Interjet Airlines

Since 2005, Mexico’s Interjet Airlines has been providing an excellent flying experience. Their journey from just flying to the state of Mexico to flying to other states in the United States used to be incredible.

Interjet Airlines has gradually increased its booking services, its in-flight facilities have provided great care to passengers, and ticket transactions have also been fascinating.

Interjet used to be the 3rd largest air carrier in Mexico. Since 2005, it had expanded its company, settled its headquarter in Mexico city only, and hub at the same place. With 31 fleets size, they used flying to 55 destinations all over the world.

But sadly the travel with Interjet airlines has finally come to an end with the announcement of the suspension of all operations and from the IATA for its non-payment of debt, primarily from fuel costs. In December 2020 we have to hear this sad announcement that Interjet Airlines is going to be suspended forever. There is no chance or sign of rejuvenation of this airline anytime soon. Thus You have to say adios to the awesome service that this airline has provided till its lifetime.

But don’t be sad, we have many more airline options to choose from, you can simply click on our official website to check for the availability of other air carrier options. We assure you of a quality and safe journey to your destination. Our call center executives are friendly and they love to do their job. Any air service that you need to get, you can call us and we will be eager to provide you with that service.

Till then say “ADIOS” to Interjet Airlines and its brilliant services. It will always be remembered as an airline that has achieved a huge milestone in such a small time and then went out of the league real soon.