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 Top 10 Tips to Create Trending Travel Videos

Making a travel video is an excellent way to recall memories while sharing your adventure with others. Whether you’re working with a firm or making it for yourself, you’ll want a high-quality vacation film.

The popularity of travel films has increased, especially on social media and YouTube. Nonetheless, just a few of them affect the ones who view them. While on the trip, you can hone your video-making skills by making travel videos and experimenting with various new approaches to capture a beautiful film.

Here is a list of the ten most important tips you should know for creating an eye-catching vacation movie.

Amazing Tips to Make Stunning Travel Videos

Choose Your Destination

It’s fun to go on spontaneous travels, but if you want to make a travel movie to memorialize your trip, knowing where you’re going ahead of time is a tremendous help! Prepare a rough timetable of where you’ll be going and when you’ll be there before you go so you can plan accordingly.

Use weather forecasts and photographs of each location to identify the types of shots that are likely to occur while you’re there. The time of day is also significant for getting the best clips.

For example, If you’re going to India and want to focus on native food, list the well-known restaurants you’ll visit and the order in which they should be eaten. You may begin with street food and work up to a full supper.

Learn by Seeing a Lot of Videos

One of the most trusted ways of learning anything to do is by looking at the already established examples.

Before making your video, it is very important to look at several good videos to learn what to include and avoid and how they can be made perfectly. You can learn the format for creating the video, the sequencing to be used, and the way a particular moment needs to be captured.

After learning all this, you can use your own style to be unique.

Pack Your Belongings

You should begin with the equipment you have and only consider purchasing more items when it begins to limit your work. All you’ll need in terms of camera equipment is a good microphone, and that’s only if you want to include natural noises in your travel movie.

Carrying too much gear before you reach the creative level where you’ll need it will make filming more difficult and exhausting.

Shoot with Caution

Research as much as possible since it gives you a wealth of information to work with. Recording unneeded clips have no use other than to increase the time spent on the video trimmer in post-production.

Make a list of the events and experiences you want to remember and appreciate for the rest of your life. Make sure that the video needs to be captured at the time when the light is perfect.

Include Music in Your Travel Videos

It is critical to select the right song for your incredible journey footage.

However, you may face legal consequences if you attempt to release your film on a public platform without first getting the proper licenses. It’s best to look for copyright-free music. 

Providing Narration for Your Travel Video

A narration about your travel talks about the story behind each travel and functions like a map. It is a very easy task for those who make first-time travel videos.

The narrative needs to be recorded for all parts of the video. You can do this easily by taking notes, creating a script, and then reading it.

Insert a blank video tape into your camera and record your script using the camera’s microphone. Alternatively, you can also use a microphone external to the camera.

Give a small break or pause between two sentences for easy editing with a free video trimmer online.

It is important to note that the narration needs to be of lesser duration than the actual video time as there will be some white space in the video without the voice-over.

Editing a Trip Video

Purchase some basic video editing software. Nowadays, various digital video cameras are available, including the software used for editing videos. You can also get low-cost software online.

The first step that needs to be undertaken is putting your narration in the timeline. Based on this, you can choose the photos to show your story. Include your greatest vacation photos in the timeline. Listen to your narration and demonstrate what you’re saying.

Include sound bites from locals to add character to your travel film.

Find music to use in your video, such as local music or music that captures the spirit of your travel place. Re-edit your video. Follow the ten-second rule of filmmaking. There should be an engaging moment every few seconds, ideally every fifteen seconds.

Remove anything wobbly, uninteresting, or that sounds unpleasant. For internet distribution, try to keep your video around 5 minutes long.

Generate Action

While traveling, we come across several beautiful places, including the beautiful architecture of different places. Photography helps you grasp a perfect view of the architecture, whereas, in the video, the liveliness and enthusiasm of the place are not caught due to lack of motion.

This generation can be done through the camera’s movement, such as recording a thing or person that is not stationary, e.g., People singing, birds flying, kids running, etc. Apart from this, one can also try to give life to a motionless thing through the moment.

Have Close up Shots of Local

Nothing can provoke more human feelings than someone staring intently at your camera. Every day, we, as humans, engage with one another. We love, laugh, and cry for each other, and we can use that in our vacation videos to elicit strong emotions from your audience.

If you have the opportunity to get to know a local while traveling, offer to film them and keep the camera rolling even after you say you’ve got the shot. 

High-Quality Export

Finally, make certain that you do not sacrifice quality. Quality is a valuable asset to any travel video. It is advised not to send your files through phone or email anywhere. This can have an impact on the quality.

When exporting your video, use the highest resolution option.


Travel films are one of the most effective ways to promote tourism worldwide. It is a fantastic method for disseminating crucial travel information. Most travel enthusiasts view internet travel videos before visiting a touring site. So, follow the advice above, and you’ll be able to land your vacation films like a pro!

Tips to create trending travel videos
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