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List of Top 11 Places To Visit In Netherlands

Yes, you heard right, we talk about the country of Holland, which is now more popularly known as the Netherlands. So get ready to find out the best places to visit in Netherlands. Europe is for love, we all know that very well. We all know best European cities to visit in winter.

The Netherlands is famous for being the flower capital of Europe, especially for its tulip fields. There is some reason why this small country is one of the best places to visit which offers so much for the tourists. In this blog, we take you on a tour of the Netherlands. We try to give the answer to why this country is blossoming in the field of tourism by paying visits to the best places in Holland.

If you are planning to visit Europe then there is one country which you should definitely visit its beautiful coastal nation and also famed as the cultural centre of Europe.

  1. Rotterdam
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Haarlem
  4. Groningen
  5. The Hague
  6. Utrecht
  7. Alkmaar
  8. Leiden
  9. Eindhoven
  10. Breda
  11. Nijmegen
  12. Maastricht

Places to go in the Netherlands

1. Rotterdam

Famous Fishing Spot

Situated in the south of Holland, Rotterdam is the city famously known as the port city of the Netherlands. Although originated as the fishing spot in the 13th century, The city is now so much transformed. It is now hailed as the most modern city and one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands.

You can also enjoy your part-time by making a place in the summertime festivals and carnivals. Here lots of fun & music lovers throttle from the outside world. In the city, another site for the tourists to make wow is the challenging Erasmus Bridge. This bridge is highly regarded as a fine example of modern artwork. 

The center of attraction for the visitors here is the Delfshaven district. The district is famous for the pilgrims who just worshipped in its Pilgrims Father Church (one of most famous churches in the world) before gearing up for another overseas adventure in the 17th century. 

While much of the city’s history involved with Coastal activities, you can certainly be amazed by visiting  Boijmans Van Beuningen museum. In this Museum you can find artworks right from the middle ages to the ones from artists like Dali, Van Gogh, Bosch, and Rembrandt.  

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Places To Visit In Netherlands
Beautiful City Amsterdam

No doubt, Amsterdam is one of the beautiful places to visit in the Netherlands. Your trip to the Netherlands is incomplete unless you pay a visit to Amsterdam. The capital and a center for the tourists, Amsterdam is what we call the official beauty of Holland.

While in Amsterdam, you will come up with a lot of heritages, monuments. One thing which is notably the key point of attraction among the tourists is its magnificent museums. These museums are the perfect examples of the fabulous artwork by some of the great artists of the past. Such as the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The art lovers will throttle to the city’s modern art museum at the Stedelijk. The Anne Frank House provides artworks with a mixture of a little bit of history. The real joy of roaming around Amsterdam is to take the bicycle path and enthralls yourself with the adrenaline rush. You can reach here with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

You can feel a unique experience by watching the sidewalks of the city filled with lots of coffee shops and pubs. Not a bad idea if you would like to have a cup of coffee with a view of the canal and some narrow houses. In Amsterdam, if you are in search of shopping, then the one-stop place is Prinsengracht. This is also the ideal place to view some unique galleries of its own.  

3. Haarlem

Amazing Boat Rides

In the northwest of the Netherlands, The city of Haarlem is the most popular tourist destination. The city is famous for being the epicenter of such beautiful tulip fields. This former port city has made its entry in the books of top places to visit not only in Holland but in Europe. 

Apart from the natural attraction, the city also has some old outlook in the form of medieval architecture. Such as cobblestone streets and gabled houses. In its Grote Markt City Center, the tourists can have the best of their time shopping and simultaneously, witness to the amazing museums and architectures. 

The popular museums in Harlem are the Teylers museum, which has the tag of the oldest museum in the country. The city is known for its natural history, arts, and Science exhibitions and Franz Hals Museum. These museums have preserved many artworks of the famous and renowned Dutch artists that can really make you amazed.

Some of the other touring spots in Harlem is the St. Bavo Church. It is a gothic church home to the Ornate Muller Organ. De Adriaan windmill which is built in the 18th century, provides scenic beauty of the Dutch highlands.

4. Groningen

Groningen, Places To Visit In Netherlands
City of Best Scenic Drive

Find its place in the northern part of Holland, Groningen is the municipality of the Netherlands. The city is known for showcasing the cultural part of the nation in the form of its prestigious colleges. 

