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VivaAerobus Airlines

VivaAerobus is a Latin American airline. It is one of the fastly growing Airlines in America.VivaAerobus has the youngest fleet of all airlines.

It operates over 115 flights daily and covers over 60 different locations domestic and international.VivaAerobus has high-class performance, it serves internationally.


The airline started its operation on 30th November 2006. Initially connected to Monterrey International Airport in Mexico. In July 2007 texas, the airline announces that they want to fly outside Mexico with the first destination in Astin, US.  

VivaAerobus wanted to undercut traditional Mexican carries by up to 50%. And that started with the arrival of the country’s second generation of low-cost airlines. On 5th November 2007, they got confirmation from the US Department of Transportation to fly to Austin, Berfstorm International airport.

On 26th July 2011, the airline received permission to operate at Chicago-Midway International  Airport. The same year on 15th August, VivaAerobus declared it would start round-trip service between San Antonio and Monterrey. On 13th April 2012, the airline stopped flights to Chicago Midway.

On December 7, 2019, the airline started again to fly from Monterrey to Chicago, but this time from O’Hare International Airport. Furthermore, the airline started to fly to Morelia, Guadalajara, Leon, and Zacatecas from Chicago-O’Hare for 2019-2020 during winter. 

General Information

  • IATA Code: VV
  • ICAO Code: VIV
  • Headquarters: Insurgentes Norte 42, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Frequent-flyer program: Viva Fan

The flights are comfortable and safe to travel. They provide excellent facilities in flight, like good quality food but not freely available, entertainment, affordable ticket prices, and many more. The airlines always claim that it provides the cheapest ticket in all classes compared to others.

Social media handles of VivaAerobus Airlines

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Email: Not Available 
  • Toll free no( Mexico): 81 82 150 150
  • Toll-free no (The United States): +1866 359 8482

VivaAerobus Airlines Baggage Fees

  • 1 Personal item:- FREE
  • 1 Standard carry-on item:- FREE

Dimension and Weight  allowed by the VivaAerobusAirlines

  • Personal items: No weight and size limit gave for personal items like handbags, laptop cases, small backpacks, and purses.
  • Standard carry-on bag:  21.5 x 15.7 x 7.9 inches (55 x 40 x 20 cm including handle and tyres.
  • Weight for Viva Light and Viva Basic: Maximum weight allowed is 22 pounds (10 kg)
  • Weight for  Viva Smart: Maximum weight allowed is 33 pounds (15 kg)

Increase your standard carry-on baggage to more than  33 pounds (15 kg):

  • Domestic charges :
    • Online: $25.90-$30
    • Point of sale: $25.90
    • Airport: $48.50
  • International charges :
    • Online: $25.90-$30
    • Point of sale: $25.90
    • Airport: $48.50

Extra charges:-

Domestic routesonlinePoint of saleAt Airport 
33 pound (15kg)$54.90 – $63$54.90$85
44 pound (20 kg)$64.90 -$75$64.90$119.90
55 pound (25kg)$74.90-$86$74.90$139.90
70 pound (32 kg)$86-$99$86$169.90
International routesonlinePoint of saleAt Airport 
33 pound (15kg)$30 – $63$30$85
44 pound (20 kg)$35 -$75$35$67
55 pound (25kg)$37-$86$37$75
70 pound (32 kg)$86-$99$86$87

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