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Top Hill Station In North India To Know The Divine Nature

Wake up in-between divine nature, is something like a fairytale to you, right?

With the sun kissing valleys and the snow-covered tops, these hill stations in north India are some destinations which mountain lovers should try to explore more and feel lucky to experience these nature blessed places to visit.

There are many top destinations in India you may spend your holiday. Summer is here and is more fierce than any other time in recent memory with the ascent in a dangerous atmospheric deviation.

Below we have listed some of the most famous hill stations in north India which are been loved by many around the world.

Top hill stations

1. Dras in Jammu & Kashmir

Dras is at a height of 10,800 feet

Dras, north india

The second top coldest inhabited place on earth, Dras village near Kargil is as cold as it gets for us. It is known as the gateway to Ladakh and is an excellent destination for trekkers.

The current temperature of Dras is 3 degrees. Tourists can Trek to Amarnath and Suru Valley.

2. Leh

Leh is at a height of 11482 feet


An absolutely delightful summer holiday destination, Leh is known for its rough mountain sceneries and clear blue skies. From the superb Shanti stupa to the Leh Palace, it makes them flabbergast spots to visit. The current temperature of Leh is 6 degrees C.

Things to do in Leh:

Visit the Shanti Stupa, check out Magnetic Hill and Leh Palace, and drive down to Pangong Tso.

3. Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Parvati Valley is at a height of 16404 feet

Parvati Valley, north india
Parvati Valley

A backpacker’s delight and an amazing summer getaway, Parvati Valley is synonymous with chilling out. The pleasant weather, green surroundings, and environment here make it the perfect place to just relax and forget your problems. The current temperature of Parvati Vakey is 22 degrees C.

Things to do in Parvati Valley:

Smoke marijuana, relax at Kasol, and trek up to Malana and Kheerganaga.

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4. Kedarnath in Uttarakhand

Kedarnath is at a height of 11656 feet

Kedarnath, north india

Situated high up in the mountains in Uttarakhand, Kedarnath is one of the biggest pilgrim centers in India. The 14 km trek is tiring yet rewarding and takes you to the most scenic temple in the country.

Things to do in Kedarnath:

Trek up to the temple, pay your respects and enjoy the local delicacies.

5. Kufri in Himachal Pradesh

Kufri is at a height of 8923 feet

Kufri, north india

Situated close to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, Kufri is a prevalent hill station known for its lush green scenes and lovely climate. It is perfect for making tracks in the opposite direction from the warmth and investing some quality energy in the mountains. The current temperature of Kufri is 15 degrees C.

Things to do in Kufri:

Check out the encompassing green valleys, visit Fagu and the vacation spots in Shimla, and enjoy experience exercises.

6. Gulmarg

Gulmarg is at a height of 8694 feet


Living paradise on earth, Gulmarg is the top best hill station in north India. This heavenly spot is situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir which is said to be the crown of India. With the ultimate beauty of nature, it attracts tourists from worldwide.

In winter this place is completely covered itself with a thick sheet of snow, which looks soo adorable, and even in summer when the snow gets melts, this land gets decorated by the gorgeous orchid gardens.

Things to do

Have a Gondola Ride over the snow or over Highland Park, do skiing and snowboarding down slopes, or roam around the Outer circle and many more

7. North Sikkim

North Sikkim is at a height of 2001 feet


North Sikkim is one of the coldest places in India throughout the entire year. It makes them paralyze places worth looking at and is the most loved by trekking lovers. The current temperature of North Sikkim is 8 degrees C.

Things to do in North Sikkim:

Check out the Khanchendzonga National Park, visit Yumthang valley and Crows lake, and go trekking in the few mountains all around.

8. Hemkund Sahib in Uttarakhand

Hemkund Sahib is at height of 15200 feet


A Sikh place of love and worship in the Chamoli area of Uttarakhand, Hemkund Sahib is one of the coolest spots this time. It is outstanding amongst other spots to join the religion, experience, adventures, and a wonderful trek far from the warmth. The current temperature of Hemund Sahib is 2 degrees C.

Things to do in Hemkund Sahib:

Trek up and offer your regards at the Sri Hemkunt Sahib in Mun-ki-Rethi, look at the close-by chilly lake and the encompassing mountains.

9. Patnitop

Patnitop is at a height of 6640 feet


This hill station is located in the Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir. Patnitop is a beautiful hill station in Jammu which is been a tourist stop all over the year here. Even locals also love to come and spend their days in this gorgeous valley.

Things to do in Patnitop

You should take one such trail of the valley for trekking to reach Madha’s top. You can have a paragliding experience over this beautiful valley. Nearby it visits the incredible Naag Mandir.


The long-spread ranges of the Himalayas have given India many hill stations but from these endless hill stations in north India which are incredibly blessed with mother nature, we have listed some of the best hill stations in North India.

This list of hill stations will give you an eternal smoothing of satisfaction after you cam back from these cool weathered heightened valleys.

Till then, Lots of Love- Treknova

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