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10 Incredible Day Trips From Portland To Kick Back The Nasty Life

Though there is plenty of places to travel in Portland still some wonders are just laying outside the city limits which are worth visiting in day trips near Portland, and even, you will get to know about the country, Oregon in a better.

Being a traveler you would obviously not like to leave any wonder to explore. After you have ticked the bucket list of destinations to visit in Portland. You must make a move to these places for experiencing gorgeous nature’s beauty for some best day drives from Portland.

There are places within the reach of the city of an hour’s drive. For planing out the weekend trips from Porthland try to cover a variety of amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches, and tons of waterfalls which will make your day well catchy for your weekend getaways near portland.

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This is the list of places of which barely need any planning for day trips from Portland.

Finest Road Trips From Portland

  1. Silver Falls State Park
  2. Astoria
  3. Mount Hood
  4. Cannon Beach
  5. Columbia River Gorge & Multnomah Falls
  6. Willamette Valley
  7. Trillium Lake
  8. Smith Rock State Park
  9. Bagby Hot Springs
  10. Rowena Crest

1. Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park, day trips from Portland
Wonderful waterfall of Silver Falls State Park

Its a huge state park settled near the city of Oregon, Portland. Silver fall state park is a single preserved forestland in the country and thus seems beautiful for the best day trips from Portland.

Thick canyons of this area are followed up with the lava ages ago and the edges of the rock are the proof of it. But now, here is a stream of water flowing over the soft land giving the delightful site of seeing for the tourist who is here for hiking.

This place has a trail of 10 wonderful waterfalls with perfect tracks for hiking in this area and indeed a great opportunity if you plan your weekend trips from portland to here. Among all, the most famous is the South Fall which is a 177-foot tall waterfall sink into the water pool.

Time to reach: 55 mints to 1 hour of easy drive 
Driving distance: 58 miles from Portland approx.

2. Astoria

Astoria, good day trips from Portland
Columbia River Maritime Museum tells the history of Astoria

Its a coastal town situated on the water mouth of Columbia River. This town is the best weekend getaways day trips from Portland which will make you amuse for sure.

Town holds the cultural and historical part of it by “The Goonies” houses and Columbia River Maritime Museum where you will get to know the local history of the town.

After this, you may explore the floating lighthouse on the bank of the river which is even named “Graveyard of the Pacific”. Fill a little bit courage in you to take a Hike to the Astoria Column by the staircase for stretched views of the town.

Time to reach: least 1 hour 50 mins to reach by car
Driving distance: 94 miles from Portland approx.

3. Mount Hood

Mount Hood, best day trips from Portland
Snow-covered peaks of Mount Hood

In Portland day trips, a huge Mount Hood is usually seen from many parts of the city, Portland. Thus you can take an mt hood day trip from portland for making your life more cheerful.

This mountain comes in the top 12 glaciers of the world and is snow-covered from many peaks all around the world. This snow-covered area cupped up with 6 major skiing zones.

Apart from the snow spot, the lower ranges of the range are a dense green forest where you will get a much unique flora and fauna and can do a hike, trekking, camping. There is, this national historic places in this region Timberline Lodge, where you can take a night stay.

Time to reach: up to 2 hours 5-10 mins more to travel on a car
Driving distance: 97 miles from Portland approx.

4. Cannon Beach and Seaside

Cannon Beach and Seaside, weekend trips from Portland
Haystack Rock famous large rock formation on the Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is the crown of Oregon coastline making it the most worth it places for day trips from Portland to submerge your heart over the ocean to get wet from your dry life.

Haystack Rock is a giant rock formation of 235 feet hight which is surrounded with more small rocks. Even further, you will get to see the merely abundant small cute seabird Tufted Puffins.

If you are with your children or old aged persons, Seaside will be the best picnic beach near Portland because of its soft and less risky tides. Its been just 7 miles apart from Cannon Beach which has no less crowd for your vacation.

Time to reach: 1 hour 30 mins away by drive
Driving distance: 80 miles apart from Portland approx.

5. Columbia River Gorge & Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls day tour from Portland
Beautiful Multnomah Falls of Columbia River Gorge

Oregon has more than 100 waterfalls but the most famous one in this area is Multnomah Falls, 611 feet high is the tallest fall in the country. Apart from this, you will get to see the marvelous Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Wahkeena Falls.

Along the hike tracks of this area, in such Portland day trips, you can get the opportunity to do many activities like go to whitewater rafting, kayaking, and kite-boarding past waterfalls. Moreover, you can experience the beauty of Oregon Gorge by taking the zip line tour over the forest.

