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Discover 10 Factors Affecting Prices Of Air Tickets Of Various Flight

You would certainly want to have cheap price air tickets for your travel. But maybe person seating next to you will have lesser air ticket price than yours. This happens because there are many factors that are affecting prices of air tickets.

Airlines have its own theory and strategy to change the chargest of per seat aeroplane. Which eventually effecting to the customer who wants to purchase cheap air flight tickets.

Below are some list of factors, you have to consider which are affecting prices of air tickets with time.

1. Distance you want to fly

Obviously, the longer you fly, more will be your prices of the air ticket. So if you are flying abroad with longer distance, your airfare will be affected by this distance. As the journey time of your flight is higher thus the cost of your flight ticket will be also higher comparative of the domestic flight.

2. Price of Fuel

As aircraft need fuel to fly, thus if there are little effects in the prices of the fuel used in the craft, it will directly affect prices of air tickets. Since 2019 it’s good that fuel prices are not increasing and it’s not affecting ticket prices harshly.

3. Demand for the tickets

There are some time or season of the year when there is a huge demand of air tickets like in any festival season (Christmas and New year Eves), in summer seasons when everyone wants to travel for a vacation with their family. At that time of the year, airlines raise their airfare, cause they know travellers will pay whatever be the cost of the tickets to fly to their vacation point.

4. Competition

Usually, competition between airlines is also one of the factors why airlines have conflicting prices of air tickets all over the year. It’s not only airlines, but even the airport number in any city also affects the price. Eg:- small city has less airport, thus has air tickets are of the higher price compared with big cities with multiple airports and numbers of airlines flying every day causing fewer prices of air tickets to these cities.

5. Ticket purchasing time

It matters on how much nearer dates you are booking your tickets. Means if you are booking your air tickets just a few days before your trip then you have to give much higher prices of air tickets, rather than advanced booking of your flight tickets.

6. Fill the seat

Airlines make it sure that not even a single seat left out before flying. So they plan their flight according to that all seats get allot and they fly will full passengers. Thus prices of left out seats are most expensive as it is been sold at the end of the time.

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7. Which days to fly

Eventually, days of your booking also affect the prices of the air tickets. Airfare in the USA totally depends on which day you are planning to fly or booking your tickets. There are some days Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday which are considered to be the best cheapest days to fly by booking flight tickets. 

8. Tickets from unwanted time of day

If you are flexible enough to fly ant time of the day. Then you will get many better deals for your flight tickets. Like if you are ok with early morning dawn flights or late night flights or lunchtime (afternoon), it’s the time when you can get the cheapest prices of air tickets for your airlines.

9. Non-stop or connecting flights

It’s obvious that if you are travelling in a connecting flight than a non-stop flight, you will have to pay a much less amount for flight tickets. But often this, sometimes non-stop flights are even cheaper too when your airlines have a sale going on or having a great deal for non-stop flights. The price difference between connecting and non-stop flights will be just a small line of inconvenience.

10. Advanced purchased tickets

Its most known strategy of the airlines affecting the prices of air tickets. As far as you are from your trip to fly, lesser will be the price of the air tickets. This means advance booking of your tickets before 4-5 months of your trip plan, will be much lesser than the price of the tickets you will book before 2 months of your trip date.

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