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Best Places to visit in Russia With Monthly Weather Information

Thinking what are the Best Places to visit in Russia?? Here’s a list of some of the excellent and grandest destinations

Russia is the largest country in the world, it constitutes one-seventh of the world’s landmass and spans eight time zones. Russia’s biggest cities have social lives comparable to New York’s electrifying scene. Regarding art, Russia has always occupied a prominent position on the world stage.

Russia places may not be high on everyone’s holiday destinations list – but it should be. It is one of the most amazing countries in the world, with an almost incomparable depth of cultural and historical wealth, and landscapes that have inspired artists and poets from generation to generation.

For so long, Russia was out of bounds under the Soviet system and many still think of it as difficult and inaccessible. However, here is the list of excellent and grandest places to visit in Russia

Points to remember before visiting Russia

  • Capital – Moscow.
  • Currency – Russian rubble.
  • Official Language – Russian.

Now you are ready to virtually explore this amazing country. Here’s our list of the Russia attractions. So, let’s get started

  1. Moscow
  2. Saint Petersburg
  3. Altai
  4. Golden Temple
  5. Yekaterinburg
  6. Velikiy Novgorod
  7. Krasnodar
  8. Vladivostok
  9. Kazan
  10. Sochi
  11. Barnaul
  12. Lake Baikal

1. Moscow

Moscow, Best place to visit in russia
Moscow: Capital City

Moscow is the capital of Russia and one of the largest cities in Russia. It is a vibrant city, filled with lots of places to see and for shopping and sightseeing from the Kremlin.

The vast city of Moscow is a mixture of historical and contemporary sites. A tourist in Moscow has a lot of options. From Red Square and the Kremlin to the outskirts of the city, there is something for everyone.

The Moscow Kremlin is one of the most ancient parts of the city and is a symbol of the whole of Russia. It is a cultural vision, as well as the center of the Russian state and the residence of the President of Russia. In 1990, the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Moscow metro is famous for its architecture and the station named “Moscow’s underground palace” is the main tourist destination of the city. The Historical Museum of Moscow has a large collection representing every phase of Russian history. The museum is located on Red Square and has many exhibitions, which display Russia’s antiquity until the 21st century.

There are so many places to visit in Moscow and one of the Russia tourist attractions

Best time to visit Moscow –  Late June to mid-August

Climate information about Moscow

  • Hottest month – July (20 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January (-8 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – August (90.9 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – December (5 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall -708.2 (per year)

2. Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg,best place to visit in russia
St.Petersburg: Starlight City

One of the most attractive cities in the world and the famous places in Russia, St. Petersburg has all the components for an unforgettable travel experience. Wild nightlife, grand architecture, high art, an extraordinary history and rich cultural traditions that have inspired and nurtured some of the greatest literature in the modern world.

From the mysterious twilight of the White Nights to the magical St. Petersburg attractions of winter evenings and world-beating operas and ballet productions in every season.

Saint Petersburg’s biggest visitor attractions are the incredible Imperial Parks and Palaces in the city’s suburbs. Built for generations of Romanovs, these extraordinary assets reflect the individual tastes of each of Russia’s able rulers.

People from southern Europe will feel at home in Saint Petersburg, against the cold of winter, in the city’s artistic and cultural heritage for Italian musicians, painters, and most importantly, architects, who have designed many of Saint Petersburg’s most famous landmarks.

Running straight from the Admiralty to Alexander Nevsky Monastery via St. Petersburg, the Nevski Prospect is one of the thickest paths in the world, steeped in historical sites and magnificent architecture, and buzzed with day and night activity.

A boat trip along the rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg is one of the best ways to tour the city, especially during the magical White Nights. 

Best time to visit Saint Petersburg – Late June to mid-August

Climate information about St. Petersburg

  • Hottest month – July(19 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – February(-5 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – August(54.2 mm avg)
  • Windiest month -December (13 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 447.2 mm (per year)

3. Altai

Altai, places to visit in russia
Altai: Spectacular Mountains

Golden Mountains of Altai is an amazing natural complex, separating Siberia and Central Asia. Pure turquoise lakes, picturesque slopes, generously covered with conifers, noisy waterfalls, wide rivers, velvety green meadows, and snow-capped high mountains are the wealth of the Mountain Altai.

Here are not only geographical borders of Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan, but also history, culture, ways of life of many peoples.

The nature of the Altai Mountains are not just diverse, but it is extremely contrasted. Boreal forests are quickly replaced by dry steppes, low hills and mountains changes to snow-capped peaks. Rivers and lakes have colors depending on the season. There are not many places in the world with such a contrasting combination of different landscapes in small areas.

A variety of nature has considerably affected the culture and religion of the indigenous population of Mountain Altai. Altai has been passed by many peoples: the Scythians, Turks, and Huns which had been leaving traces of their cultures. Mountain Altai is known as an outdoor museum.

The Chuya Highway is the traffic artery of the Altai region. It is ranked fifth on the list of the tenth most beautiful roads in the world.

