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Famous Venezuela Tourist Attractions to Experience Richness of Biodiversity

Are you planning your next vacation to Venezuela? Explore Venezuela tourist attractions where you’ll get surely fall in love with its beautiful mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and many more.   

Read this post and start making your plans for your coming vacation to give a healing touch to your stressful mind and body.

Venezuela is a megadiverse country compiling of a majority of earth’s species and ranked seventh in the world having the credit of gaining more species both in flora & fauna. A country of beautiful landscapes with a stunning view of the mountains and beaches.  Andes Mountain provides a colorful view of the lively cities and Orinoco Delta a collection of unique wildlife.

Caracas, the capital and largest city has its importance by showing its cultural sites and own type of adventure with surrounding attractions.  There are many great tourist places to see in Venezuela. 

Here is the list of nine Venezuela tourist places that can be eye-catching for tourism-

1. Merida 

Second-Largest Cable Car In The World: Merida City

Merida is a city in the Andes mountains of northwest Venezuela. Merida is a place for all adventure-takers who want to play adventure and explore something new in the field of adventure. It is the highest and second-largest cable car in the world with a distance of 12.5km which creates a huge adventure in the mind of explorers who want to explore this field. The cable cars stop at certain sights for exposure to the newbies. They can also try rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, etc. December to February is the best time to make the ride as at that time there’s no fog.

Glimpses of Merida 

  • Location – Located on the  plateau in the middle of the region, between the mountain ranges of La Culata and Nevada
  • Best Time To Visit – December to February
  • Weather Condition- Weather conditions are normally ranging between 18°c-24

2. Angel Falls

Angel Falls, venezuela tourist places
Great Angel Falls

The first and foremost Venezuela tourist attraction where the tabletop mountain looks like a giant monolith from the surrounding space is the Great Angel Falls. It is a highlight of South America, as it is the highest waterfall in the world.

This waterfall is falling from 997 meters in height. It is situated in Canaima National Park which is difficult to access but can be seen remotely, flights can be easily arranged to have an overview from the top.

But the best time to see it is May to November as water doesn’t disappear before the falls reaching at the bottom as there is plenty of water compared to the dry season when there is no water or little water. As during dry seasons falls may become more trickle so tourist tries to search whether the falls is having enough water to make the trip worthwhile

The falls are usually visited by sightseeing flights or a three-day boat trip which starts in the town of Canaima. In the boat, there is also the facility of the hike to the jungle with basic amenities. It may not be possible in the dry seasons, due to the low level of water.

Glimpses of Angel Falls-

  • Location – Canaima National park-Venezuela (South America)
  •  Height 997(ms): Difficult to access and can be seen with arranged flight
  • Weather Condition- Although the weather is hot there is a significant difference in rainy as the eastern  part is quite rainy
  • Best Time To Visit – May and November.

3. Los Roques Archipelago

Los Roques Archipelago
Beautiful Beaches: Los Roques Archipelago

Beaches drowned in the sun, and beryllium color water and dry but approximately 70000 visitors come there but more of them are day visitors who came from Caracas and the mainland. It has an airport suitable for small aircraft which take a small runway. 

The main settlement is Gran Roque which is a small seaside fishing village. One of the main highlighted islands is Cayo de Agua. Reached by boat, credited with one of the most it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as a Venezuela tourist attraction.

The island is usually reached by aircraft from Caracas since there is no ferry service. The airport is located in Gran Roque boats can be chartered from the town’s waterfront area for a visit to the surrounding areas.

Glimpses of  Los Roques Archipelago

  • Location – 160km north of capital Caracas in Caribbean sea
  • Weather Condition – sunny day, with short-lived showers
  • Best Time To Visit – December to February

4. Roraima

Beautiful Roraima

Roraima is the least populated state of Brazil, located in the Amazon basin. The alluring appeal of Roraima by the highly erected mountains to the nature lovers and adventure seekers with several wonders attached to it. The island is creating a long term interest between adventurers about its unusual formation and waterfalls. 

Roraima is the highest mountain located in Canaima National Park. It is gaining its popularity due to its easily accessible and popular hiking destination although its demand is increasing day by day. Although its temperature is decreasing day by day as the visitor elevates to the mountain.

Glimpses of Roraima

  • Location – Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus in South America
  • Weather condition – It is a bit cooler compared to others with an average 10°c it cools down as it moves down
  • Best Time To Visit – December and April

5. Canaima National Park and the Gran Sabana

Canaima National Park and the Gran Sabana, venezuela tourist places
Beautiful View Of Waterfall

Canaima National park covers three million hectares and listed at UNESCO as a world heritage site.

