Cheap Standby Flights Ticket Booking Tips For The US Airlines

What are Standby Flights

Standby Flights or flying on the same day is a form of the ticket when a passenger has a ticket and wants to change it for the earlier flight. It is the cheapest flight for the next day trip with empty seats. But not a budget adventure ticket that was before.

On the other hand, means right into the departure and right into the last available seat in the flight. Overall what does it mean! means passengers have to wait for the desired seats or the flight to show available. In case of cancellation, no show or the airline doesn’t manage to fill it, then it will be given to the standby passengers. 

This isn’t common nowadays because usually, the airline is overbooking flight or Airlines help the patient traveller make the switch.

Cheap Standby Flights ticket

How to buy Standby Flights?

As soon as the passengers get the idea that there is a necessity to change the flight, they need to call, mail to the airline agent or go personally to the airport and talk to the airline agents on the airport.

Standby tickets, Standby Flights
Standby Tickets

The best chances for booking the flight as earliest as possible can be during the mid-week that fewer people are travelling. The other way is to try reaching the airport in the early morning and talk with the airline employees in the gate.  

People who can fly Standby

how to fly standby, Standby flights
How To Fly Standby

Nowadays things have changed. It’s not possible for everyone to apply for Standby Flights and this is only applied for:

  1. Buddy Pass: These are a group of people who have their known person work for the airline and they can travel on a complimentary ticket base with a heavy discounted fare. The pass is having a small fee but the passenger can upgrade the ticket to business or first-class seat if only the empty seats are available. 
  2. Potential standby passenger (flying standby): Those passengers who have already book their flight but need to change it for an earlier date or due to the weather problem their current ticket got to cancel, so they need the earliest upcoming tickets to book. The passenger has to wait sometimes until the last moment and till the flight crew is about to get close, passenger get inform whether they can board or not. 

Tips for Flying Standby

There are few tips to be a concern which may be different from one airline to the other airline. To know more in details about these tips you need to check the concerned airline’s website.

For the overall common knowledge check the following list:

  • Travel with carry-on luggage.
    You are not allowed to fly standby if already checked your bag. Which means you should not worry if your luggage gets delay or even lost. 
  • Apply for standby as soon as possible. 
  • Join loyalty rewards program for airlines and gain status. 
    Not only increase your chances in standby Flights but also you get a lounge to enjoy while waiting for standby Flights. 
  • Avoid highly restrictive flight ticket. 
    Some airline may not allow standby Flights. Before buying your tickets read the policy carefully. 
  • Go to the departure gate for the selected standby flights ASAP. 
    You have to be approachable near the gate. So that once they call your name you can respond. Otherwise, it will end up for someone else who is also in a waiting list to board the flight. 
  • Be patient and flexible.
    Since you are the person who decided to change the ticket, you have to wait a lot. Also, need to walk from one gate to another gate for receiving your green signal. 

Standby Flights cost

Standby-fee, Standby flights

The airline usually charges the additional fee for changing the ticket. If the previous ticket was cheaper, the passenger has to pay some additional charges but if the current ticket is more expensive the airline will most likely return the extra amount. There are some exceptions that they don’t need to pay fees. People like frequent flyer club and people who collect air miles through credit card purchases, they do not need to pay extra for the earlier or the later flight. 

The fees from different airline are different. It’s better to check their policies and website. Here we are providing insight into some standby flights airlines cost. Remark
Alaska AirlinesFreeSame day_ certain cities
American Airlines75$Same day_only for military personnel, first-class, business class and AAdvantage Elite members
Delta Airlines75$Basic economic tickets are not eligible but rest is. 
Frontier AirlinesAmount differenceExpect elite members qualify for standby flights
JetBlue75$first-come, first-serve and  same-day flight changes for select fare types
Southwest AirlinesDepends on the type of paid-for tickets Only ‘Anytime’ and ‘Business Select’ fares are eligible
United Airlines75$For most of the  passengers

Standby policies by airlines 

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines, Standby Tickets
Alaska Airlines

Eligible passengers must: be non stop flight between Alaska airline, have a refundable main cabin ticket or first-class ticket in A, D or F class service, MVP gold Mileage plan member or as their own same reservation service that they had earlier. Rest of the passenger has to pay 25$ to get the ticket on the condition of having vacant seat. 

American Airlines Standby

American Airlines, standby tickets
American Airlines

Eligible passenger must: be a passenger with an unrestricted economy plan, first-class or business tickets. For those passengers who have AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum,  Platinum Pro or Gold status or Sapphire, Oneworld Emerald, or Ruby status and up to eight companions in the same record.  AirPass membership passengers,  AAnytime award tickets and First and Business Class MileSAAver award tickets may also fly standby. Also military people. Passengers cant change the itinerary to the city with multiple airports. Or to the different connecting city.

Delta Airlines Standby

Delta Airlines, Standby Flights
Delta Airlines

Eligible passenger must: be platinum, diamond, gold Medallion members and SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members. Those who can’t get the confirmed ticket, they can apply for the next available flight. 24 hours before the departure of the original flight has to be requested for the flight changes. 

Frontier Airlines Standby

Frontier Airlines, Standby Flights
Frontier Airlines

Eligible passenger must: be passengers who are the member of Elite of EarlyReturns with no additional cost on earlier or later flight on the same day. Other passengers have to pay 99$ fee. 

Following is a group that considered same cities for standby with the same-day confirmed flight changes;
Madison, International Airport and Milwaukee International Airport, LaGuardia Chicago-O’Hare International Airport and Milwaukee International Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport and West Palm Beach International Airport, Los, Washington Dulles Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Angeles International Airport and Orange County/Santa Ana Airport, Airport, Trenton Airport, and Philadelphia International Airport, Orange County/Santa Ana Airport and San Diego Airport, Orlando International Airport and Tampa International Airport and Orlando International Airport and St. Augustine Airport.

JetBlue Standby

JetBlue Airline, Standby flights
JetBlue Airline

There is a standby available one flight prior to the confirmed scheduled departure to be free but not granted. passengers who missed their flight can travel by standby but the additional fare fee has to be paid. Passengers have to be applied in the airport for the same day only and within the same origin and destination cities.

JetBlue is also offering same-day change option. 

Southwest Airlines Standby

Southwest airlines, Standby Tickets
Southwest Airlines

Eligible passenger must: be on business select and Anytime fee for the same destination and the same day of the trip with no charges of the fee. Passengers who missed their flight, need to cancel their reservation 10 min in advance. 

United Airlines Standby

United Airlines, standby tickets
United Airlines

It is free but if the penalties or charges involved while standby due to the flight irregularity. Those passengers who are having restricted ticket can make same-day flight changes for the discounted fees. Economy class are not eligible for standby flights.  

Wrap Up

In this article, we discussed standby and its tips, cost and even a few airlines about their rules for the standby Flights. 

We wish that you found this information helpful enough. But again we are advising you to go through the websites of the concern airlines that you are booking your ticket from. Read their conditions in detail to avoid any future problems. Wish you luck. 

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