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Golden Chariot Train-Most Popular Luxury Train In India

While traveling in the Golden Chariot Train you may be the witness of the natural and architectural gem of a collection of the southern part in India, this train is one of the most thrilling and luxurious alternatives is to travel onboard the Golden Chariot train. In this train, modern clarification and cultural ways of hospitality have received various awards including the acceptance as one of the seven best luxury railway journeys in the all over the world by Vanity Fair Magazine within 4 years of its inception.

Golden Chariot train is an only luxury train that drifts through the Southern state of India. Go over the Golden Chariot train gives you the view of multiple breathtaking landscapes. This train commonly offers two types of itineraries that provide you with a great moment to explore the most popular places in Southern India.

Golden Chariot, Luxurious Train
Golden Chariot, Luxurious Train

The Golden Chariot train basically provides two types of itineraries that are-

1. Pride Of South

2. Southern Splendor

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The Golden Chariot train is an award-winning luxury train, it is appealingly designed on the footing of Dravidian culture. You may be get shocked by the exquisite hospitality and availability of all the new generation amenities integrated into the luxury cabins of Golden Chariot. Board the train to discover the growing culture of Southern India. Basically, The Golden Chariot train is conducted by the Indian Railways in co-operation with Karnataka State Tourism and Development Corporation (KSTDC).

Cabins Of Golden Chariot Train

Traditional décor in the train associates and plumb with the new generation amenities to offer the best of luxury and caress to the guests in their warm and affable interiors. Tricky carvings, Woody décor, and the furniture is influencing by Mysore and Hoysala architecture are introducing the history with chronicle unceasing tales.

Golden Chariot train has a total number of 19 coaches which comprises the train including 11 guest coaches. On the train, every name of the coach is naming after a late ruling empire of an ancient age and define by the similar concept of that particular time and era.

Cabin of Golden Chariot Train
The cabin of Golden Chariot Train

In the train, every cabin is furnishing with new generation amenities such as

  1. Air conditioning
  2. An LCD television with satellite channels
  3. Wardrobes
  4. Vanity/Writing desk
  5. Attached bathroom with accessories and toiletries.

The Golden Chariot coaches are set with some more features such as-

  1. Interiors depicting the essence of Karnataka
  2. Private Bath
  3. Padded beds
  4. One cabin for the disabled guests aboard the train


In the Golden Chariot Train, there are basically 2 gracefully appointed Dining cars are

  1. Nala
  2. Ruchi

The décor of dining cars is inspired by Halebid and Hampi’s style of architecture. These 2 dining cars provide connoisseur dishes to the passengers in their most thetical designed interiors. Endless beauty and peaceful atmosphere are adding to the romance of luxurious dining wisdom on the Golden Chariot train.

If you are a vegetarian and you may be tense, you may listen that in this Luxurious train both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are providing to the guests. Besides the table is a multi-course of dishes combined in the fare, guests can also order an individual dish as per their liking and appetite.

Dining in Golden Chariot
Dining in Golden Chariot

You may go high on spirits by the local artist add to the nonchalance and romance of a laid-back evening.


The name of Nala is named after the legendary chef, Nala, that dining car in the train is most visiting by the passengers for its classic ambiance and range of lip-smacking delicacies.


Meaning of Ruchi is defining as the delicious taste in India, main work of Ruchi is to provide its guests with a comfortable environment to enjoying Indian culinary pleasure besides a host of global dishes as well.

Bar on Golden Chariot Train

In the Golden Chariot train, there is also a lounge bar housed within the Train. That passengers are visiting in order to loosen and relax after a tiring day of trip and travel. This lounge bar has a variety of collection of different drinks, this will absolutely help to lift your spirits. The interiors of that luxury Train bar are totally different from the Deccan Odyssey train, and it is beautifully reverse the designing of the Mysore Palace.

Bar of Golden Chariot Train
Bar of Golden Chariot Train

In the area of the decor of the bar, there is a seamless harmony of the charm of the bygone era and the contemporary sophistication. The bar also provides a broad collection of wine and spirits along with the pluralization.

Health and Spa

Health and Spa In Golden Chariot Train
Health and Spa In Golden Chariot Train

Other than looking in a number of the popular places of India, you will be able to recreate luxury, comfort, and journey in the recreational coach of the Golden Chariot. This luxury train cabin is featuring with:

  1. Gym facilities
  2. An Ayurveda spa center with 2 massage rooms
  3. Lounge area for relaxation

The route, Month, Fare of the Golden Chariot Train

1. Splendor Of South(7 nights and 8 days)

Splendor Of South, Golden Chariot Train
Splendor Of South, Golden Chariot Train                image source:

Route- Bangalore-Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondicherry-Thanjavur-Madurai-Nagercoil (Kanya Kumari)-Alleppey-Kochi

The month of Journey:- Mid October to February


Southern Splendor
Type of Cabin Total fare of Per Person
Single Occupancy4,00,000 Rs
Double Occupancy 3,00,000 Rs

2. Pride of South (7 nights and 8 days)

Pride of South, Golden Chariot Train
Pride of South, Golden Chariot Train               image source:

Route- Bangalore-Mysore-Kabini-Mysore-Hassan-Shravanabelagola-Hospet-Hampi-Badami-Goa

The month of Journey:- Mid November to Mid February


Pride of South
Type of Cabin Total fare of per person
Single Occupancy3,54,000 Rs
Double Occupancy 2,65,000 Rs


  1. Age between 5 and 12 years children are taken as half fare.
  2. As per the Government of India norms, additional service Tax @ 5% is charging on the normal tariff.
  3. There is an additional 10% charge in the time of Christmas and New Year, it is the being the peak holiday season.


The southern state of India holds a rich culture and heritage, if you want to see these culture through railway journey, then the first name come in mind is the Golden Chariot Train. Golden Chariot train is a Luxurious train that gives you all comforts that have a 5-star Hotel holds.

The journey of this train gives you a memory that you should never be forgotten. In this article, there is all the information all given about these Luxurious Trains that may help you to make for a trip to South India.

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