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Best Places To Visit In Nevada To Adore The Glory Of State

Though the population of this U.S. based state, Nevada is least but it has endless populous tourism places to visit where you will not feel exhausted to be the guest of this wonderful tourist attractions in Nevada.

Its a state of great history and long-lived stories. From the aged old economic past of state is known as the “Silver State”. Moreover, as the state has won the great Civil war, it is also named “The Battle Born State”.

Nevada is mostly desert, within the great basin, still its also home to towering mountains, crystalline lakes, and many more places to see in Nevada. In addition, the state’s landscape lush with sagebrush and pine is just an eye-opener to the visitors.

Nevada holds an adventurous surprise for every type of traveler. There are many places to visit in Nevada, where we will see the most beautiful destinations in Nevada which will makes you glowing after a visit there.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Nevada

1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, best places to visit in Nevada
Beautiful Lake Tahoe across the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges

Across the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, Lake Tahoe is in-depth which is the largest freshwater lake nearby. And it straddles the state line between California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is a major tourist attraction and must place to visit in Nevada but also from California,

This place is not only corner with the lake but also known for its waterside area. At the time of snowfall, it is home to winter sports activities like Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing and many more.

Whereas in summer outdoor recreation includes hiking and mountain biking to hang gliding and parasailing. Or you can just want to feel amazed by the scenery and speechless view throughout the year.

The significant part of the area’s economy and reputation ski resort, The Nevada side also offers several lakeside casino resorts, with highways providing year-round access.

Many visitors who want to check out the beauty of Lake Tahoe head right to the border where the cities of South Lake Tahoe and Stateline blend together. Thus in altogether is this lake should come in the checklist of place to go in Nevada.

Top things to do in Lake Tahoe

  • Hiking at South Lake Tahoe
  • Alpine Skiing
  • You can enjoy the Lake Tahoe Boat Cruise
  • Tallac Historic Site
  • You can go to Kings Beach
  • Enjoyed at Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park
  • Visit in D.L. Bliss State Park
  • Visit in Sand Harbor State Park

2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, best places to visit in Nevada
Bright lightful night view of “The Strips” in Las Vegas

If you are spending time in Nevada then there is a big chance that you will be in las vegas for sure. It’s well known as the world’s most entertainment capital. Las Vegas really does have everything for everyone.

People usually come here to endure and explore the life of Las Vegas with these enormous casino hotels line on the main road. This lane where line of over-farmed hotels and nearby tourist attractions is world-famous known as The Strip of Las Vegas” is best.

You will be a fool if you don’t roam over this particular place while you are in Nevada vacation. There you will be welcomed with endless gambling, world-class restaurants, and big-name shows held every night of the week.

The famous portion of Las Vegas is Boulevard road, running from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel, is what most visitors come to the city to see and experience.

In this long 4.2 miles walk, you will come across the huge resort-like New York, Bellagio, The Venetian, and Caesar’s Palace. The strip shows up as one of the brightest spots on the Earth which are seen from space.

It’s not the end, there are many more Las Vegas attractions to explore. In short, you can say Las Vegas is the best places to visit in Nevada, which you can’t afford to skip in your tour list of Nevada points of interest.

Top things to do in Las Vegas

  • Explore Fremont Street
  • Climb the Tallest Observation Tower in the USA
  • Visit the Neon Boneyard
  • Watch the Bellagio Fountains
  • Drive a Super Fast Car
  • Go For Skydiving
  • Visit the Atomic Testing Museum
  • Explore Death Valley
  • Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Ride on the Highest Roller Observation Wheel

3. Carson City

Carson City
Nevada State Legislature Carson City

Carson City is the capital of Nevada, which is based on the bank of Lake Tahoe. Carson city is most preferred Nevada’s vacation spot. The city has been surrounded by beautiful Lake Tahoe and more of that nature has flourished all his beauty over this city.

The pleasant and charming environments around this lake city is just relaxing away from your buzzful life. The wildlife and biosphere of this city is so deep in nature that you will not feel to leave this, making it the best places to visit in Nevada.

