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Lufthansa Airlines Official Website

In this article, we are going to discuss Lufthansa airlines official website. Before that let’s talk a bit about the Lufthansa group. The Lufthansa Group is an aviation group having activities worldwide. The Lufthansa Group generated a huge revenue of EUR 36,423m with more than 130000 employees in the financial year 2019. The Lufthansa Division consists of the Network Airlines, Eurowings, and Aviation Services segments. The Logistics, MRO, Catering and Additional Companies and Community Functions segments are part of Aviation Services. Lufthansa AirPlus, Lufthansa Aviation School, and IT companies are also active in the latter.

Lufthansa airlines official website.
Lufthansa airlines

Corporate accountability is an important part of the corporate strategy, meaning sustainable and responsible entrepreneurial practice. This means that the company is committed to generating added value for their clients, workers, and customers and to fulfilling their environmental and social obligations. For these purposes, they are constantly enhancing their climate and environmental conservation policies, maintaining responsible and equitable ties with their employees, and actively engaged in various social issues as an organization.

Overview of Lufthansa airlines Official Website

When we go to the homepage of Lufthansa airlines Official Website we can find the tabs such as “check-in” related topic, “flight status” details, “my bookings”, options “miles and more” information. We can perform corresponding searches in those tabs. When we scroll down again we can see the topics such as, “traveling and corona at a glance”, which is a corona related article that plays a major role in current affairs that explains the safety precautions taken for their passengers by the company.

Then again scroll down and find the topics such as the “Lufthansa student offer” which is related to the special offers provided for the students going to Europe for studies. Then the next topic is “no rebooking fees” which is related to staying flexible and modifying your bookings without paying a rebooking fee.

Lufthansa airlines official website- Content

When we click on the menu option a large list of options will appear on the screen that includes the topics such as, “book and manage” details, “preparing for your trip” required information, “during your trip” having details of onboard entertainment and meals, and finally “traveling and corona”. You can check Lufthansa Airlines Company Contacts to resolve all your queries.

Lufthansa airlines official website- “Additional services”

You can now make your travel even more personalized and comfortable with our additional facilities, from a relaxed ride from the airport to local extras at your destination. For example, book your seat conveniently from home or opt for your travel class to be upgraded. During your flight or after you have arrived, you will have the option to select extra facilities. 

You should keep the seat next to you free to ensure you feel secure on board and to ensure that the distance from other passengers meets your personal needs. Simply book that on continental routes along with your 35 EUR flight or you can gain that from a Business Class upgrade. Enjoy more capacity on board and the many other benefits that Business Class provides.

Until departure, visit the official websites lounges and save precious time using Priority Check-in and Priority Boarding. You can upgrade your Economy Class ticket up to a minimum of 4 hours before departure from six weeks before your flight.

Lufthansa airlines official website- “cancellation procedure and refund”

Without warning, travel plans may also change. Our programs help you so that you can still reach your destination. Lufthansa flight reservations can be terminated and refunded through the web up to 24 hours before the scheduled time of your journey, using the online refund option. The redemption and/or cancellation of the ticket purchased depends on the type of ticket purchased.

We provide full flexibility for you to change your travel plans as you wish. You currently have the option of flexible rebooking of all fares and ticket rates on short, medium, and long-haul routes. This choice extends to current reservations and new reservations, regardless of the airport of departure. Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Changes and New Refund Policy.

Lufthansa airlines official website- “ check-in”

You can check in easily online or mobile with Lufthansa’s check-in options – however it suits you best. A few clicks are all it takes and in a moment, you can obtain your boarding pass.We highly suggest that you check in via our digital and mobile services on our website or via the Lufthansa app for your trip.

  • Online check-in
  • To the app for Lufthansa

Check-in through web (online)

For your next flight from home or the workplace, check in conveniently. You can conveniently print your boarding pass on your own

Check-in on smartphone

Highly practical that you can sign in through your smartphone or tablet or any other digital device and download your mobile boarding pass, even when you’re out and about. You can go through Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking Seats to know more about how to manage your ticket bookings and reservations.

Lufthansa airlines official website- “Travelling with kids”

You will feel in good hands when you and your baby travel with Lufthansa airlines since their special facilities are set up to completely cater to your needs.

It’s awesome that you and your child are planning on taking your next flight. We would like to give you a few key tips and ideas about how best to plan for your time with us on board.

From reservation to landing: Lufthansa makes traveling with children much more enjoyable with many organized facilities and benefits, particularly for families. As a family-friendly airline, we display an interest in every individual passenger’s wishes and requirements, large or small, and follow a high standard in terms of safety and quality. Our kid’s youngest passengers can look forward to a fantastic toy on board that will give them a wonderful experience in Lufthansa flights as well as fresh, nutritious, and delicious children’s menus.

To improve the passive protection of infants (0-2 years) and children, a child restraint device or child car seat or baby carrier may be used on board (up to about 7 years of age). Their usage is voluntary altogether. Since you have priority when boarding as a family, you will have time to get to your seat and attach the seat to your child in peace.

Lufthansa airlines official website- “ Food and beverages”

In Lufthansa’s Premium Economy Class, they also offer fine Chinese dishes; passengers are also greeted with a welcome drink on board. Our option of complimentary food and beverages is often of high quality in Economy Class as well. The detailed culinary offer you will enjoy while flying Lufthansa is rounded off by children’s menus and special meals.

They serve different varieties of food and beverages with lots of happiness on Lufthansa’s onboard, short and medium-haul routes, which is completely depending on the duration and destination of your journey. A wide variety of food is served on long-haul Lufthansa flights. Between meals, snacks are also offered. 

Lufthansa airlines official website- “Corona and travelling”

In these special moments, Lufthansa wants to make sure that during your flight, you feel relaxed. In recent weeks, they had already taken a range of steps to protect their guests and employees in the current situation of corona.

Secure yourself and your fellow travelers, please! Start the journey only when you are feeling well. Check your health for classic Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, trouble breathing, loss of smell, and taste, but also other flu-like infection symptoms at this time. Please confirm at check-in that in the last 14 days you have not had contact with a case of Covid-19, are not waiting for a pending test result, and have not tested positive yourself. For more details, you can refer to the Lufthansa homepage.

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