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Inspiring places to boost creativity in the UK

Humans take inspiration from their surroundings, whether it is architecture, people, food, or art. They get used to the environment if they stay in one place for long periods of time. It becomes challenging for them to derive motivation from their surroundings. So, taking a trip to different places will revive their creativity.

6 Inspiring stays to boost your creativity in the UK

The following list consists of 6 places to go in the UK to refuel your creative tank.

1. Northumberland

Northumberland is a ceremonial and historical county located in Northern England. Previously known as North Umbria, it is located west of the North Sea. The county is home to incredible architecture, which is seen in its ruinous castles. If you are a writer or lover of the dark academia aesthetic, then visiting Northumberland’s architecturally rich buildings will help in increasing creativity and should be on your bucket list.

The beauty of the famous Lindisfarne castle will have you awe-struck. It may even revive your inner photographer. After all, everyone wants to capture the beauty of an old castle and keep it as a souvenir. Architecture is just one of the ways to boost creativity. The market towns and little adventures will bring out the child in you as there are attractions everywhere you see. The marketplace is buzzing with excitement all year round.

Northumberland is renowned for its open moors. These moors are unique and a sight to behold. You cannot go there without imagining a scene from a historical film taking place there. You can go for a bike ride or a hike to take in the fresh air and enjoy the change of pace. If you are planning a trip and you were given the task to write an essay, you can ask for help on the Internet by searching for “do my essay” and ordering your essay online.

2. Gloucestershire

One of the most beautiful places in the UK is Gloucestershire County. The county is divided into three areas. These are;

  1. The Royal Forest of Dean: The forest of dean is one of the few remaining ancient forests in all of the UK. The forest dates back to the 10th century and is also mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon chronicles. The name itself is intriguing and does attract fantasy and history fanatics. Many prominent authors have used it for inspiration, such as J.K Rowling basing the forbidden forest on it. You can take a stroll through its wood and gain inspiration for your own book or painting.
  • The Severn Vale: This is in the top 5 places to visit in the UK due to the meadows surrounding the River Severn. The town of Tewkesbury lies in the north of the county at the helm of two rivers joining; the Severn and the Avon. The city is the perfect place for boosting creativity due to its well-preserved medieval architecture.  The crown jewel of the town is the infamous Tewkesbury Abbey. The abbey is a work of art and will tug at the heartstrings of any painter forcing their hand to at least attempt to capture its beauty in mere paints.
  • The Royal Gloucestershire: The largest part of Gloucestershire County is the Royal Gloucestershire, which is divided into north and south Cost worlds. There are quite a few picturesque towns stretching across Cotswold but none so beautiful as the Bourton-on-the-Water. It has been nicknamed the little Venice, with tiny stone banks and low bridges adding the English touch to it.

3. York

York is one of the most popular places in the UK to visit. This can be credited to York’s rich history and culture. One of the biggest attractions in York is the magnificent Castle Howard; just one glance at the castle and you fall in love with it. It is the dream castle of every girl, and you can imagine yourself running through its corridors in elegant ball gowns.


The castle will be the inspiration you were looking for to design dresses, wallpaper, or even furniture. The castle even features terraces, woodland areas, fountains, and a walled garden. Every how to increase creativity guide will tell you to explore nature. And there is no better opportunity than what this castle presents.

4. Stirlingshire

Stirlingshire is a county in the middle of Scotland and is home to one of the unique glens or valleys in the UK. If you are wondering how to get more creative, then you need to visit the Finnich Glen. It is a 70-foot-deep gorge carved with red sandstone and is a true marvel of nature’s beauty.

 The glen features a natural staircase formed out of red sandstone. It has unique formations which resemble mushroom heads sticking out of the rushing stream below.

Furthermore, you can visit the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum. The Museum holds more than 40,000 objects celebrating history and heritage. For all animal lovers, Stirling has the Blair Drummond Safari. It is an enclosed area where wild animals like lions and elephants roam free. You can tour through this area in a car to get up close are personal with the animals while still being safe. It is the perfect place to bring your camera along and practice animal photography with these majestic beasts.

5. County Antrim

County Antrim is located in Northern Ireland and is home to two of the most photographed locations in all of the UK. The first one is the dark hedges. Despite its popularity, it is located on a quiet road in the county. The road is lined by beech trees. The branches of these trees twist around each other and make an archway over the road. The sight alone is enough to awaken the photographer in you.

The second place is the Giant’s Causeway near the basalt cliffs. The name is inspired by the myths of giants moving from the sea to Scotland. The area is made of 40,000 black basalt horizontal columns. The unique landscape will awaken your inner artist, and you will want to capture the scenery. How you do it is up to you, whether taking a picture or painting it.

6. South West England

South West England is home to one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, Bristol. If you are an artist of any sort, you will be familiar with the mysterious Banksy, who has captivated the world with his art installations. If you admire his work, then Bristol should be on the top of your list. After all, it is home to a few of Banksy’s most iconic works and lets his creativity flow boundlessly.


A monotonous routine makes life dull after a while. So, it is essential that you take a brief respite and travel across the UK. Its beautiful landscape and rich architectural history will get your creative wheels turning. It will be a vacation to renew your artistic imagination.

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