How to Book Group Travel Ticket for United Airlines

It is not rare that there are travelers who fly in groups to their destination. Although this number of passenger selections requires certain additional services for convenience. If you are one of those travelers who need to fly with companions of ten or more on the same flight, Book Group Travel Ticket for United Airlines, there is a procedure that will let you book multiple reservations with ease. You can also check cheap tickets on the best online travel websites.

In this guide, we will show you how to book group travel ticket on the same itinerary when flying on United Airlines flight.

Book Group Travel Ticket for United Airlines

Book Group Travel Ticket for United Airlines

United Airlines allows travellers to book multiple reservations on the same flight through their United Groups services.

When you book a group flight, not only does the process vary from normal booking, you may also get guaranteed special fare pricing and services for the journey. Usually, passengers travelling in groups on the same itinerary are also offered some discount on fares, which is a pretty good thing. In addition, United also provides other perks to group travellers. These features include the following:

  • A group coordinator dedicated to assisting your group at certain airports only.
  • You and your group can avail priority check-in.
  • United gives you guaranteed fare for the group travelling with you on the same itinerary.

Bear in mind that group coordinators are not available at all airport locations. So, you may have to enquire with your airport you are departing from, in case you need one for your group.

If you are travelling with children, United permits one adult to accompany up to 15 children on a flight. But, the age of the accompanied children must be 14 years or younger.

Steps for Booking Group Tickets on United Flight

When purchasing reservation for a group of 10 or more persons that will be travelling with you to the same destination, online booking on United’s website is an easy process.

Given below are a few simple steps to help you quickly book a group reservation for the same itinerary.


1. Open a web browser on your computer or smartphone device and go to United Airlines’ official website

2. When you are on United’s homepage, click Products & Services and click again on Group Travel.

Note: United’s Group Travel services allows you to book reservation of 10 or more companions on the same flight.

3. The Group Travel reservation page will be displayed on your screen.

4. You will be required to provide details in the fields marked as mandatory. Here, you will also need to select the number of passengers (adults or children) included in your itinerary.

5. When you have finished entering all the necessary details, click the Submit button. Your request will be processed, and it may take a few moments.

Upon completing the online reservation booking process, your trip confirmation will be sent  to you via e-mail. You can show the confirmation at the boarding gate and also during your flight boarding process.

Through the steps given above, you can book reservation for multiple travellers i.e., of 10 or more on the same itinerary.

Booking Group Travel Ticket via United’s Customer Service Centre

Alternatively, you can also book a reservation for multiple travellers on your itinerary by contacting United’s customer service centre. The process is simple and quick.

In order to book reservation for 10 or more travellers via phone, you simply need to give a call to United’s reservations or the sales office. Their representatives will assist you and complete the process on your behalf, while you’re on the phone. Keep in mind that booking a reservation via phone will also require you to pay certain fees.

You can contact United’s reservations at +1-855-820-3610 (USA and Canada). If you are calling them with regard to query on your existing reservation, select option 3. You may visit United’s Contact Us page to find dedicated customer service phone numbers, if you are residing in a region other than the United States and Canada. Using which you can also make complaints to the United Airlies Customer Service.

They render services 24/7, so you can get in touch with the representatives at any time if you need help with your flight reservation.

Booking Group Reservation from Third-Party Travel Agency

There are a number of travel agencies and travel websites that may offer different prices for booking group reservations.

It is also possible to book a group reservation from a third-party travel agency or website as well. However, you may be required to contact United’s customer service to make changes, in case your travel agent has some limitations. If things still don’t go right then you always have an option of making a cancellation and United Airline’s cancellation is one of the best in category.


Whether it’s your business trip or a holiday with friends or family, travelling with multiple companions on United’s flight will certainly give you a whole new experience.

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