In Groningen, a large number of the population comes with the fields of education and business. Art lovers also find their place and time counts by just wandering inside the Groninger Museum which holds for the most modern museum in all of Holland. The maritime museum is also worth to see which displays the shipbuilding and shipping practices in the city. 

As with many of the Dutch cities and one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands, Groningen is also not the exception of drawing the visitor’s mind towards its most scenic restaurants and cafes providing the wonderful view of the canal. What more? You can also enjoy some entertainment on the go while tasting unique cuisines and bars in the city’s street cafes. 

In Groningen, some other tourist spots are the central Grote Markt square, popular for viewing the old Martinitoren clock tower in conjunction with Martinikerk church which is a Gothic church.  Peperstraat and the Vismarkt are also worth to see. Groningen is also made famous for its nocturnal lifestyle by a  good number of its student population. 

5. The Hague

The Hague, Places To Visit In Netherlands
Dutch Government House

Famed as the Royal city due to its royalty rich citizens, the city of Hague has found its unique place on the history and culture of the Netherlands. The city is home to the United Nation’s international court of justice and the International Criminal Court.

Undisputedly, one of the best places to visit in the Netherland. Located in the western part of Holland, the city of Hague is famously known for its contemporary art exhibitions. These exhibitions continuously drawing the attention of the tourists at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis. 

The Hague also has some fascinating medieval Architecture and Administrative buildings including the 16th-century Noordeinde Palace. The palace was the workplace for the Dutch king. Binnenhof complex is another important place and center of the Dutch Administrative services. Just roam around the complex and you can certainly find the Office of the Dutch Prime Minister as well as the Ministry of General Affairs. 

Some of the other historic places in Holland are the iconic Scheveningen town. The town is a perfect spot for the tourists to enjoy the summertime in the north sea. You can also have a lot of options to treat yourself with shopping at the different departmental stores. Not only this, but you can also visualize some international art exhibitions and galleries.   

6. Utrecht

Utrecht , Places To Visit In Netherlands
Architecture City

While touring around the city, you will certainly come up with lots of medieval architecture, such as towns, canals, monuments. But one place which is the Hallmark of this heritage-rich city is its incredible inner canal wharf system. It is created to protect the city center from the high rises of the Rhine river making it one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands. 

If we visit the center of the Netherlands, we will find ourselves in the land of Utrecht. As the religious center of Holland, this Dutch city continues to attract a number of tourists.  

The city of Utrecht is also making most of the art lovers time counts. It’s Rietveld Schroder House, Speelklok Museum, Museum Catharijneconvent, specializes in showcasing religious arts. Some of the other striking sites are Castle De Haar an iconic structure located in the nearby village of Haarzuilens. 

While in Utrecht, you probably could not get tired by visiting a number of historical sites such as the so-called Domtoren, built in the 14th century provides the most panoramic aerial view of the city. Another awesome landmark and a center point in the city is the St. Martin Cathedral, a typical gothic style church. 

7. Alkmaar

Alkmaar, Places To Visit In Netherlands
Agricultural Activities Point

Formerly, known as a center-point for agriculture-related activities, the town now establishes itself as the landmark of the Dutch tradition, history, and culture. Tourists are just haplessly gathered to see the Broeker Veiling Museum, the main attraction of the town. Here guests can best enjoy themselves to visualize old auction houses as well as boat rides. You can also stop by some unique cafes around.

Traveling north of Holland, a one-stop destination for the tourists is to go to the historic city of Alkmaar. Tracing back its origins from the 900 AD, Alkmaar is now the municipality in the Netherlands and one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands.  

Another interesting tourist spot in Alkmaar where you can feel some fresh town air by paying a visit to the ten iconic Windmills. Most notably the original Piet Windmill.   

If you ever thought of a museum of cheese, then you must find your place to visit Cheese Museum on Market Square. After the tasty treat of the Cheese Museum, its time to pour some liquor to your town experience by visiting the National Beer Museum. The museum is a trademark of featuring the historical beer-making tools, machinery as well as antique bottles.

8. Leiden

Amazing architectural and scenic views , Places To Visit In Netherlands
Amazing architectural and scenic views

Found in the south of Holland, One of the best places to visit in the Netherlands is the historic city of the Leiden. The city is what you must visit if you want to get mesmerized by its brilliant architectural and scenic views. You will definitely want to take a picture out of the scenic canal in conjunction with its tree sidelines and orange rooftop houses. Just stand on the bridge of the canal or take a ride of the boat to deeply feel the beauty around.  

