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Condor Airlines Official Website

Condor Airlines is a German charter airline based in Germany, legally registered as Condor Flugdienst GmbH. It has scheduled trips to leisure destinations in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, South Asia and North America. Its main base is at Frankfurt Airport, while other German airports have smaller bases. Condor Airline is a member of the Thomas Cook Group in Europe, is not very well known and is a great choice for travelling home at the Hamburg Air Show. Compared to Qatar business class flights, fine dining and high-quality services are served by first-class professionals. The downsides are there is no Wi-Fi, old seats and limited IFE options.

On this special blog page, we will review the Condor Airlines official website, application and various policies of Condor Airlines. The Condor Airlines official website has a lot of information about their flight schedules, rules and regulations of their planes and airport. You can plan and book your trip and check flight status on the Condor Airlines official website.

Condor Airlines Official Website
Condor Airlines

About Condor Airlines

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Condor Flugdienst GmbH, which in turn is wholly owned by the Thomas Cook AG Travel Group. Condor Technik GmbH is a maintenance organization of Condor Flugdienst GmbH’s EASA 145. Although Condor Airlines has claimed to offer the lowest fares, it has not promoted itself as a low-cost airline. Generally speaking, the price for the Condor El and most destinations in Europe ranges between $150-300. The condors will live the winter after the German federal government and the state of Hesse announced a bridge loan to operate the carrier. Condor is a profitable, stable and growing airline in 2021.

No matter where you go, you will never feel hungry on a Condor Airlines flight. Whether you are travelling on a short or long haul in Economy, Premium or Business Class, passengers will enjoy complimentary meals, feeds and drinks on demand. You can dine on International Condor cruises like Condor cruises, Condor aeroplanes. All meals can be requested 24 hours before the flight departure. The airlines can only use fresh produce, so sometimes there are no specific ingredients in a meal.

Booking At Condor Airlines Official Website

If you wish to book a flight with Condor Airlines, you can do so online or offline both ways. To order flight tickets online, you have to browse the Condor Airlines official website. On the Condor Airlines official website, you will find the Booking tab, you can specify your preferences to book your flight. First, you need to select the port of departure and the city of destination by browsing through the list available. 

Next, use the airline’s calendar to determine the departure date. Add all passengers travelling on the same route, including all age groups. Further, you have to choose your class of travel and search for flights. You will be asked to select an available flight. After selecting the flight, you must enter the passenger’s details in all required fields. After payment, your order has been confirmed. Final confirmation will be received by email or SMS which also includes electronic cards.

Online Reservation & Contact

For Online reservation, you can do it on the Condor Airlines official website and app or you can directly contact the Condor airlines reservations experts. The airline representative will solve all your inquiries and provide you with the best service. Since the service is available 24*7, you can always contact them at any time using the contact information on the Condor Airlines official website. With the help of experts, you can solve all questions and problems instantly. Senior executives have experience solving problems. For more details on Condor Airlines reservations, you can check our mentioned page.

Other than reserving flight tickets online on the Condor Airlines official website, you can also reach the customer support executive at 1-866-960-7915 they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For more details on Condor Airlines contact and customer service information, you can check our related page.

Social Media Profiles Of Condor Airways

Rather than just contact number and the Condor Airlines official website, you can get connected to the airlines through their social media profile. Below, we will provide you with the links of their official social media profiles:

Manage Your Booking Online

If you want to view current reservations, book other services, or submit advance passenger information (API) and safe flight information for the destination, country or region, you can manage your reservation online at Condor Airlines official website. There is no problem you can also quickly and easily check-in online 24 hours before the flight departure time.

You can Manage booking by filling a short and simple form by following these steps:

  • Choose an option for “Where did you book your flight/trip?” Whether Condor or Tour Operator
  • Fill the field of Booking number or Check-in Reference number
  • Next, choose the preferred date of your outbound flight
  • Provide the Passenger surname and then click on the Next button.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, you will not be able to cancel your order at Condor online. But you can contact Condor Airlines through their contact number to talk to an executive and cancel your ticket through them. For cancellation information, you can find any price they offer or the terms and conditions of Condor Airlines under ‘Our Prices’ on the Condor Airlines official website page.

