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KLM Airlines official website

Let’s have an idea about KLM official website. Before that let’s talk a bit about the details of KLM airlines. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the Netherlands’ flag carrier. The Central office of KLM is in Amsterdam based near Amstelveen, with its hub at the Airport of Schiphol, near Amsterdam, Netherland. The airline company is part of the company Air France-KLM and a member of the alliance of SkyTeam airlines. The airline was established in 1919, it is the world’s oldest airline currently operating under its original name, with 35,488 employees and a fleet of 119 as of 2015. Recently this airline serves 145 destinations with scheduled passenger and cargo services. Go through the KLM Airlines Contacts to reach out to them directly for any kind of issues related to KLM Airlines.

KLM official website

Overview of KLM official website

The home page of the KLM official website consists of several options such as Home, my trip, check-in, rebook and refund, and information. The home page provides the facility of booking flights for the passengers and they can also choose their class type on the same page. Then the next topic is my trip, where the passengers will get the details of the booked flight by entering the booking code and surname. Then the next topic is check-in. Using this page the passengers can check-in through online means easily by entering their booked flight number and they can take the print of boarding pass.Then next topic is rebook and refund. Through this page, you can choose another flight and will get a refund for your cancellation. The  Last and final option is information. This page provides the details of plan and book your trip, prepare your trip, and finally deals with the trip.

Here are the tasks that you can done yourself in KLM official website

  • For your current booking, select a new flight or cancel your flight in KLM official website
  • Request a cash refund or a refund in the form of a travel voucher that is refundable through the KLM official website.
  • Check the new entry criteria for the destination to which you are traveling
  • See up-to-date Amsterdam flights
  • See up-to-date Amsterdam flights
  • Check can destinations planes are currently flying to
  • Update details of contacts
  • Update or save your contact information so that airlines can contact you if necessary.
  • Check the questions most commonly asked about corona virus.

 The airline has been closely monitoring the situation since the coronavirus outbreak. Of course, the airline is doing whatever they can to help you with your upcoming travel plans as much as possible, but there might be long waiting times at the KLM Customer Contact Centre. To change your flight or request a refund, the airline strongly suggests using self-service options. Have you booked your ticket through a travel agent? For more details, please contact them directly. You can refer to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Details on a flight via text message or e-mail

During your trip, the airline is happy to keep you updated with relevant flight information.  The airline  will also connect with you by phone, through SMS, or through e-mail about any changes to your flight itinerary through our ‘KLM Connect Service.’

During your journey, the airline will keep in touch with you by phone, text message, or e-mail about the relevant flight information. Whenever there is a shift in your flight itinerary, the airline will contact you as well.

Here is a list of the kinds of notifications you may get with ‘KLM Connect’:

  •  The flight details regarding -Online check-in are now available and the message is a kind of Email and it will be sent 30 hours before departure. You can use the link in the email to check in right away.
  •  The flight details regarding – delay and the message is a kind of Phone (for intercontinental flights) Text message and email (all flights)and it will be sent In the event of a delay lasting more than 30 minutes, or multiple delays that would add up to more than 30 minutes.
  •  The flight details regarding -Cancellation and the message is a kind of Phone, e-mail, and text message and it will be sent if your flight is canceled due to some reason, then you will be informed about the same and rebooking to another flight and/or you will be requesting a refund.
  • The flight details regarding –  Arrival of delayed baggage and the message is a kind of Text message and as well as an email and it will be sent when your baggage is delayed to arrive, then you will be notified of its arrival once you have give details in a ‘Property Irregularity Report’ at the airport. 
  • If a child traveling alone is reserved for the Unaccompanied Minor Service, any communications about changes to the child’s flight itinerary will be sent to the person who booked the ticket by phone, email and text message.

Information-KLM official website

The airline has got you covered, if you are all set to book your ticket, are searching for useful knowledge or want to be motivated! All the details about  KLM flights, tickets, and your upcoming trip have been mentioned. Need a little help? Have no hesitation in contacting them.

Planning and Booking

Check out all flight deals and exclusive offers for hotels, cars, and more. Your contract found? Review Ticket options, payment methods, and the time table.

  • Unique deals
    • Offers by flight
    • Class Company
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  • Searching for a Flight
    • Destination quest by budget
    • SkyTeam tickets for Round the World
  • Reserving flights
    • Have a flight reserved
    • About reserving a flight
    • Methods for Payment
    • Travel for Parties
    • My Excursion
    • Switching or canceling of flights

Prepare for journeys

All you need to remember, such as your luggage allowance, how to reserve a seat, and what travel documents you need, to plan for your upcoming trip.

  • Preparation for travel
    • Visa and Passport
    • Travel to the United States and from there
    • Travel from and to Canada
    • Children who fly
    • Special aid and healthcare
    • Traveling with animals
  • Check-in
    • Anything about checking in
    • Drop-off periods for check-in and luggage
  • Baggage details
    • Anything about luggage
    • Baggage information
    • Bringing more luggage
    • Unique luggage
    • Retarded luggage
    • Objects limited or prohibited


The world has changed more and more in the last few months. The airline is steadily resuming flights to European and intercontinental destinations more and more. To know more, go through Best European Cities To Visit In Winter Chills. Curious about the destinations to which we are actually flying? To find the destination that suits you best, use a Travel Guide. Start to discover the world with them once more.

Travel restrictions due to the mutated COVID-19 virus-KLM official website

Due to a recent coronavirus mutation (COVID-19), an immediate travel ban for passengers traveling to or from those countries has been issued by several countries. If you are a passenger who is already booked the ticket to or from a country where a travel ban is released, you can reserve your seat again at a later date via the option My Trip, free of charge. You can also cancel your flight through the official website and get your ticket refunded. Please go through the refund and rebook policies. The airline authority will send you an email or SMS regarding all entry requirements prior to departure if there is a travel ban for your reserved flight. If you have a plan of transfer flight in Amsterdam you can reserve your flights again via My trip.If you would like to know if your destination has any limits or travel bans, visit KLM TravelDoc.

From 29 December 2020 onwards, all passengers flying from or to the Netherlands and arriving from a high-risk area must show both a recent negative report of COVID-19 PCR test result and a negative test declaration form before going to boarding the aircraft. This covers travelers who are of Dutch nationality. It also involves passengers arriving at the Netherlands airport and continuing their journey without leaving the airport. You can go through KLM homepage.

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