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How To Upgrade Seats On Spirit Airlines (FAQs & Answers)

Spirit Airlines is America’s low-cost airline carrier that offers its customers very few options to upgrade their seats and seats for their fellow companions as well. The airline carrier has been operating for over two decades and has been able to gain both recognition from its customers and market value in the aviation industry.

In this guide, we will provide you with ways through which you can upgrade seats on Spirit Airlines.

How To Upgrade Seats On Spirit Airlines

Things to Know about Upgrading Seats on Spirit Airlines Flights

There are a couple of things you will need to know when you make up your mind about upgrading services after purchasing, whether it’s the flight seats or other in-flight services. Spirit Airlines offer a few ways that allow passengers to get upgrades on seats and other services. This can be achieved by earning rewards points through miles or paying via cash or credit cards.

However, there is one limitation to availing of this perk. Spirit Airlines has stated on its website that passengers cannot upgrade their seats using the FREE SPIRIT miles program. Passengers can purchase the Big Front Seats online though. This will also depend on the availability of seats. So, you will need to check with the airline carrier with regard to the seat upgrade availability.

Spirit’s Big Front Seats are basically larger seats that offer more leg space in the front. The legroom offered is much larger than what is offered in the standard Deluxe leather seats. Thus, their Big Front Seats offer more comfort to passengers. They are located on the front rows inside the Spirit Airlines flights and are available for decent cheap prices. So if you want to upgrade your current Spirit Airlines reservations to Big Front seats then read this article to learn more.

Difference between Big Front Seats and Standard Seats

Spirit Airlines offers its customers a standard seating called Deluxe Leather Seats, while also providing the availability of traveling in their Big Front Seats seating. These seat types differ from each other in terms of size, price, and comfort.

Below are the main differences between Spirit’s Big Front Seats and the standard Deluxe Leather Seats.

  • Big Front Seats are located in the first few front rows of their aircraft, while their standard Deluxe Leather seats are usually found in the back rows.
  • Big Front Seats are basically bigger in size and provide up to 32% more legroom space than their standard Deluxe Leather Seats.
  • Big Front Seats are also equipped with a “pre-reclined” feature to give passengers more comfort. This is not available in the standard Deluxe Leather Seats.
  • The cost of an upgrade may vary from $12 to $150 for advance booking, and $25 to $175 for onboard upgrades, depending on the length of the flight.

Thus, as you can see from the above comparison, Spirit’s big Front seats are worth the choice and even upgrade, if you are looking for one.

How to Upgrade to Spirit Airlines’ Big Front Seats

As we have already mentioned above, there are basically only two ways by which you can upgrade your current seats to the Big Front seat seating type. One way to do that is by visiting Spirit’s official website and upgrading your seat online.

Method #1: Upgrade Seats online at

You can upgrade your currently booked seat to Spirit’s Big Front seats online. The steps are given below.


1. Using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device, go to Spirit Airlines’ website

2. When on their website, click the My Trips option in the menu located at the top of the main page. Here, you can change, add or cancel your bookings, extra baggage, etc.

3. You will be asked to provide the passenger’s last name and the confirmation number. You can find the confirmation code sent to you via e-mail.

4. Enter the details required and click the Continue button to proceed.

5. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your current seat to the Big Front seat category.

Note: The upgrade cost and other relevant information, such as seat availability, validating your current reservation, etc., will also be displayed on your screen during the process.

If the airline deems you eligible for the upgrade, you will be sent a confirmation via e-mail. So, make sure you have access to your e-mail account as well.

Method #2: Upgrade Seats by Contacting Spirit’s Reservations Desk via Phone

The other option, however, is by simply contacting Spirit’s customer support via phone. The steps are given below.


1. Using your fixed-line phone or smartphone, you can reach Spirit Airlines’ customer service center at +1 855 728 3555 for assistance. They may be available 24/7.

Note: You can also contact them directly on their Whatsapp instant messaging platform using the number given above. If you wish to contact them using the Whatsapp mobile app, remember to include “Hello” before sending your message. You can either communicate through text chat or voice call.

2. If you are greeted with automated voice service, simply select the option relevant to you and you should be connected with a live representative immediately.

3. If your call is with regard to upgrading seats or managing other services, you will be required to provide your details, such as the passenger’s name, confirmation code, origin and destination cities, etc. So, ensure that you have these details handy with you before making the call to Spirit’s customer service center.

4. Keep in mind that the live representative assisting you will be able to process your request depending on the availability of upgradeable seats.

Thus, if you are fortunate to get the upgrade, the live representative will assist you with the upgrade process and can also get it done for you quickly.


Is Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat worth It?

The answer is yes if you are talking about the Comfort You’ll get with the Big Front Seat. They provide you a 36 inches pitch with 20 inches of width and every seat is made up of leather with extra cushioning comfort which provides you a smooth travel comfort with big legroom.

How much does it cost to upgrade seats with Spirit Airlines?

If passengers have the experience to travel in lower-class tickets with Spirit Airlines and have faced discomfort while sitting and facing backache then they need seat upgrades by paying some extra penny to the airlines. If you upgrade your seat at Spirit Airlines to the Big Front seat then you have to pay an extra $35 which is applicable to all the passengers.

What is the procedure for the seat up-gradation?

Passengers have a choice to upgrade a seat by itself. Any passengers can upgrade seats online by opening the official website of Spirit Airlines through the “My trip” tab where you can also assign your seat by paying some extra charges.


Sometimes, the cheapest available ticket could also become the best option if you only need to get to your destination. But, if comfort is what you are looking for in your journey, then purchasing larger seats for a few additional bucks would seem reasonable. So, if your budget can manage the Big Front Seat offered by Spirit Airlines, then perhaps, that extra investment is worth the choice.

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