Apart from just enjoying the scenic view which will give you many photographic areas around the city and lakeside. The city has many things to do and explore which are Nevada points of interest.

Travel the city museums, churches, lakeside area, archeologic buildings of the city and many more. Whereas also take a look at plenty of outdoor recreational activities like hiking, biking, boating, skiing, etc. Even more flying and soaring.

Thus this least populated city of Nevada is a must come in Nevada tourist attraction for sure, and you will just leave with such marvelous memories and refreshment in your life.

Top things to do in Carson City

  • Sand harbor
  • Nevada state railroad museum
  • Spooner lake
  • Secret cove
  • Chimney beach
  • Sand harbor beach
  • Washoe lake
  • Washoe lake state park

4. Reno

Reno, places to visit in Nevada
The biggest little city in the world, Reno

Reno is another city in the northwest section of Nevada which is famous for gambling and profound as the resort town. Furthermore, it is also known with the nickname “The Biggest Little City In The World”.

This city is approximately 22 miles from Lake Tahoe and Withholding the second-largest population after Las Vegas, this city in Nevada, visitors will find a lot to do and will be enjoyed by everyone who wants to adore the fun and thus has large famous casino industry.

It has lots of impressive attractions and events for tourists. The Reno city hosts the annual National Championship Air Races, The Great Reno Balloon Race, and the Hot August Nights car convention, along with a number of other popular annual celebrations.

Reno is home to the National Automobile Museum and other several interesting museums. For more fun, have a trip to Reno’s night circus, which has full of life.

At the end, when its time to leave this vibrant city, memories of it will only put a smile on your face. and will realize that it’s truly one of the best places to visit in Nevada.

Top things to do in Reno

  • National automobile museum
  • Silver legacy resort casino
  • Circus Reno
  • Eldorado resort casino
  • Reno arch
  • Wilbur D. may center
  • Rancho San Rafael regional park

5. Virginia City

Virginia City
Old 19th-century glory in lanes of Virginia City

Virginia city is the south of Reno, which is a small town is one of few destinations of Nevada where you can experience the with an incredible atmosphere of club culture and on other hand old zest of 19th-century glory can be felt all over the city.

It is also known as the Queen of the Comstock, the internationally famous mining district, which was founded in 1859. Its silver mining is not yet fed away its charm at all. Visitors love to travel here to see the mining area till yet.

If you are assuming that Virginia city is same as its neighboring cities then my friend you will be wrong. It’s completely different from other cities near Lake Tahoe.

Though the city has many old-aged bars, restaurants, hotels to stay, which will take back to the early centuries. It’s not just the place of fun but also of fear as a city is said to be the ghost town. you will get to go to many of ghosty buildings.

Top things to do in Virginia City

  • Chollar mine tour
  • Mackay mansion museum
  • Fourth ward school museum
  • Silver terrace cemetery
  • Washoe club museum and saloon
  • Saint Mary in the mountains

6. Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, best places to visit in Nevada
A great human piece of work and the largest dam of U.S., Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is a marvelous piece of modern engineering which is the largest reservoir in the whole U.S. and becoming the landmark for tourist attractions from all over the world.

The dam is 726-foot high which contains water of Lake Mead. It provides hydroelectric power to majorly these three states of the U.S. namely: Nevada, Arizona, and California.

Apart from hydroelectric power producer, the dam is furthermore used for flood and silt control, domestic water supply, and agricultural irrigation to the neighboring states.

It is built on the Nevada and Arizona state line, this dam is just taken 45 minutes drive from the center of the las vegas drawing the tourist to come and experience this great dam by themself. And now making to rank in the list of places to see in Nevada.

Top things to do in Hoover Dam

  • Hoover Dam Tours
  • Visit on Hoover dam bypass
  • Gold strike canyon hot spring
  • You can see Historic railroad trail
  • Enjoy the Black canyon river advantage
  • You can go to Hemenway park
  • Visit in Boulder City/ hoover dam museum
  • Go to Bella marketplace
  • Visit in Grace community church
  • Visit in Lux skin studio

7. Valley of Fire State Park

Valley Of Fire State Park
Visitors enjoying over the Valley Of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park wonderful natural preserved area, 50 miles from the northeast of Las Vegas is one of the excellent for day trips from Las Vegas.

