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What You Need to Know About Travelling During Off-Peak Season

Travelling has a significant impact during peak and off-peak seasons. Whether you are flying from the United States to somewhere in Europe and vice versa, during specific months, there are notable fluctuations seen on airfares. You could think of it as an off season discount or something else. So, how does an off season affect your travelling experience and is there anything good or bad about it? You can find it out on this travel guide.

In this blog, we are going to provide you a detailed overview of what off-peak season is and how it affects your travelling experience.

What is an Off Season?

An off season is basically that time of the year, excluding calendar holidays, when very few people travel and thus, the crowds are lesser and also, prices are cheaper. An off season is also referred to as off-peak season or low season.

In air travel, flight tickets are usually sold at lower prices during off season, since travellers do not travel in large numbers. Due to this off-season period, some hotels may also lower their prices.

Which Periods are Considered Off Season in Different Continents?

Off season varies significantly in different continents around the world. But, most of the time, it’s the weather conditions that play a key role in determining the period of off season in a country or region.

For instance, in the Northern Hemisphere, the off season falls during the winter months i.e., from November till February. On the other hand, in the Southern Hemisphere, the off season usually falls in the months of June through August. Thus, an off season in different regions and in specific months can have a direct impact on tourism.

Off seasons also affect small regions, cities, and countries due to the change in climate and also, celebration of local events, such as festivals, sports, etc. These local activities also vary from one region to another and usually do not attract tourists in large numbers.

Below, we have listed a few continents/countries that have off season in specific months.


In the African continent, the off season varies in different regions. The East Africa region experience off season in the months April till June due to heavy rainfall, and from October till December because the climate is hot and humid.

Off season in the North African region is in the months June till August as the temperatures are high. On the other hand, the months November till April are rainy season in the Southern African region, and is an off season.

In West Africa, the off season is in the months April till July since there is heavy rainfall and there is less tourism activities experienced in the region. While the off season in the Northern African region is usually in the months July till September, for the same reason that the region receives heavy rains.


Asia is a vast continent comprising several countries and islands that usually have different off seasons in a year. For instance, off season in Central and East Asia is in the winter months of November till March. But, sometimes, the weather can become extremely cold for travel in these regions.

In West Asia and along the Middle East, the off season period is usually from the month of May till September. The weather in these regions are extremely hot during these months. So, very few people travel to these regions during those months.

In South Asia, it’s the summer and monsoon seasons that fall in the months May till September. So, it’s usually seen as an off season, since not many travellers visit this region, and tourism is on the low.

In Southeast Asia, the off season period in several mainland countries starts from May and ends in September. On the other hand, the island countries in this region experience off season during October and until March. These months in both the mainland and island countries of the region have monsoon.

Australia and New Zealand

Oceana countries, like Australia and New Zealand, usually experience off season in the months April till June. These months are spring and winter seasons in these island countries. Thus, not many travellers visit these countries during the off season months.

So, if you plan to visit either Australia or New Zealand during an off-peak season i.e., between April and June, you will feel quite happy to find cheaper airfares.


Europe is another enormous continent comprising several countries, where off-peak season can differ from one region to another. Now, certain European countries may experience a decline in tourism during winter season, which usually occurs in the months November till March. Thus, during this off season, most airliners sell airfares at lower prices to customers.

On the other hand, some countries in Europe could see a rise in tourism, particularly in winter months of November and throughout December. This period can become very busy for airports as there can be travellers visiting places in the region in large numbers, excluding the holidays, like Christmas, New Year and Easter.


The island of Hawaii in the United States territory also experience off season, particularly from mid-April till early June, which also happens to be spring season.

In addition, the months September till mid-December is experienced as off season. This period is usually Autumn in the region.

When you travel to Hawaii in these months, you will find lower airfares and fewer crowds.

North America

When you are travelling to Northern America in winter, that’s usually in the months November till March, and excluding Christmas and New Year’s holidays, you will find lower prices on flights and perhaps, hotels as well. This is the off season period and airports here, are usually not very crowded.

South America

In South America, off season is usually during winter i.e., from June to August. So, most airline carriers offer lower airfares to customers who are visiting places in this region during winter.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands usually do not see tourists in large numbers visiting the region, especially in June.

The reason is that the region experiences storms and hurricanes in June, which is not ideal for travellers. So, the month is an off season for airline carriers, and they offer lower airfares to people who would wish to visit the islands during the period.

How Does an Off Season Affect Prices of Flights?

When you plan your travel during an offseason, for instance, to and from European countries, you will notice that the airfares are a little lower than their original prices in peak season.

In addition, there may also be chances of fluctuations in the airfares based on the departure and destination cities. If you are planning your trip ahead, you can look up for airfares at the airliner’s website and on online travel agency’s (OTA) website as well. You may see a difference in prices based on the flight, route and, your travel dates.


Off season differs based on the geographical location of regions, cities and countries that can have a dramatic affect on tourism and airline business alike.

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