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6 Famous Temples In Himachal Pradesh: Land of Dev Bhoomi

Himachal Pradesh is known for its famous temples. It’s even known as “Dev Bhoomi”. In Himachal, there is a touch of Divinity everywhere, and someone says that “Blessed are those who wander in the wild valleys, for he or she shall see nature, and though her God”.

The Himachal people are though subject to almost every empire that they ruled ever ruled in North India plains and they manage to sustain an unbroken tradition of ritual and sacred arts.

In Himachal, there are approx or more than 2000 Temples With almost every village having at least one Temple besides its community Devta or Local Deities. Himachal Pradesh is also the place of Buddhists. You may also find the cluster of Buddhist monasteries and Gompas stretched over the vivid landscape.

In Himachal Temples are both, Holy places and Tourist places. Below some Famous Temples that give the Title Of “Dev Bhoomi” To the Himachal Pradesh.

6 Top Temples In Himachal

1. Naina Devi

Naina Devi, famous temples in himachal pradesh
Naina Devi

Naina Devi Ji Temple is situated in the hilltop of Bilaspur District, Himachal Pradesh. It’s even said that hill on which Naina Devi Ji is situated is called Naina Dhar Hill which is about 3535 feet from sea level.

Temple is surrounded by Bhakra Dam, Anandpur Sahib, and Govind Sagar Lake. The Temple is also connected via NH 21. Temple is also connected by Cable car That moves pilgrims from the base of the hill all the way to the Top.

Naina Devi is also one of the shakti Pithas of Hindus. Behind this Temple many mythological stories are there, one such story says that Goddess Sati Mata burnt herself alive in yajna, which distressed Lord Shiva.

Then he Picked the corpse of Mata Sati on his shoulder and started Tandav dance that urged Lord Vishnu to unleash his Sudarshan Chakra which had cut the Mata Sati’s body into 51 Pieces. And the Naina Devi Ji Temple is a place where Mata’s eye Fell.

Best Time to Visit Naina Devi :

March To July is the best time when temperature of the hill station will be low and you can visit this spiritual site entirely with peace.

How To Reach Naina Devi :

  • Air: Nearest Airport Chandigarh(100 Km Away)
  • Railway: Nearest Railway Station Anandpur Sahib(30 Km Away)
  • Road: Connected With National Highway No.21

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2. Jawala Ji

Jawala Ji, famous temples in himachal pradesh
Jawala Ji

Jawalaji Temple is located in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated around 35 km south from Kangra valley in the lap of Shivalik range.

JawalaJi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Jwalamukhi, the deity of Flaming Mouth. It is considered as very powerful, and it counts as one of 51 Shakti Pitha in India.

The history of Jawalaji Temples is related to Sati, and that is the place where the Tounge of Sati Mata fell at the time of Tandav of Load Shiva holding dead body of Sati. And Lord Vishnu with his arrow cut the body of Sati on 51 pieces and spread it overall.

The temple has to believe 9 permanent flames that are Mahakali, Annapurna, Chandi, Hinglaj, Vindhya Basni, Maha Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ambika, and Anji Devi. It’s about a Century ago Raja Bhumi Chandra, Ruler of the area are originally built the temple.

Inside the main Temple, there are Gorakh Dibbi, Chaturbhuj Temple, and many small shrines are in the Jawalaji. You will feel blessed to come over one such famous temples in Himachal Pradesh.

Best Time To Visit JawalaJi :

The whole of the year is the best time to visit. But peak two times of year is most crowd gather in the month of Match to April or in month October or November.

How To Reach JawalaJi :

  • Air: Nearest Airport Gaggal (50 Km Away), Chandigarh (200 km Away)
  • Railway: Narrow Gauge is at Rental Station(20 Km Away), Broad Gauge is at Pathankot(100 km Away)
  • Road: Well Connected To Road, State transport buses like Punjab, Haryana, etc..

3. Hidimba Temple

Hadimba Temple, famous temples in himachal pradesh
Hadimba Temple

Hidimba Devi Temple is also known as Hadimba Temple is one of the most famous temples in Himachal Pradesh, which is located in the Manali, the famous Hill Station in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Temple is an ancient Cave dedicated to Hidimba Devi, who is a wife of Bhima. Temple is built around a cave where Hidimba performed meditation.

The history behind this Temple is that the wife of Bhima, Hidimbi was supposed to have lived with their brother Hidimba, Born into a Rakshasha Family. Hidimba vowed to marry one who defeats her brother.

