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Passover Programs Locations Across the US

The United States is one of the countries that have a large number of Passover Programs for you to take part in. The United States has a varied array of climates and conditions so everyone can find the kind of Passover vacation conditions they like the most.

Warm and Sunny

If you like warm days with plenty of sunshine, then you want to visit states that have these conditions almost all year long. Sunny California and Florida are both fabulous Passover program destinations.

In California and Florida, you have white sandy beaches that stretch for miles alongside beautiful ocean waters. The sun shines most of the time and the temperatures are high enough that even in the spring when Pesach occurs people are wearing shorts, and swimming in the waters.

California Passover Programs offer destinations in places like Newport Beach, California, Rancho Bernardo, California, Carlsbad, California, Ventura, California, Valencia, Palm Springs, Oxnard, San Diego, and Laguna Beach. You can visit the beautiful state of California for several years and never attend the same Pesach Program twice!

Cooler Climate Destinations

If you prefer to visit Pesach Program locations across the United States where the climates are a little cooler you are in luck. There are Pesach programs in New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and more.

Passover occurs in the spring and there are plenty of destinations in the United States where the spring temperatures are cooler than they are along the coast of Florida or California. You can go to cooler areas and hike in the mountains or enjoy outdoor activities with little chance of breaking a sweat due to high temperatures.

Less Humidity

If you would like to go somewhere that has less humidity than California or Florida, then consider visiting Arizona. You can see the dessert, enjoy the sand, and enjoy lower levels of humidity. You know what they say, it is not the high temperatures that make you uncomfortable it is the humidity level.

Shopping Destinations

Across the United States there are many Passover Programs established in areas that are close to some of the best chopping locations in the country. If you like to shop, and you want to shop at the finest stores, the most unique shops, and the greatest places then you need to go to:

  • New York and shop near the World Trade Center at Brookfield Place, or visit the Manhattan Mall, or the Shops at Columbus Circle. Some of the greatest fashion designers have shops and boutiques in the fashion district of the city. You can be one up on next years fashions and see some of the greatest designs and shows on the runway.
  • California is the home of Rodeo Drive. You can shop Hollywood and see stars and the designs the stars will be wearing next season.
  • While in Orlando Florida you can go to the largest shopping mall in the state. The Florida Mall has more than 250 stores laid out in the most spectacular display. If you want more upscale shopping establishments skip the Florida Mall and travel to the Millenia Mall.

Golf Fans

Golf fans will find that there are a lot of Pesach programs across the United States that are within close proximity to some of the best golf course in the country. You can play the different courses and enjoy your day on the green in different climates playing different levels of difficulty.

Many golf fans have the PGA National in Florida on their bucket lists of courses to play through. If you are one of those golf enthusiasts, then you are going to be delighted to discover that the PGA National in Florida offers a Pesach program. How sweet is that?

Family Friendly destinations

The United States offers a host of Pesach programs that are family friendly. Family is what makes the United States great, and the Pesach program developers know that when you travel to a destination that the children enjoy, and the adults enjoy then the holiday s better.

Florida and California both offer access to the Disney theme parks and the fun and excitement those theme parks offer to children of all ages. You can also visit SeaWorld if you book a room at the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando.

Gourmet Meals

At all of the Pesach programs across the United States you will find gourmet cuisine prepared in chametz free kitchens, by renowned chefs. You will eat wonderful meals and enjoy the holiday including your seder celebration.

The establishments offering the Pesach programs go out of their way to make sure that their chefs prepare seder meals that qualify as Pesach kosher and that follow all of the traditions and observations their Jewish guest will expect.

Book a Pesach vacation in 2022 at one of the participating programs in the United States and make a family memory that lasts a lifetime.

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