Thus, Columbia River Gorge is the wonder of nature with a most beautiful scenic view which is within a reach of you in a day trips from Portland.

Time to reach: utmost 35-40 mins of drive 
Driving distance: 30 miles away from Portland approx.

6. Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley, great day trip from Portland
Vineyards by the roadside and with wonderful landscapes od Willamette Valley

A beautiful valley with a fresh surrounding is not soo far from the city, is the well worth place for your weekend trips from Portland.

This region is a home of famous Pinot Noir in the whole world. If you are a wine lover you will be in love with this place. Valley is covered with the trails of wine farms and towns with lots of wineries.

Apart from this, you may take the Willamette Valley’s road for the long drive or you must get your bike travel on the amazing bikeway with your loved ones. You will get the cool weather along with the scenic view.

Time to reach: 1 hour of car drive
Driving distance: 49 miles apart from Portland approx.

7. Trillium Lake

Trillium Lake, best day trips from Portland
Mesmerizing Trillium Lake beside the huge Mt. Hood

This ideal place is perfect for the family picnic, romantic dates or simply say that the best area for your weekend trips from Portland. Its frozen secret is to sit quietly and watch the lake reflecting the huge Mt. Hood which is more pleasant to see than anything.

Further, you will bump into some of the safe BBQ areas on the site of the lake where you can make food. Enjoy with your fellow mate and have a small nature party on the bank of the lake beside the huge mountain giving the firm air to breathe and a beautiful scenic view.

The water of the lake is crystal clear and swimming is permitted. Even you can do simple kayaking or paddle boating for fun. Moreover, at the time of winter, this lake gets freeze completely and become a perfect place for the beginner snowshoe hike.

Time to reach: 1 hour of easy drive
Driving distance: 60 miles away from Portland approx.

8. Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park, weekend trip from Portland
Climb on the rocky ranges of Smith Rock State Park

This park has a breathtaking wonderful rugged and rocky landscape that is worth to travel. People who are in love with activities like climbing the height must go to Smith Rock State Park from the Portland day trips. 

To experience this dazzling moment you have to climb or hike the rough mountainous trails which are a bit little hard to go but will get the great reward once you moved up. Misery Ridge Stream is one of the popular hike ways of this area.

Apart from this you must take your bike and go on to the marvelous bikeway of this part. This park is usually considered as one of the 7 wonders of the state, Oregon.

Time to reach: 2 hours 40 mins go by car
Driving distance: 142 miles far away from Portland approx.

9. Bagby Hot Springs

Bagby Hot Springs, day tour from Portland
Mainstream of hot water of Bagby Hot Springs

This Bagby Hot Springs area is located somewhere in Mt. Hood Forest Park which is a hidden gem for Oregon’s people to experience the wonder of this place for de-stressing yourself from your day to day anxiety.

This hot spring sight is not followed by any road and so you have to hike 1.5 miles trails of the Mt Hood to feel relaxed in hot steam and thus this place will be the perfect day trips from Portland for you.

Before to forget we must say that the entry is not free you have to pay $5. There are different types of the large deck for soaking in the hot water, Private and public. Nudity is allowed in the private bath area of the spring.

Time to reach: 1 hour 40 mins of travel by car
Driving distance: 66 miles from Portland approx.

10. Rowena Crest

Rowena Crest, best day trip from Portland
Famous horseshoe curve along the road of Rowena Crest

If you are heading towards Columbia River Gorge, you will get to cross this amazing Rowena Crest viewpoint which can be made separate day trips near Portland Oregon.

while you are on your day trips from Portland to Rowena Crest, you will come across the main road tag which is famous for the horseshoe curve. On your drive along with the cloudy mountains, you will escort with the multiple viewpoints which are just eye smoothing to see.

The landscape of surrounding hills, cliffs, and the gorge below just makes you mesmerize and make you feel worth to drive up. You will get some of the filed of vision for a photographic shot and make a memory for the whole life.

Time to reach: 1 hour 30 mins
Driving distance: 67 miles distanced from Portland approx. 


Thus, Portland has all the variety of places to chill out your weekend with family or to take a romantic day tour with your lover. Even more, for adventure freak, regions are there for hiking and for nature admirer to explore the lush green nature with many waterfalls.

So, at the end of the blog, hoped you have got to know the best travel destination for the day trips from Portland and enjoy your moment not to forget to have a best out of it because you never know if you can repeat the same trip again or not!

Be safe and see the good.

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