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Why You Should Consider Renting a Vacation Home in St. John

There’s nothing like having your dream vacation on an island destination. The trees, the weather, the beach, and the water all make it the ideal backdrop for you to let loose and have some fun. Renting a vacation home can make things much more spectacular.

Here are some reasons why you should think of renting a vacation home in St. John.

More Comfortable Space

Saint John vacation rentals give you more space to enjoy yourself and your family. You don’t have to worry about fitting in a small hotel room. Your family can enjoy a temporary home that makes you feel closer instead of a few separate hotel rooms.

You’ll have more room to sleep, change, and get yourself together for a day’s adventure without worrying about people next door. It feels like you bring home to the vacation spot rather than being in a stuffy hotel room.

Better Economic Choice

Hotels are expensive, especially when getting one at an island resort. It’s a better investment to enjoy a rental. You’re not getting hit with hidden fees, such as room service, housekeeping, and other things that would be a thing in a hotel.

They include all of the costs right when you pay to rent the room. If you have a long-term stay, it could be more economically efficient. Remember, there may be 3-4 rooms in the entire house.

You can easily split up the costs with everyone you stay with to save money for other things. You don’t have to worry about parking fees because parking spaces or a garage come with everything. Not to mention, you can save money by washing your clothes instead of buying all new ones at shops.

Of course, this means you can pack less clothing if your stay is shorter as well. It’ll make things more convenient and fun because you spend more time enjoying the vacation instead of worrying about clean clothes every day.

Get More Familiar With the Local Treats

When you have a rental, you may be close to some of the spots where the locals enjoy. You’re not on the main tourist strip, which is a better experience. Think about getting great deals on certain facilities because of you being in the general area.

You’ll have a more authentic look into what St. John has to offer and still get to visit the mainstream stuff. It’s like having the best of both worlds.


When you’re on an island vacation, you might want to have that remote location where you’re not hearing every visitor in the background. You might be coming from a city environment where you hear so much noise every day that you want to get away from the norm.

There may be a pool or a jacuzzi where you want to relax in privacy with your family. Family time is everything and builds a better bond. Also, a private patio or balcony area can help you relax and take in some fresh air before you get on with the day’s events.

Most of all, you’ll have peace of mind. You may not get that back home. For many people, peace of mind is worth more than money.

What better than to have peace and tranquility on a beautiful island you don’t get to see daily? It’s best to take advantage of what a rental home has to offer, and being more remote can make you and your family feel calm.

Bringing Your Kids

Some hotels don’t allow kids on the property. Also, you may not have a daycare facility at the hotel. However, a home rental typically allows kids.

Also, since there’s better space and you have your family around, someone can take care of the kids while you enjoy the evening with your spouse. Your kids can enjoy a vacation as well.

It’ll help build family memories that can last a lifetime. Not to mention, they’ll become more worldly by going outside of their usual daily school and home life.

Kids get to see a fun and adventurous side of you other than just coming home from work and being parents.

Wi-Fi Access

Instead of paying extra for Wi-Fi access, the rental property already has it available. It’s an excellent way to stay in contact with clients by replying to emails or having a short virtual conversation.

Also, you can post some of your adventures on social media. People can feel like they’re a part of your trip. Additionally, you can use the internet to watch movies and shows on a rest day.

You can also check for any local events or places that would interest the family before heading out. Seeing what’s around can save you time and money.

Cooking at Home

Getaway villas usually come with a fully-equipped kitchen. If you’re not trying to eat restaurant food every day, you can have your breakfast and dinners here. Maybe you want to go to a local market to get some fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits.

You can cook them in the kitchen and save some money. Also, you can look on YouTube for some authentic recipes to help you get a taste of the home cooking from the island. It’ll bring the family together for a meal, and you can talk about the trip and things going forward.

When going on a vacation in St. John, always think about renting a home. It’ll help you make your trip more relaxing and personal.

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