Flying International? Here’s What You Need to Know About Flight Confirmation Code

When you book a flight ticket for your travel destination, you must have noticed that your flight ticket contains a specific code of letters and numbers among other information. This unique code is usually referred to as a “flight confirmation code”. Well, if you have not noticed this code on your flight ticket, then read this blog to know what is a flight confirmation code, what it does, and so on.

Flying International

What is a Flight Confirmation Code?

Every airline carrier includes some sort of additional information on their flight tickets that are useful for the airliner in a way. Though passengers may not easily understand the purpose of such information that is seen printed on their tickets, these have a key role to play. One such piece of information found on tickets is the flight confirmation code or flight confirmation number as it is called.

Flight confirmation code

Thus, a flight confirmation code can be defined in simple words as a flight confirmation number that is unique to every ticket purchased by passengers. Usually, a flight confirmation code or number consists of six alphanumeric characters and is printed on the top or bottom of the ticket. If you have more than one reservation on different airlines, you will be issued different confirmation codes or numbers for each reservation. However, in case you have booked the same reservation on different flights, you will be issued the same confirmation code, despite the number of flights you take to arrive at your destination.

Additionally, when you book a flight, you will also find a confirmation code printed on your boarding pass, receipts for tickets, and on any extras, such as baggage fees, etc. that you purchase.

Alternatively, a flight confirmation number is also called a record locator, as its main purpose is for record-keeping. This is quite similar to a Passenger Name Record (PNR) which is more or less used for the same purpose, but it also contains the passenger’s name. Thus, each unique code serves as a record in the airline’s reservation system you are traveling with. It may also serve as a reference number, for instance, when contacting the airline or during checking in for your flight.

Uses of Flight Confirmation Code

The airline carrier that issues you your flight ticket will include a unique confirmation code that helps them identify you. Thus, its uses are plenty.

How your Airline Carrier uses Confirmation Code

When it comes to an airline carrier issuing a confirmation code that is unique to every reservation purchased by travelers, the typical six-alphanumeric code helps airlines to maintain a record of passengers on their flights.

Additionally, when you check in and board your flight, the confirmation code that is printed on your flight ticket is checked and verified during the procedure. If you are checking in online, you will also be provided the confirmation code via e-mail which you can use it to show right from your phone.

Another use for your flight confirmation number by your airline is when you contact the airline carrier’s customer service center or reservations desk for assistance with your itinerary and/or purchasing additional products or services. When you contact your airline, you will usually be asked by the representative to provide the confirmation code so that they will know they are addressing or rendering services to the correct passenger.

How Travellers can use Confirmation Code

One of the most common uses of a confirmation code for a traveler can be when looking up your flight status at the airliner’s website. For example, when you visit the airline’s website you have booked a reservation with, you are offered the option to search for your flight status just by using the confirmation code which is printed on your flight ticket.

Many airline carriers will also provide a separate section on their websites, where customers can easily manage their trips, even make changes. A common option that most airlines contain is the “Manage Trip” section, where you enter the passenger’s last name and the confirmation code to check trip status or make changes, upgrades, cancellations, etc.

As mentioned above, your unique flight confirmation code can be used by the airliner to correctly identify you and to serve you better through their products and/or services. For example, when you need help with any segment of your travel or services, you can get things done easily and quickly simply by providing the unique code to the airline’s staff and customer center as well.

Flight Confirmation Code and Third-Party Travel Agency and Website

In addition to booking flights directly at the airport or on the airline’s official website, most travelers may prefer booking their flight reservations through a third-party travel agency in their region or via a travel website.

There are many travel agencies and travel websites that offer such services, while some may partner with airline carriers. Examples of a few popular travel websites include CheapOair, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, Tripadvisor, and many more. When you book a flight reservation from such a third-party travel agency or website, it is mandatory that they send you the flight confirmation code via e-mail.

You can check the six-character confirmation code on your ticket.


There may be several names that refer to what is called flight confirmation code by airline carriers. However, learning from the above what it actually is and what it is used for, you will find it useful, especially when checking in and boarding the plane.