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Flying Internationally During Pregnancy Time- What to Know?

Are you planning to fly internationally during pregnancy time? Generally, women are not recommended to travel by air after 7 months of their pregnancy. That too when you are flying internationally for a long trip.

But for any reason, if you need to travel, there are some precautions and things you should be aware of. In today’s article, we will especially talk about the best time to travel during pregnancy, major airlines policy, healthy tips, precautions, and complications.

If you have a healthy pregnancy then you can travel safely. Flying is not harmful to you and your baby but before flying you have to go to your healthcare or midwife to discuss issues, complications, and problems.

Before flying you can check their airline policy for pregnant women. In case of any urgent medical need, you have to find out the best healthcare facilities of your destination.

Flying Internationally During Pregnancy

Best time to travel Internationally during pregnancy

The best time to travel Internationally during pregnancy is your mid-pregnancy from 4 months to 6 months because at this time you are not facing any complications.

In this time your energy level is high and morning sickness is improved and you can get around easily.

At this time you feel very good and there is no risk of premature labor. After your 6 months of pregnancy, you have seen many difficulties just like sitting for a long time is harder for you.

The best time to travel by airline is how you feel that means if you feel good then it is the best time to travel in the 4 to 5 months of your pregnancy is very fewer chances of miscarriage and pregnancy emergency.

Policies of major airlines for pregnant women

Before flying Internationally during pregnancy time, you should know about some flight rules. There are different flight rules according to your health condition. So honestly nobody wants your baby pop at 45000 feet.

Before booking an International flight, check the requirements of airlines because some airlines do not allow you to travel after 8 months of pregnancy. You should carry your medical certificate because some airlines ask to see your health condition.

While traveling with a new baby you can face different problems so before traveling you should know about these airlines.

Airline NameTravel Policy
Air CanadaIn air Canada, no exceptions are allowed. You can travel only one month before your delivery date.
American AirlinesOn an international flight, you will need the same medical certificates before your one-month of the delivery date.
Air FranceIn air France, no medical approval is needed.
British AirwaysNo air flight after 8 months of your pregnancy. After 6 months of your pregnancy doctor notes and your medical report are required to travel in British airways.
Southwest airlinesNo Restrictions
Delta AirlinesNo Restrictions
JetblueJetblue airline rules are the same as American Airlines. You will need the same medical certificate one month before the delivery date.
RyanairIn Ryanair, if you are between 6 to 8 months of your pregnancy then your doctor fills out the fit fly form.

Note: In International travel, if you are going to Africa, Central, South America, and Asia and you are pregnant then do not go to these places because there is a risk of malaria. If travel to these areas is unavoidable then you have to take anti-malaria drugs just like chloroquine or mefloquine. Pregnant ladies should not take anti-malaria drugs just like atovaquone or proguanil and doxycycline or primaquine.

Safety Tips for Flying Internationally during Pregnancy time

If you have a healthy pregnancy then check with your health care provider before you fly. Your doctor provides you with cautions against air travel if you are experiencing pregnancy complications that might be emergency care.

Before travel, you should check your health care certificates, and travel insurance, and prepare for your unexpected delivery. If your pregnancy is covered by your health insurance it’s good but if your pregnancy is not covered then you should buy additional insurance.

Before travel, list out the name and numbers you will need in case of emergency and also remember that the number is safe in your phone and you also have a hard copy of the number in your luggage because in case your phone has been lost then you can contact someone.

When you fly you can avail some tips that are given below:-

  • You can wear a comfortable and loose dress and shoes while traveling.
  • Do not eat gas-producing meals and carbonated foods just like oily food-heavy meals before your flight.
  • Bring healthy snacks just like salad, low sugar, fruit low fat, pitta bread, and light meals before your trip.
  • Book corridor seats so you can use the restroom and stretch your legs easily.
  • Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the flight. Drink water because it prevents your hand from swelling.
  • You have to pack your pregnancy medical kit and also pack your medical reports because it will help you in emergency cases.
  • Before flying try to rest as much as possible because you feel better and do exercise during pregnancy.

Long Travel During Pregnancy

Flying Internationally during pregnancy time Long-distance travel is very risky for pregnant women. It makes deep veins of the legs and the research says that the risk of DVT increases two or three times in long-distance flights.

Flying Internationally during pregnancy time Long-distance travel carries a small risk of blood clots. Long-distance travel may be difficult at the last stage of pregnancy.

 The risk of deep vein thrombosis is increased if you have had a DVT in the past and you weigh more than 100kg or you have multiple pregnancies one in 1000 pregnant women will develop DVT.

If you have chosen long-distance travel then you should do leg exercises, walk regularly, avoid dehydration or drink extra water. You have to walk on long journeys to increase the blood circulation in your legs.

Types of pregnancy

Before flying Internationally during pregnancy time you need to know about the types of pregnancies and their rules just like which type of pregnancy you have and which month of your pregnancy you should travel, complications with you, documentation, and your fitness reports.

Basically, there are three types of pregnancy normal pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, and complicated pregnancy so let’s know about these pregnancies as given below:-

Normal PregnancyMultiple PregnancyComplicated Pregnancy
In normal pregnancy, you can travel by flight till the end of your 8 months of pregnancy, and to provide there are no complications. And a fitness certificate from the treating midwife.Multiple pregnancies mean twins or triplets. During this pregnancy, you can travel by flight till the end of your 7 months of pregnancy and provide a fitness certificate between 6 to 7 months of your pregnancyIn case of a complicated pregnancy, you should not allow traveling flight after 7 months of your pregnancy. And in addition, the medical clearance is given by the company doctor to discuss your case on an individual basis.

Complications of Flying Internationally during Pregnancy Time

Flying internationally during pregnancy time If you have complications in your pregnancy and you have reached the 8 months of your pregnancy then you should avoid traveling by airline. And your doctor is not allowed to travel on airlines to avoid it. Because it is very dangerous for you and your baby to be healthy.

In this condition, if you have to travel then you need to get medical clearance otherwise you are not allowed to travel.

When you are facing the following complications in your pregnancy avoid traveling on flights:-

  • Cervical problems
  • Vagina Bleeding
  • Abnormalities of the past or present
  • High blood pressure problem
  • Premature Labour
  • Miscarriage

While Flying Internationally during pregnancy time, if you have any emergency symptoms just like vagina bleeding, your water breaks, contractions, leg pain or body swelling, abdominal pain, vomiting, vision changes, or headache, then go to the nearest hospital.

Travel Vaccination During Pregnancy

Flying Internationally during pregnancy time Generally, some vaccines are not allowed to be used by pregnant women because of the concern of the harm to babies in the womb.

Therefore some live vaccines should be allowed during pregnancy if the risk of infection outweighs the risk of live vaccination. And non-live vaccines are safe to use in pregnancy. Ask your midwife to advise about the specific travel vaccination.

Flying Internationally during pregnancy time in a covid-19 situation

Flying Internationally during pregnancy time International flights since covid19 has come, it has made travel very complicated and for pregnant women, coronavirus increased several types of risk.

On an International flight, you can still increase the risk of getting coronavirus because crowded flights make social distancing difficult. So in-flight wear your mask properly to stay healthy.

So it is recommended that pregnant ladies finish their vaccination before traveling and keep their distance from people and wear your mask all time and stay hygienic.


You can travel on international flights while you are pregnant. It is safe but you have to know about the rules, conditions, and guidelines. And if you have any complications with your pregnancy then before traveling you can consult your doctor about your condition.

In which flight you are choosing, first you can check the flight pregnancy rules, then after booking your tickets.

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