Best time to visit Altai – Mid June to Mid August

Climate information about Altai

  • Hottest month – August(21 °C avg)
  • Coldest month -January (-12 °Cavg)
  • Wettest month -August (81.2 mm avg)
  • Windiest month -January (16 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 530.3 mm(per year)

4. Golden Temple

golden ring, best places to visit in russia
Golden Temple: Russia’s Golden Ring

The city is a very unique and rewarding route, featuring medieval cities in the Russian provinces, with a surprising number of churches and monasteries. The cities of the Golden Ring survived most of the urban progress. Many local communities still live in traditional ways in rural cities and proudly display their past. 

The Golden Ring of Russia is an itinerary that runs along with a range of cities of tourist interest, located to the north-east of Moscow, with monasteries, churches, and Kremlin gathering around a group of medieval cities.

By visiting the cities of the Golden Ring you will locate the most rural and remote parts of Russia, not far from Moscow, as well as the great cities of the Kremlin, churches, and monasteries, some of which were declared UNESCO heritage sites.

But it can take a week to visit all the cities of the Golden Ring. If you want to make a route that starts and ends in Moscow and travels to the main cities of the Golden Ring, then the route you have to do is about 700 kilometers. Golden Ring is one of the best places to visit in Russia

Best time to visit Golden Ring – December to February

Climate information about Golden Ring

  • Hottest month -July (20 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(-8 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – August (90.9 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – December ( 5 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 708.2 (per year)

5. Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg, Best places to visit in Russia
Yekaterinburg: The border of Europe and Russia.

Yekaterinburg is the capital of the Urals. An obligatory stop of the Trans-Siberian railway. It is also known as Catherineburg and the fourth largest city in Russia.

The city is located near the Ural Mountains, the border of Europe and Asia, and has many symbolic monuments to mark the border.

There are many places to visit in Yekaterinburg like Church on the Blood, Ascension Church, Istorichesky Skver, Vysotsky Viewing Platform, Sevastyanov’s House, Urals Mineralogical Museum, etc.

Dominating Yekaterinburg’s city center, the sprawling church on the Blood commemorates the Romanov family in a complex that includes a second church, clock tower and a museum dedicated to the martyrs of the Tsar. The construction of the church was completed in 2003 with an altar that stands directly above the basement site where the family was killed and many icons and memorabilia from their last days.

Ascension Church Situated on the Vozensinkaya hill and surrounded by attractive parkland, the oldest church in Yekaterinburg is a stunning example of Russian baroque architecture with a vivid blue and white exterior with golden cheeks.

Istorichesky Skver is the warmest place in the Yekaterinburg. River, ponds are the main attraction of Istorichesky Skver.

The 54th floor of the Vecotsky Viewing Platform is the best place in the city to enjoy the bird’s eye view of Yekaterinburg and appreciate its serialized and beautiful urban panorama. The Wastowski skyscraper is outside Moscow, Russia’s tallest building, and the observation deck stands at a height of 186 meters, especially on a clear day, with wide-reaching views of Yekaterinburg.

A visit to the Urals Mineralogical Museum is the best way to go with the mineral wealth of the region and the following economic success of Yekaterinburg.

Overall all the places of Yekaterinburg are the worth place to visit.

Best time to visit Yekaterinburg – Mid-June to early August.

Climate information about Yekaterinburg

  • Hottest month – July (19 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January (-13 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – July (28.9mm avg)
  • Windiest month – October (13 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 154.1 (per year)

6. Veliky Novgorod

Velikiy Novgorod,Best place to visit in Russia
Veliky Novgorod: Russia Ancient city

About 180 kilometers south of St. Petersburg we can find Velikiy Novgorod, Russia’s oldest city, whose historic center has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is worth a visit.

It was one of the most important cities of Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages and was the only principality that was saved from Mongolian dominion after the Mongolian invasion of Russia.

The city has many tourist attractions like Kremlin, ancient churches, monasteries, museums, etc.

The first place is the Novgorod Kremlin. It is the oldest surviving Kremlin in Russia and  Formerly known as Detinets. It was founded by Prince Yaroslavl, is the administrative, social and religious center of Novgorod.

Leaving the Kremlin and crossing the bridge over the Vozjov River, you will arrive at the court of Yaroslavl, a garden in which the old market was found and which is made up of many small churches, among which we can find the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Church of Paraskeva or Saint George. Overall it is worth to visit Velikiy Novgorod and one of the best places to visit in Russia.

Best time to visit – Late June to mid-August

Climate information about Velikiy Novgorod

  • Hottest month – July (19 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – February (-7 °C avg)
  • Windiest month – December (11 km/h avg)
  • Wettest month – August (87.2 mm avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 677.3 mm (per year)

7. Krasnodar

Krasnodar: The Cultural city

Krasnodar is a cultural center and large economies of the Southern Federal Districts and North Caucasus. Today, it is one of the few Russian cities in which the population is growing.

Krasnodar is a main industrial center in Southern Russia. The main directions of industrial activity are instrumentation and metalworking, production of construction materials, sewing and knitting, food, furniture, tobacco products, and agricultural products.

In Krasnodar, there is a unique architectural monument – an open-work hyperbolize construction made of steel – a water tower built in 1928 by scientist and engineer Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov. This construction is located near the Circus Building at the intersection of Rashpilevskaya and  V.Golovaty streets.

