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5 Tips on How to Travel as A Student

Traveling is a fun thing that many people love to do. You might have seen many people, especially teens, who like to travel while in college. Even when visiting social media, you might come across the biography of many teens stating ‘Wanderlust.’ However, travel for students is not an easy thing.

Discount is beneficial when traveling as a student

How to travel as a student? A question you might have often heard about online. Several students travel all around the world every day. The thought of it makes this task look easy. However, that is not the case.

People who have been traveling for a long time are aware of the hassles of traveling. The skill to tackle those hassles did not come to them easily, nor did anyone teach them. They learned it through experience.

So, if you ask any experienced traveler for a tip on how to travel as a college student, they will answer you with the discount factor. Getting a discount on anything is difficult, let alone a travel ticket. Check out for more tips on how to travel alone.

People do not provide you with discounts on commodities easily, simply if you ask them. So, what to do when you want to buy a ticket somewhere?

One of the useful things to do in such a situation is to show your student identity card. It does not matter if you are in a university, college, or primary school. A student card can easily buy you a way to get a discount. For instance, imagine you take a train or a bus somewhere.

Just simply take out your student Identity card and show it to the ticket collector, and boom, you will have a discount before you know it. Apart from traveling mediums, you can also get a discount on certain places.

For example, if you ever visit a museum or a cinema just ask the person in charge whether they provide a discount for students. The worse that will happen is they say no, and you have to pay the full price. Like everything, traveling has its pros and cons.

For instance, your assignments like essays can be greatly affected if you are traveling and their deadline is right around the corner. In such cases, students can pay to get a perfect essay written.

Always buy your tickets early

One of the gravest mistakes that many traveling college students make is booking their flights late. Buying your tickets early has benefits beyond your imagination. One of the first is that it saves you time and money. Imagine you want to travel to a foreign country, but unfortunately, the prices are too high. In such situations having the facility of ample time benefits you a lot.

This way, you can quickly search for various flight services that a company offers you. Remember, not every flight service provider can fly you to your destination cheaply. Every flight service differs in quality and price. If you do your research correctly, you might come across a list of companies flying you to your destination at different prices and services. With the help of time, you can easily choose the best and most efficient service suitable to your needs.

One of the other perks of having a significant amount of time before starting your journey is choosing according to your desired service during your flight. For example, if you want a premium experience, you can opt for first-class; if you wish to have a good experience, then you can fly business class, and if you want an economical experience, then you can choose an economy class.

However, that is not all. Buying your ticket early provides you with a greater chance of landing a significant discount on the ticket. This is one of the primary reasons why students traveling abroad always tend to buy their tickets way earlier than their time of traveling.

Search for a local hostel

Traveling is all fun and games until you are unable to find a room to stay in. Yes, everyone wants to travel, but the problem of staying somewhere always holds people back, especially those who hate to come out of their comfort zones.

If you are a student living in a dormitory or hostel in college, then this might not be a problem for you as you already left your comfort zone eons ago. However, many students who travel to college have a hard time finding suitable places where they can stay the night.

Everyone likes to stay in fancy hotels with the finest services. However, these hotels which meet their requirements are usually too expensive and out of budget. As we all are aware, student life is a budget one. In this life, students have to take every related monetary step very carefully as they have to meet all their needs throughout the month with limited money.

So,  when they are traveling, living in a fancy hotel room is impossible. So, in such cases, you can always look up to the local hostels in your proximity. These hostels are adequately well equipped with all the needs a traveler wants during their stay. Unlike hotels, hostels are very cheap and do not require a significant amount of money to stay.

Make friends along the journey

Socializing is one of the crucial rules while traveling. Have you noticed the frequent traveler students in your college are always the best socializers and have the most friends? This is because these students, as actual travelers, always stick to the rule of making friends along the journey. Apart from that, having friends along the journey is highly beneficial. For instance, with some friends during the journey, you can:

  • Have a good time
  • You do not always have to watch your back
  • Your baggage would be more secure
  • Your hotel renting costs would reduce
  • Who knows, you even meet your life partner

Make use of local transport

Traveling in local transport can help you with your budget problem. Of course, traveling in local transport can become a little uneasy if it is packed, but think about it. If you spend a huge part of your money on private transport, you might not be left with much during the journey to enjoy properly.


Student life is that phase of your life in which you are allowed to grow, allowed to face things that would make you a better person in the future. Traveling is one of the mediums to do this. So, go on trips to the edge of the world and experience new things. Enjoy this phase of life!

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