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How to Upgrade Seat on Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines is America’s low-cost airline carrier that has been operating for more than three decades now. It mostly serves destinations in the United States, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Upgrade Seat on Sun Country Airlines is a little easy. There have been quite many significant changes in the airline, including its seat arrangements, after being acquired by Apollo Global Management company. So, if you are flying on a Sun Country flight to your destination, you will find yourself not having many options.

In this travel guide, we will take a look at the various ways you can upgrade seats on Sun Country Airlines flights.

Things to Know about Sun Country Airlines’ Seat Upgrades

Sun Country Airlines, being a low-cost airline carrier, offers Economy seats on all its aircraft. However, their Economy cabin comes in three variations, which include:

  • Best
  • Exit Row (also called Better)
  • Standard

If you are wondering about comfort, legroom space, in-flight entertainment, an electrical power outlet, etc., then you will be glad to know that these facilities are available on all three seat variations. Priority check-in and boarding are also included.

There is, but one exception. Only the Best seats offer reclining seating, which is not provided in other seat arrangements. Also, their Standard seat arrangement does not provide legroom space, but other in-flight facilities are available.

These economy seat arrangements can be purchased by customers that are traveling to domestic and international destinations as well.

So, if you booked a reservation on Sun Country’s economy seat, you have only a limited number of options to upgrade your seat. Nevertheless, you will not be disappointed because you will be offered in-flight services, both complimentary and premium, so you can travel in comfort. Additionally, like other US-based airline carriers, if you are a member of Sun Country’s frequent flyer program, you can avail of benefits that should give you a premium experience during your journey.

There is one thing that Sun Country clearly states on their website about selecting bag options when booking reservations. They charge higher fees for selecting bags after making a reservation. Therefore, whether you are booking a reservation or upgrading one, make sure to add your bag(s) at the time of booking.

Sun Country Rewards Loyalty Program

Sun Country Rewards is a frequent flyer loyalty program that you can join, and it will also allow you to avail of some travel benefits. The program lets you earn points each time you fly with Sun Country, purchase products, services, and more. Also, you can easily redeem your earned points, for example, to purchase an upgrade for your seat. You can also redeem points combined with dollars for purchasing products and services.

You will get to earn 2 points for every $1 USD spent online by booking reservations, vacation packages, seat selections, and bag options. When you book a reservation through a third-party travel agency or travel website, you get to earn 1 point for every $1 USD spent. But that’s not all! You also get to earn additional points when you make purchases using a Sun Country Airlines Signature Visa card, or when shopping at the airline’s partner retails.

Ways to Upgrade Seat on Sun Country Flight

If you booked a reservation for yourself or perhaps, for someone else, and you later decide to upgrade your seat, you can easily do this through a few common ways.

Method #1: Upgrade Seat Online through Website

Booking your reservation or managing your itinerary online is both a common and easy procedure. There are just a few steps involved that let you get things done quickly and in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

Given below are the steps required to upgrade your seat to a premium class of cabin on a Sun Country flight.


1. On your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device, open a web browser and go to Sun Country Airlines’ official website

Note: Sun Country Airlines’ website is unfortunately blocked in some geographical regions. So, if you are trying to access their website from one of the blocked/censored regions, you may try accessing their website using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. A VPN will help you bypass censorship and let you access the airline’s website in order to book or manage your flight.

2. Next, if you already booked a reservation and want to upgrade your seat, click the “My Trips” tab from the menu. Likewise, if you are booking a new reservation, proceed by clicking the “Book” tab and following the on-screen instructions.

3. Here, you will be asked to enter the passenger’s Last Name and the Reservation Code. After entering the required details, click the Manage My Trip button to proceed.

Note: Sun Country Airlines provides its passengers a 6-character Reservation Code which is usually sent to you via e-mail after you book a flight.

4. Select the reservation that you want to make changes or upgrades to, then click the Edit button. Next, tap the Best Flight option to find available upgrades. If there is any difference amount, it will also be displayed on your screen.

Note: There will be a validation check of your details, and reservation status and may also include eligibility conditions. If required, you may be asked to log in to your Sun Country account on the website in order to manage changes or upgrades to your reservation.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process.

These are all the steps you need to follow in order to avail a seat upgrade for your current reservation. Once your upgrade has been completed successfully, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail. So, make sure to check your e-mail account.

Method #2: Upgrade Seat via Phone

You may also contact Sun Country’s customer service center to request a seat upgrade. The steps required to achieve this are given below.


1. Using a mobile phone or fixed-line phone, you can contact Sun Country’s reservations center at 651-905-2737.

Note: Sun Country’s customer service center can be reached from 07:00 – 23:00 hours (Central Time) on all days.

2. When you contact the airline carrier via phone, you may be greeted with an automated voice system. You will be offered a few options to select from based on the type of your query.

3. If the option is available for your query, select it, otherwise, select the next relevant option to get connected to a live representative.

4. Once you are connected to a live person, you will be asked to provide your reservation details. Your details will also be used for validation and eligibility purposes.

5. If there is a seat available and you have met all the requirements, you will be upgraded to another seating arrangement.

Thus, as you can see from the steps mentioned above, seeking assistance from one of Sun Country’s customer service representatives can also make your work a lot easier.

Method #3: Upgrade Seat Directly at Airport

Finally, there is another way you can request a seat upgrade for your current flight reservation – directly at the airport.

When you visit the airport where your flight is scheduled for departure, go to the ticket counter or at the help desk and request the staff to help you get an upgrade to a premium seat. Keep in mind that you will need to present your reservation details along with ID proof in order to complete the process smoothly.

Upgrade Seat on Sun Country Airlines


Can I upgrade my seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, If you want to upgrade your seat to the luxurious one then you can upgrade through the website and through a mobile application on your own. The only thing you keep in mind is that you have to pay the difference in the ticket from the original ticket to the upgrade one.

Do I have to pay any charges at the time of the seat selection?

Yes, If any passenger goes for the seat selection at the time of the check-in or at the time of the booking then they have to pay for it. But in case, if passengers are not selected for choosing a seat then the seat is allotted randomly and they do have not to pay any charges for that. But there is a chance of separation of the seat if you travel with your companion.

What are the benefits for me if I select my seat at the time of booking?

At the time of booking if you select your seat then you can get the best offer at the best price because the price is always fluctuating and at the time of check-in, there is a chance of getting a higher price. The most important thing is at the time of booking your chance of getting your seat is double because at the time of check-in only selected seats are available. So, you can enjoy your journey with your friends and companion and stay together on the whole journey.

Does sun country have first-class seats for the passengers?

Yes, From March 2022 Sun Country Airlines is operating again for tourist, and unlike most low-cost airlines, Sun Country Airlines provides first-class to all of their passengers and even upgrade your seat to first-class.

Can I allow for adding the seats after reservation?

If any passengers want to add more seats then it will be allowed by Sun Country Airlines through the website or if you are not handy with the website then you have to call on the customer care department where an executive may ask some questions to verify your tickets and you then they inform about the availability and the price upon adding the seats.

If you still get confused and don’t get the right way to do while upgrading the seats on Sun Country Airlines then you can feel free to call on our helpline number +1-800-831-1547. Our expert staff is always trying to help you out in every situation.


Sun Country Airlines is a budget airline carrier that can give you an equally premium traveling experience at no additional expense. Their new seating arrangement now only consists of an economy class, but provides different options to make your experience worthwhile.

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