Krasnodar offers a wide range of gifts and handmade souvenirs: decorative items, magnets, products made of glass, ceramics, wood, kitchen utensils, etc. Souvenirs with colorful attributes of the Cossack theme are especially popular.

Best time to visit Krasnodar – Early July to late August.

Climate information about Krasnodar

  • Hottest month – July (24 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(0 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – January(19.0 mm avg)
  • Windiest month -March (16 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 145.3 (per year)


Vladivostok: The City of Charm

Although not as well known as Moscow or St. Petersburg, Russia’s Far Eastern city Vladivostok is full of charm and unique culture. Stroll along the Vladivostok embankment, the city’s waterfront walkway, where you can catch a glimpse of the fountain at its central point, lit in blue and green and one of the best places to visit in Russia.

Its placards tell the story of the Russo-Japanese War. Enjoy a more inspiring history of the city by visiting the museum erected to honor Vladimir Arsenyev, a famous Russian explorer.

Primorsky Aquarium, appropriately shaped like a half-shell, is home to a small population of extremely friendly dolphins, which greet visitors twice per day and also so many things to visit in Vladivostok.

Best time to visit Vladivostok  – Mid July to mid-September

Climate information about Vladivostok

  • Hottest month – August (21 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January (-13 °C avg)
  • Windiest month – April( 16 km/h avg)
  • Wettest month -July (37.0 mm avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 157.2 mm(per year)

9. Kazan

Kazan: Ancient Fairy Tale Infrastructure

As the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan is a magnificent city that represents Russia’s Czarist past. With complex palaces, huge churches and a thriving cultural scene, Kazan is a pure Russian city with incredible beauty and heart.

Tourists can enjoy long walks down the streets of the city, as each of them offers a new arrangement of colors and historic buildings. Kazan is also one of the largest economic, scientific, political,  and cultural centers of the country.

Kazan Kremlin One of the main attractions and the best places to visit in Russia. Built by Ivan the Terrible on the ruins of the castle of Kazan Khanate, which he destroyed, this white fort is a beautiful sight in any season. The Kremlin of Kazan is clearly not only the ethnic mix of Tatars and Russians that make up this unique region of the Russian Federation. Despite such a venerable age, the city is growing and dynamically developing in all respects.

Best time to visit Kazan – Late June to mid-August

Climate information about Kazan

  • Hottest month – July (20 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(-11 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – October(21.4mm avg)
  • Windiest month – February( 18km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 169.8 

10. Sochi

Sochi: Tea Plantation Hub

Sochi is a priceless pearl of the Black Sea coast, surrounded with bright green riparian forests and exciting mountains that protect it from the northern and southern winds. This is the most popular beach resort in Russia for over 2.5 million people, who annually come there.

Stretching for 148 km, Sochi ranks the margin second-longest city, trailing only Mexico (200 km). The city’s boundaries stretch from the foot of the Caucasus Mountains along the Black Sea coast.

But spending the holiday at the beach is not the only reason for the tourists to come here. Sochi is famous for a wide variety of attractions, both historical-cultural and natural. Mountain canyons and underground caves, relict forests and nature reserves, waterfalls and lakes, cottages of famous people and museums – the list are endless and one of the best places to visit in Russia.

Best time to visit Sochi – Early July to late August.

Climate information about Sochi

  • Hottest month – July (19 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – February(-6°C avg)
  • Wettest month – August(107.6 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – December (8 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall -741.9 mm (per year)

11. Barnaul

Ob River: Barnaul

Barnaul is a city situated on the western banks of the Ob River in the Altai Krai region of Siberia, Russi. It is the administrative center of the Altai Territory. Barnaul is a major industrial, cultural and educational center of Siberia.

It is a beautiful place and a lovely site view. Museum of Art, the family-friendly Izumrudny Park, and the Museum of Military history is the main attraction of Barnaul. Besides this, there are many things to do in Barnaul and one of the best places to visit in Russia.

Best time to visit Barnaul: From mid-June to mid-August.

Climate information about Barnaul

  • Hottest month – July (20 °C avg)
  • Windiest month – December( 15km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 158.4mm(per year)
  • Coldest month – January(-16 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – July(37.5mm avg)

12. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal Tourism is one of the best in Russia. You can visit this amazing place in winters to get a look at these awesome reefs. It is a rift lake that is so beautiful for anyone who likes winters snow and whiteness all around. This is not a place for people with winter blues. You can enjoy white natural phenomena and extreme winter here.

Best time to be at lake Baikal: February March

Climate information about Lake Baikal

  • Winter Temperature (−21 °C avg)
  • August Temperature (11 °C avg)
  • Surface Freezes in January
  • May or June – Thawns


So that’s it rundown of the best places to visit in Russia. Above all the mentioned places are exotic and trendy best cities in Russia in the travel market. It is a truly excellent country that everyone should try to visit at least once. There you will be treated to beautiful nature on your journey from tip to tail.

I hope that this quick guide could plant a seed in your mind and get you thinking about taking that flight to Russia. Trust, it’s deserving it.

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