While in Leiden, there are plenty of incredible historical museums that awaits you to get a glimpse of the city’s unique artworks. The Museum de Lakenhal is one of them which takes the visitors to some fine arts of the Dutch great, Rembrandt. Another tourist attraction is the St. Peter Church, a 16th-century historic masterpiece.  

You should not miss visiting the Leiden University. Established in 1575, the University of Leiden is like the identity of the city of Leiden. The main attraction of the University is its Hortus botanicus Leiden Botanical Garden. The garden continuously finds a lot of tourists hung around to make a view of tulips. 

9. Eindhoven

Eindhoven, Places To Visit In Netherlands
Technological City

The city of Eindhoven is home to host a wide variety of Dutch culture. The city has attractions ranging from the eye-catching museums of fine arts to the modern design-themed city walk. Moreover, the city has its stadium named after the great Dutchman, Philips Electronics. It is a center of attraction among the visitors, especially for its design history. Try out the Van Abbemuseum for a typical treat of art and design.

Eindhoven is a famous city located in the south of Holland and limelight for the tourists for its exceptionally marvelous technological and design history. 

In addition to just witness the masterpieces of trending design and technology, you can also wander around its industrial complex to buy a design product. Just pleasure yourself to have a unique taste in many of the local restaurants. 

Some of the most visited places in Eindhoven are Brabant Soccer Museum and Heritage Park. The park is home to the middle age houses and architectures as well as local farms. Take a fresh breath by opting for a bicycle or by guide walks to go deep into the city. These amazing tours can take you to explore more exciting sites. 

10. Breda

Breda, Places To Visit In Netherlands
Stunning Landscapes Views

In North Brabant province lies Breda, a fortified city. With much of the political and historical influence the city has on the culture of the country, the city becomes a tourist’s popular choice to visit. The city of Brada is also rich in its beautiful landscapes. With a view of Bouvigne castle, you can go cycling, hiking or walk to its amazing and scenic outbacks. 

The best examples of why Breda is such a strategic point of the country’s military and political significance and can be seen in the form of a number of magnificent medieval architectures and contemporary museums. Breda castle which can be found in the heart of the city is an awesome point of attraction for the tourists. The guided tours can also be provided to the visitors inside this magnificent structure.

Another landmark inside the country is Large Church Breda – Our Dear Mother Church, a top place to judge the Brabantine Gothic style of architecture. Must include Begijnhof in your itinerary which is a small community specializing women with a church and a doll & Miniature Museum. Breda’s port, consisting of three medieval gates and old storehouses is also worth seeing.  

11. Nijmegen

Nijmegen River,
Nijmegen River

There are a number of schools and universities in this city to learn higher technology. It is a vibrant, amazing museum, educational institution and cultural site full of shopping opportunities. Its buildings and architecture will take you back in time and the beauty of the surrounding country will help you understand that people, who live there, prefer to call them home.

It is the oldest city in Netherland. The city is adjacent to the border of Germany. It is considered one of the hottest cities in the Netherlands. The city is full of magnificent historical buildings and centuries-old plazas.

Cycling trekking became a trend for the visitor at this place. There are also beautiful parks and rivers to enjoy in peace. This place is gorgeous and one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands.

12. Maastricht


Its a city in southeastern Netherlands, Its a beautiful Dutch city. There are many interesting things about this city, that you can only discover with an in-depth visit to this amazing city. Walk into the large pedestrian zone through the historical center. It has an amazing city with old historic buildings and modern shops & cafes. There you can even find a working water-wheel.

This is a city that is near to Germany, Belgium and France. Hence, there is a real international feel in the air of Maastricht.

How to get to the city: By train

Then take the city bus from the Railway station into the town centre. There you can even find “Markt”. Where you can find outdoor shops, These outdoor marketing happens twice a week.


By providing the best of European extravaganza, the country of the Netherlands is all a tourist who wants to book for the tour. With its orange themed tone, you can experience the best of Holland. Just keep exploring its more fascinated places and takes part in its cultural events and festivals.

I hope this blog had helped you to select the right place for your visit to the Netherlands. These are handpicked best places, you can give a try to all the places enlisted. You will get different cultures blending together in this big European country.  Maastricht is also a place where the European Union formed so there are many different and deep significances to all these cities in the Netherlands. You will never regret the time spent in such an amazing place.

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