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15 Best Day Trips From Vienna To Explore The City of Dreams

Remember the world-famous “Vienna” song by Billy Joel?

“Dream on, but don’t imagine they’ll all come true. When will you realize… Vienna waits for you.”

These lyrics describe the exact exceedingly vibes of this authentic city. Being Austria’s capital, Vienna best showcases the country’s flourishing lifestyle and architecture, And it’s not just limited to this place but also spread to its neighboring destinations which are in reach of the city by day trips from Vienna.

Sounds dramatic..?

True, dramatic is the best adjective to describe it’s gracious. Vienna is not only the city with lots of wandering stuff to do and watch but also all-around. Therefore destination which are round the corner of the capital are popularly abbreviated as the Cities of dreams.

Yes! You heard it right… Being the home of music, art, style, and luxury, surrounding cities are bordered by numbers of colonial churches, museums, natural wonders and what not which will make your visit in Vienna day trips will be explorable and enjoyable.

You can easily see any of these destinations and still get back to Vienna the same day or choose to fit these in as a side trip on the way to your next spot.  

There are many places to visit in Austria, these series of locations are just nearby the capital for Vienna day trips. Relish our list of the 15 top day trips from Vienna, Austria to explore the city of dreams!

Top 15 Weekend One Day Trips From Vienna

1. The Village of Grinzing

The Village of Grinzing
Beautiful tiny village of Grinzing

Are you photoholic? If yes, then Grinzing is a boon for you dear! Its numerous stunning landscapes can prove to be one of the best backgrounds of your photo memories.

First mentioned in 1114, this is a pretty city just 14 kilometers to the northeast of Vienna. You can easily get there by rental car pr even by public transport.

The city has the perfect romantic vibes with its wooded backdrop, whimsical gardens, and winding paths, making it an erotic place to explore with hold hand of your love.

It’s also well known for its many typical Austrian restaurants (Heuriger), famous for indicating whether they’re open by placing branches of spruce over their entrances to make your visit for Vienna day trips beautiful.

Not just romantic, its foothills are also popular among the visitors weary for adventure. Nearby Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg hills are well known for hiking and mountain sports.

Drive Time: It takes 1hr 21 min from Vienna to Village of Grinzing.

2. Vienna Woods

Vienna Woods, day trips from Vienna
Trails of Vienna Woods

Located at the foothills of Austria, the Vienna Woods is known for a relaxing as well as majestic place to hiking and adventurous sports. 

Adjoined by four rivers, the Vienna Woods offers a perfect getaway for enjoyable day trips from Vienna city life.

Consists of numerous glittering views including The Baroque Kahlenberg Church, The Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz and various ancient monasteries. Attracts more than 2 million visitors from Vienna and outside the Vienna tour this amazing place every year.

In 1987 declared as a protected area in Austria by UNESCO plays a great role in forests of Vienna Woods majestic appearances. The city holds many records for its green wealth at the world stage.

The blush of forest can be easily explored by taking a tourist railroad to the head of Kahlenberg hill, where travelers can enjoy astonishing views of the woods and the city. 

Drive Time: 45 minutes from Vienna City Center.

3. Krems

Steinertor of Krems

Standing as a witness to the great 12th century when the House of Babenberg ruled Austria, the city rivaled Vienna in size and significance. The historic city of Krems situated at the point where the blue Danube and the Krems rivers converge at the heart of the Wachau Valley.

18th-century Old Town quarter is the main tourist attraction of today’s Krems. One can climb from the shore of the Danube into the hills to witness the beautiful skyline view of the valley downtown will be of great adventure to Wachau Valley from Vienna.

With rich cultural stroll along the city’s Arts Mile commences travelers past a delightful array of galleries, museums, and workshops. Restaurants, cafes, and bars serve wine fashioned from locally planted grapes.

A sipe of Krems’s wine is surely a not to miss pursuit on the day trips from Vienna!

Drive Time: Krems is approx 27 km away from Vienna. It takes up to 1 hour 20 minutes of driving to reach there. 

4. Bratislava

Bratislava, day trips from Vienna
Adorable Bratislava City

Do you seek an affordable, fun destination for an easy day out? Slovakia’s capital could be a great option for you.

The city of Bratislava is an undoubted perfectly picturesque, that is located at a convenient distance of 60 minutes away from Vienna.

Make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to visit Bratislava’s Old Town where the neo-Renaissance style houses, mansions, and palaces paint an attractive picture of the Slovakian capital.

Some of the best spots include the Bratislava castle, Michael’s Gate, St. Martin’s Cathedral, old town, UFO bridge (for a city view), the presidential palace, street art, and the blue church, can be spotted within 12 hours. I’m not kidding. It’s true!

To satisfy your hunger on the whole day trip you can visit the St. Michael’s Street to taste some tempting cruise of Slovakia.