Valley of fire contains 40,000 acres of Aztec sandstone from the Jurassic period, along with trees and petroglyphs more than 2,000 years old.

Though there is an entry fee of $10 whereas if you are planning to do camping over these valleys, then entry fee will be $20 but it’s well worth investing this small amount to have the great experience of this charming fire state park.

The best time to visit there are, spring and fall, as winter gets busy and summer is sweltering. if you come in summer then, try to get early to the park to avoid the overheating sunrays.

Top things to do in Valley of Fire State Park

  • See the Fire wave
  • You can see the White domes road and trails
  • See the Elephant rock
  • Look the Rainbow vista
  • You can go to the Lost city museum
  • Visit on Mouse’s tank road

8. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead, best places to visit in Nevada
Wonderful Lake Mead

Lake Mead is America’s 1st national recreation area and is a most popular place to visit in Nevada in warm weather, which is located in southeastern Nevada and northwestern Arizona.and it is operated by the national park service.

This recreational area is a large playground spread in 1.5 million acres filled with numerous mountains, beautiful canyons, vast valleys and last the charming silent lake.

The water of Lake Mead is a live safer of many of the states of the U.S. as the large Hoover Dam is using this lake water to store and use it for many purposes.

You will have the privilege to do boating, swimming, fishing over the lake bed. Moreover in nearby places, you could do hiking, trekking, cycling, biking.

Top things to do in Lake Mead

  • Lake mead cruise
  • Boating 
  • Camping
  • Redstone hiking trail
  • River mountains loop bike trail
  • Historic railroad trail
  • Don’t miss the NorthShore drive
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Hiking

9. Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon
Cherish the beauty of Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon area is one of Nevada’s most popular hiking areas, it is located just outside of las vegas. The one-way 13 miles striking drive you to the wonderful experience of this area.

When a visitor visits red rock canyon then they can find many ways to spend the day at red rock canyon whether you hike, go to rock climbing or 13 miles long scenic drive, which located 17 miles west of the heart of Las Vegas.

The areas attract more than 2 million visitors every year and it is the state’s first national conservation area which is one of the best places to visit in Nevada.

Top things to do in Red Rock Canyon

  • Spring mountain ranch state park
  • Red rock canyon visitor center
  • Icebox canyon
  • Bonnie springs road
  • Science loop drive
  • Turtlehead peak
  • Calico tank trail

10. Black Rock Desert

Black Rock Desert
Vast landscape of Black Rock Desert

Far northeast corner of Nevada is the vast flattered landscape is the Black Rock Desert scattered in 400 square miles. This place is covered with a large water body once years ago.

Every year this area is covered with thousands and millions of people to organize the world-famous event “Burning Man” in Nevada’s the Black Rock Desert which is one of the most famous celebrated festivals around the world.

At this music and art culture festival, this area is covered in semi-arid form becoming one of the most bustling, vibrant and wild places in Nevada for a week in a year.

Top things to do in Black Rock Desert

  • Camping in the NCA
  • Fly Geyser
  • Hiking and Hunting
  • Historic trail
  • Stargazing
  • Wild Horses and Burros
  • Rockhounding
  • OHV Opportunities
  • Via and Old Yella Dog Ranch
  • Planet X Pottery


Nevada is a very interesting state with many sights to see. The coolest thing which you will face about Nevada is that people who want to stay indoor and have fun, have a famous game of gamble while you are in  Las Vegas

Whereas who want to hang out outside with family are also have plenty to explore. Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead are places for adventure in Nevada. More you can enjoy over the vibrant canyons of Red Rock Canyon.

In short, you can’t feel everything through words. You have to travel to the best places to visit in Nevada for making your bucket of memories rich.

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