During Pandav’s exile, when they visited Manali, Bhima one of the Pandavas killed the Hidimba’s brother. And Thereafter, Bhima married Hidimba. Ghatotkacha is the son of Bhima and Hidimba.

Best Time To Visit:

Early May and June till late August are the best months to visit Manali and this temple. the entrance time of the temple is from morning 8 am to evening 6 pm.

How To Reach:

  • Temple is about 3 Km From Manali
  • Air: Nearest Airport Kullu(10 Km Away)
  • Railway: Nearest Narrow Gauge Station Joginder Nagar(166 Km Away), Broad Gauge Station Ambala (355 Km Away)
  • Road: Connected Via National Highway No.21

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4. Chamunda Devi

Chamunda Devi,famous temples in himachal pradesh
Chamunda Devi

Temple of Chamunda Devi is located in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh in India. One of the famous temples in Himachal Pradesh is settled over approx 10 Km west of Palampur, On The Baner river.

In Hinduism, Chamunda is an aspect of the Devi, that is the supreme mother of Goddess. The history behind the name of Chamunda is that Devi had killed two monsters or Asur named Chand and Munda. By this, the name of Chamunda Devi is derived.

The Temple is also believed to the abode of “Shiva and Shakti”, and for this reason, it is also known as “Chamunda NandiKeshwar Dham”. Its architecture is not to be extraordinary but the divine of aura spell bounds and the devotees with its spiritual appeal.

Best Time to Visit Chamunda Devi :  

March to June is the perfect time cause temperature will be low due to summer season.

How To Reach Chamunda Devi :

  • Air: Nearest Airport Gaggal
  • Railway: Nearest Broad Gauge Station Pathankot, Nearest Narrow Gauge Station Nagrota Bagwan
  • Road: Connected From Palampur (10 Km Distance), Connected From Dharamshala (15 Km Distance)

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5. Jakhoo Temple

Jakhoo Temple,famous temples in himachal pradesh
Jakhoo Temple

Jakhoo Temple is a very old Temple in Shimla, and dedicated to Hindu God, “Hanuman”. This Temple is situated in “Jakhoo Hill”, that is 2.5 Km or 1.3 Miles east from Ridge, Shimla at a height of 2,455 m(8000 Feet) above from Sea Level.

Jakhoo Temple offers beautiful views of the Shivalik Mountains and the nearby town that is Sanjauli. Moreover, in the premises of the temple, there is a 108 feet tall orange colour statue of Hanuman Ji which can be seen from the city of Shimla.

Some History behind of this temple is Lord Hanuman lands in this mountain while they are entrusted with the life-saving task of bringing the herb. Jakhoo Temple also holds the Foot Print of Lord Hanuman.

Best Time to Visit Jakhoo Temple :

As it is settled in Shimla, spring-summer i.e. over the month of March To September is a perfect time.

Apart from this, the daily timing of the opening is from morning 5 am to 12 pm afternoon and in the evening from 4 pm to 9 pm.

How To Reach Jakhoo Temple :

  • Air: Nearest Airport Shimla (10 Km Away)
  • Railway: Nearest Narrow Gauge Station Shimla(5 Km Away), Nearest Broad Gauge Station Kalka(98 Km Away)
  • Road: Well Connected to Shimla

6. Shikari Devi Temple

Shikari Devi Temple
Shikari Devi Temple

Shikari Devi Temple is an important religious site for Hindus located in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the famous temples in Himachal Pradesh and also called the Crown of Mandi in India.

According to legends, the temple is believed to have existed since the time of the Pandavas. It is observed that despite the fact that the temple does not have a roof, no snow is seen in the temple premises during winter when the entire area around this temple is covered with several feet of snow.

The lush green pastures, panoramic sunrise and sunset, panoramic views of snow ranges make this place a favourite for nature lovers. This place receives a lot of snow during the winter.

Best Time to Visit Shikari Devi Temple

March to May, when you will get sun with warm pleasant weather and even temperature will below.

How To Reach Shikari Devi Temple

  • Air: Nearest Airport Kullu-Manali Airport(118km)
  • Railway: Narrow Gauge Station(152km)
  • Road: Well Connected to Jeepable Forest road.

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If you are religious and keen to know about the famous temples in Himachal Pradesh and you also want to explore where you came from, then you must visit this religious temple to learn about Indian culture. It will help you get in touch with the world which is so bigger than you.

In this article, some religious temples of Himachal Pradesh and their information are given that may help you to plan a trip to visit these sites.

A trip of religious temples with your family is the best way to develop faith over god in both your kids and yourself.

So take the name of God and plan your trip to these famous temples for spiritual feel.

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