To make the most out of the day, make sure to take one of the earliest trains available. Usually, you can hop on a Vienna to Bratislava train after 6 or 8 o’clock in the morning. Then you have the whole day to explore the Slovakian capital. It truly is one of the best day trips from Vienna.

Drive Time: It takes 60 min from Vienna to Bratislava.

5. Prague

Stunning old city Prague

About a distance of 220 km from Vienna, one can have a long day trip to this incredible preserved old town declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

Bristling with spires and breathtaking architecture, Prague deserves days upon days of its own exploration. But one can adore the same delight of the city in a few hours too if you plan your trip wisely.

Additionally, you can also go for a walk throughout the well-known Charles Bridge to see various performances at the National Theatre.

Home to the National Museum, as well as fantastic shopping outlets and restaurants, Wenceslas Square in Prague’s New Town could be a perfect spot for an all-in-one fun stoppage for a day trip.

To squeeze in several options, with your few hours in Prague on a day trips from Vienna, it’s a great idea to consult with a local travel guide about booking a city tour that’ll give you the chance to see the highlights in the space of a heyday.

Drive Time: It takes 2hr 30 min from Vienna to Wachau Valley.

6. Wachau Valley

Wachau Valley, day trips from Vienna
Wonderful Valleys of Wachau Valley

The entire valley is bordered by colonial castles, vineyards, and quaint villages. The valley lies west of Vienna and expands for 40 km (25 miles) between the cities of Krems and Melk.

World-famous orchards in the Wachau Valley produce enthralling Austria’s best wines, and the beautiful town of Dürnstein is a marvelous place to stop and taste the varietals.

Castle wrecks in Dürnstein are all that remains of the place where King Richard the Lion-Heart of England was imprisoned in the 12th century. And Thus day trips from Vienna to this location of Austria will be of great fun.

Drive Time: It takes 2hr 30 min from Vienna to Wachau Valley.

7. Klosterneuburg Abbey

Klosterneuburg Abbey
Klosterneuburg Abbey

At the edge of the Vienna Woods, this twelve-century construction is a large complex of many well-known tourist attractions around the world.

Upon arriving, you’ll notice a huge network of magnanimous buildings, each more majestic than the last. All these historical buildings are full to the brim of Austrian history that is sure to fascinate each and every tourist for day trips from Vienna.

Make sure you don’t miss to witness the sparking of the famous Verduner Altar in the Leopold Chapel. The fact that it consists of 45 enameled panels dating from 1181 makes it especially noteworthy.

This complex at the northern outskirts of the Augustinian Abbey may sound spooky sometimes at night, but yet maintains its position of being the most interesting places to visit in Austria.

Drive Time: It takes 60 min from Vienna to Bratislava.

8. Laxenburg Castle

Laxenburg Castle, day trips from Vienna
Mind-blowing Laxenburg Castle

Roam through postcard-perfect gardens and wild jungles or attain serenity in drifting along in the boats available at the lake at the Laxenburg.

Incipiently built as a business town, Laxenburg Castle is alluring and breathtaking at the same time

Just 40 minutes away from Vienna, it’s the ideal location for a skimpy but enthralling day trips from Vienna

After the long day trip fun along the lakeside and castle, you may feel hungry. But don’t panic, different restaurants around the grounds provide packed lunches for tourists, you can easily grab one and eat in one of the many peaceful, sunlit spots near the lakeside.

Drive Time:  Just 40 minutes from Vienna

9. Budapest

Gorgeous Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

This is another place which is on our list, Budapest full-day trip from Vienna will be a little long but worth to visit. It takes approx 3.5 hours to reach Budapest. This cultural jewel of Europe has all aspects of spectacular architectural and lifestyles.  

Known as the “Paris of the East”, Budapest sits at the most beautiful location astride the Danube River. That dominates a perfect sightseeing location with a beautiful skyline and offers jaw-dropping views of the city. 

Recognized as a World Heritage Site, the historic center of Budapest is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It possesses a breath-taking blend of ornate cathedrals and churches and majestic Baroque architecture.

The chance to soak in the city’s famous curative springs, one can visit the breathtaking architecture spanning styles from Baroque to Neoclassical and Art Nouveau.

24 hours may not be enough to see all that Budapest has to offer but it makes for one of the best day trips from Vienna.

Drive Time: 3.5 hours from Vienna.

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10. Salzburg

Salzburg, day trips from Vienna
Wonderful City Salzburg

Salzburg is another worthwhile destination for a day trips from Vienna. With countless church towers and domes of the old city, Salzburg is a single glance of modernity combined with history.

With a journey that takes less than 3 hours, the city is undoubtedly the prettiest destination of Europe that has endless attractions for the historically inclined traveler.

On your Vienna day trips to Salzburg, there are such a superb number of things to see around the city including the beautiful Mirabell Palace and porch nurseries, the medieval Hohensalzburg Castle, Salzburg Cathedral and Mozart’s Birthplace Museum.

