:

If something is not clear and giving you confusion, then immediately get yourself acknowledged by calling over the registered helpline numbers of the respected airlines. You can call us at +1-800-831-1547 to know more and ask queries regarding military discounts of various airlines.

How many free bags are permitted to the military?

Usually, some airlines allow carrying 2 bags of 50 lbs, exceeding that may ask you for additional charges. But some allow you to carry more than 2 but till some limit, and some don’t have any such facility for military men.

In short, this is also like giving cut down at the expense of travel flight of the active military person or his family.

Do veterans get military flights discount too?

Yes, Veterans also get military flights discount but, in some cases, the active military person who is still on their duty in the military has a chance of getting more discounts rather than the veteran given the same facility. Some give free-flying whereas some give a minimal discount and some airlines don’t even give any discount.

It purely depends on the airline company’s rules and regulations. So get yourself confirmed by calling their respective helpline numbers given on their official sites.

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