To cancel the order, please contact their service centre directly. You have to recount that the travel agency terms and conditions will apply. If you have not purchased the ticket directly from Condor, you will need to contact the travel agency to cancel the reservation. If you want a refund of the ticket price, you just need to contact the airline service centre.

Web Check-In At Condor Airlines Official Website

If you are travelling with tidy luggage, please note when each airport check-in closes. To ensure that your vacation starts on time, you must arrive at the boarding gate 45 minutes before your scheduled departure. You have to spend a bit of time while checking passports and security barriers. If your reservation includes a connecting flight with one of the partner airlines of Condor, you must check-in on the appropriate airline website. For more information about the Condor Airlines check-in policy, you can check our corresponding page.

Note: At US airports, boarding passes are not accepted for flights from the UK to the US, Hurghada and Windhoek. You can still check-in online, but you must print your boarding pass or collect it at the check-in counter.

Condor Airlines Baggage Policy

The baggage allowance for Germany flights on a Condor flight depends on the class of reservation, price, and itinerary. Generally, for business class, any luggage can be included in the free baggage allowance for Condor flights in Zones 1-4. The external dimensions of each piece of luggage cannot exceed 158 cm (length + width + height). If your cabin baggage exceeds Condor Baggage Weight and Acceptance, your baggage will be charged in addition to the excess baggage. You have to remember that the gate fee is always higher. 

Condor Airlines Pet Policy

Pets weighing 6 kg and 30 kg can be requested as cabin luggage. For information on arranging animals weighing more than 30 kg, you can call +49 (0) 6116988922. Mice, hamsters and guinea pigs cannot be transported in any way, while the pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and birds can be transported as cabin bags.

On the Condor Airlines official website, you can easily book pet travel online in the ‘Special Services’ column of their website. But, you need to know that only the pets under 30 kg can be appealed through the ‘Special Services’ column. You should dial the number +49 (0) 6171 6988922 to inquire about heavier animals. Pets must be reserved in the cabin 8 hours before flight departure time.

For booking a flight ticket for your pet, the reservations must be made at least 48 hours before the flight departure time. You can carry up to 6 kg in the pet compartment containing the pet crates. Stand cannot exceed 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 inches (55 x 40 x 20 cm) in dimensions. Dogs, cats and rabbit can only be carried in the cabin along with the passengers.

Condor Airlines Official App

You can also download the official Condor Airlines app, which can be found on the Android Play Store and iPhone App Store. The official Condor Airlines app is suitable for all devices, such as Android, tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc., helping you to keep up with the latest information. In addition to the Condor Airlines official website, you can also use the official Condor Airlines app as it provides many functions in its apps.

For flights to the United States of America or Puerto Rico, you can quickly submit your API information through the app. If you order on the Condor Airlines official website, their app is definitely for you. You can check-in through the app and get your boarding pass immediately. All your updates for boarding price or any change will be sent directly to your phone. This app is only available for flights booked on the Condor Airlines official website. The app will contain the following features in it:

  • All your travel documents on your mobile phone, like boarding passes and flight details, you don’t have to pay for it, and everything is safe there.
  • For recent flight updates, you can turn on push notifications and get the most recent flight details straight from your mobile phone, including the boarding pass.
  • Express check-in is very easy during the flight and also on the way to the airport.
  • You can book a trip and arrange the entire trip with this app. Search for destinations, book your favourites, add extra features, and then select the perfect seat for yourself and your family.
  • You can get you boarding pass after check-in, simply submit the app to their staff and there is no need to print anything.

Hope that this article has cleared all your doubts about what does Condor Airlines’ official website contains. For more details about the airlines and their policies, you can contact us on our 24*7 accessible toll-free number +1-800-831-1547.

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