The entire day will have lots of posing opportunities!

The city has lots of tempting taste too. The local streets are full of exotic Salzburg snacks and beverages. You can also have some bites at the world-class restaurants in Salzburg.

At the end of your trip to Salzburg, One can feel relaxed sitting leisure at the banks of the River Salzach closing eye and recounting the best moments of the heyday.

Drive Time: 3 hours from Vienna city center.

11. Lainzer Wildlife Park

Lainzer Wildlife Park
Lainzer Wildlife Park

Acquiring 24 square kilometers of the Vienna Woods, the Lainzer Wildlife Park is entirety for the loves of wildlife. 

It’s a harbor for old oak and beech trees. Many believe that some of these trees are 350 years old. This place is well-known for the fact that it has the largest number of Oak trees in the world, making your day trips from Vienna in-between nature.

Lainzer Wildlife Park is famed for its wealth of deer and European boar and its credit for being enchanting wildlife for endangered species of animals.

Not just an essential area of ecology conservation, but it’s also a wonderful place to spend some quality time for yourself during the day and stroll along one of the diverse walkways where royal Emperors and Empresses once hiked and hunted.

For unrestricted scenes, head up to the Hubertuswarte overlook tower on the Kaltbründlberg which stands at 14 meters high and offers breathtaking spectacles of the natural reserve.

Drive Time: It will take up to 4 hours of driving.

12. Danube Valley

Danube Valley, day trips from Vienna
Beautiful Danube Valley

Have you ever dreamed about a boating experience surrounded by the picturesque paths through the province’s hills and fields? Sounds like a fairytale, right? But traveler let me tell you this is not just a fairytale you can experience this wonder at Danube Valley.

This second largest river in Europe can fulfill your desire for boating exactly as same as mentioned! Yeap in the fairytale style. So do plan your weekend for day trips from Vienna.

Flowing 1,785 miles from Germany to Ukraine into the Black Sea, A trip along the Danube by boat, through the Danube Valley, offers you the opportunity to see some of the most magnificent landscape around Vienna.

Drive Time: 90 minutes of the drive from Vienna can reach to Danube valley.

13. Baden Bei Wien

Baden Bei Wien
Baden Bei Wien

Another tourist attraction on the edge of the Vienna Woods in Baden Bei Wien, a spa town famous for its curative waters (the Romans called the town Aquae). 

Nearly 2,000 years later, today, the town’s sulfur springs still spread out six-and-a-half million liters of therapeutic warm water every day. And that’s really huge!

The formerly timeworn Roman town named Aquae, the endowment known as Baden Bei Wien is now a spa-town that is the perfect way to relax on day trips from Vienna that is astonishingly easy to get to.

The town is famous for its restorative and therapeutic waters and has been for a tremendous 2000 years, meaning its a popular spot for travelers and locals looking to soak up their benefits. This strange property of Barden Bei Wien makes it an ideal destination for an unusual day trips from Vienna.

Drive Time: It will take approx 1 hour 40 minutes to reach Baden Bei Wien

14. Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey, day trips from Vienna
Melk Abbey

One of the best tourist attractions that you actually do have to visit if you happen to be in Vienna is Melk Abbey. Holding the desirable accolade of the “Best Historical Destination in the World”, Melk Abbey is one of the best destinations for a day trips from Vienna.

Built atop a rocky mountainside with views crosswise the whole of the breathtaking Danube Valley, the abbey is a majestic Baroque-style building that is overflowing with priceless art and contains flawless gardens and is filled to the brim with enough history to excite history buffs to no end.

15. Laa an der Thaya

Laa an der Thaya, day trips from Vienna
Laa an der Thaya

About 68 kilometers north of Vienna on the Czech frontier, this is a perfect and fascinating insight into the medieval era experienced in the area. 

Town’s medieval walls and the extensive moated 13th-century castle “Laa Castle” is the highlights of day trips from Vienna to Laa an der Thaya, including ts well-preserved battlements and towers and fine panoramic scenes.

Other notable highlights include the 13th-century Gothic congregation cathedral of St. Vitus, with its High Altar isolating from 1740, and the Plague and Trinity columns from 1680.

Splendid skyline view of the entire city from the top of the medieval tower is worth taking 90 minutes to ride for the Vienna day trips.

Wrap Up Words

“Rich in culture, vibrant in style Visiting Vienna is Worthwhile!!!“

These slag rhymings are perfect to explain the jewels of Vienna and its boundary destinations in one line. 

Holding a great significance in the history of Austria, these above mentioned best day trips from Vienna are the bucket full of the delight of weekends. One can easily make any of these trips in one day, there and back to Vienna.

So on your next marvelous Austin trip, make sure you explore all these incredible historical places to relish the real taste of Vienna and nearby attractions.

Good Luck, Wish you a good time!

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