The popularity of this park is mostly associated with angel falls and areas located around the town of Canaima but this is a small part of this diverse park.

A trip to Gran Sabana and Canaima National park is unique and must not be associated with angel falls, particularly during dry seasons.

Highlights in this location are numerous waterfalls spread across the entire area particularly in Gran Sabana located nearby Brazillian Border.

Swimming at the base of the waterfall is the main highlight which provides a refreshing escape from the dry season. In overall this Venezuela tourist attraction is quite pleasant to spend your vacation.

Glimpses of  Canaima National Park and the Gran Sabana                                                  

  • Location – Located in south-eastern Venezuela,  in Bolívar State
  • Weather Condition – There is significant rainfall in all months and there is minimal effect on dry seasons
  • Best Time To Visit – October and November

6. Isla de Margarita

Isla de Margarita
Largest Island In The Venezuelan

Margarita Island is the largest island in the Venezuelan state. It is one of the most developed beaches designations in Venezuela. It is lying 40km away from the mainland.

This is one of Venezuela’s major tourist places for sun-seekers. Primary industries are tourism, fishing, and construction. Thus Venezuela Tourist Attraction becomes the foremost thing to be considered for their economic growth.

The average temperature is 32°C(90 °F) with a minimum ranging between 22 °C (72 °F)and 23 °C (73 °F) and maximum that can easily exceed 34 °C (93 °F). The main attraction is the beautiful soft sand beaches which are popular between both foreigners and Venezuelans.

Many charter flights fly directly to this designation. But it is also possible to take a ferry on the island from  Puerto La Cruz on the mainland. The main city of the island is Porlamar. Many of these beaches are developed, with hotels or restaurants.

Glimpses of Isla de Margarita-

  • Location – 40km away from the mainland
  • Weather Condition – Hot and muggy all year round, with a dry season from late February to May, and the rainy season from June to mid-February.
  • Best Time To visit – March to June

7. Orinoco Delta

Orinoco Delta, venezuela tourist places
Natural Regions Of Venezuela

The Orinoco delta is one of the natural regions of Venezuela is located in the northeastern part of offering a different land space and experience than other parts of the country.

The river delta is the region of interesting wildlife, from monkeys and macaws to piranhas. 

The riverside lodges provide a handy package of showing different tourist places by boat and many more like hunting animals in their natural habitat. There are local lodges that can vary in qualities and which can also be combined necessary to do some research.

Glimpses of Orinoco delta

  • Address – The Orinoco delta is located in Delta Amacuro State 

8. Parque Nacional Morrocoy(Morrocoy National Park)

Parque Nacional Morrocoy, venezuela tourist places
White Sand Beaches

Morrocoy national park located along the coast for about two hours west of Caracas. It is known for its white-sand beaches, which stretch along the mainland becoming the Venezuela tourist attraction.

The park is inhabited by numerous species of birds, about 266 including (osprey and parrots to flamingos) there are also many other types of animals residing in the park.

The two main access points, one at Tucacas and the other at Chichiriviche, with boat service to the island available at both of these towns. Driving is one of the simplest ways who wants to spend the day on the beach.

Glimpses of Parque Nacional Morrocoy

  • Location – Two hour west of Caracas
  • Weather condition – The weather remains hot throughout the year as there is a dry season
  • Best Time To Visit – December-January 

9. Mochima National Park

Mochima National Park, venezuela tourist places
Word Famous Beaches

Mochima national park is located in the northeastern part of the country well known for its beaches that attracts many visitors estimated population after the census of 2001 (in 2007) 14,77,900 inhabitants. The main attraction point here is beaches and diving.

It is also possible to explore the mainland portion of the park by car or bus, stopping at a small village or beach, but this is primarily a place for boating. The area around this park is very quiet and it doesn’t see any amount of traffic.

Glimpses of Mochima National Park

  • The beaches of Mochima national park are world-famous.
  • There are more than 78 types of mammals at Mochima national park

10. Galipan

It is a small village in Venezuela. But, this village is so beautiful that if you go there only for once you will easily feel the vibes of a totally new place. It is a small village on the northern hillside of the city.

You can also visit the bottom of Galipan Peak. The beautiful eucalyptus trees and beautiful views are something to see at least once in your visit to this place.


Glimpses of Galipan

  • View of Caracas
  • Houses on the hillside
  • Small town at the bottom of Galipan Peak
  • Eucalyptus all around


These are the best Venezuelan tourist attraction for traveling. And I recommend going to Roraima and Angel Falls to see the best part of natural creatures and explore a different type of civilization. These are the best places where any foreigner or citizen of Venezuela may go and explore new things and spend their memorable vacation with family and friends.  

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