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15 Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY For Dazzling Kicks!

Albany is a beautiful city and it’s also the capital of New York, the city of the United State of America. Here you can find various fine collections of public art in the city. It is the place of the Empire State Plaza and various architectural wonders contributing as a center of lots of fun day trips from Albany NY.

However, the capital is also famous as the gateway to the Hudson Valley and The Adirondacks, which are two of the most popular areas in upstate New York due to their beauty and variety of activities happening there.

Apart from places in Albany and its nearby places, New York has many tourists attractions which you can’t finish exploring.

From whitewater rafting in the Hudson River to climbing mountain peaks, to immerse yourself in the colonial history of the former fur trade cities, day trips from Albany NY is just perfect place from which to enjoy some spectacular time.

If you do not have the time to plan a vacation, but badly need to run away from your busy and scheduled life, Albany offers you the best and cheapest day trips to recharge yourself.

1. Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs; Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY
Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is located in Saratoga County, New York, famous for its public springs. Historic spa attracting people to come and relax from around the country. It’s an amazing destination concern for the day trips from Albany NY.

Its name Saratoga is due to the presence of mineral springs around the city. This gave it a popular resort destination for 200 years. 

However, there are variations in water taste, which you can find to be sweet, or bitter depending on its location in town. Saratoga Springs ranked the 10th position in the list of top 10 places.

There is also a fantastic restaurant and a buzzing shopping area just 40 minutes’ distance from Albany.

2. Boston Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts; Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY
Boston Massachusetts

Although Boston Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in the country, there is no pompous or stuffy air about it in the city.

In fact, it is one of the most diverse and affluent communities in New England and amidst clam chowder festivals, film tours, and bustling markets, the endless joy of being in the city.

However, one of the nation’s largest cities, Boston has ample opportunity to get involved in its rich history, whether it means a visit to Harvard or one of its countless museums.

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3. Kaaterskill Waterfalls

Kaaterskill Waterfalls; Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY
Kaaterskill Waterfalls

Kaaterskill Waterfalls gorgeous falls are located in the Hudson Valley near Hunter, NY. The waterfall is a part of the lower trail that stretches along the valley, from where many people come on the walk, run, and bike all the way. 

The path is paved and provides a good amount of shade for the warmer months. The waterfall is just over 260 feet high and the waterfall is below two parts of the rock. The water flowing below is Spruce Creek, which hugs the entire trail and descends into the valley with you. 

A little further on the same trail, is the Bastian Falls, a multi-level waterfall about 120 feet long. Kaaterskill Falls is about an hour and 15-minute drive from Albany.

4. Cooperstown

Cooperstown; Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY

Cooperstown is popular for the baseball hall and museum and amazing for the day trips from Albany NY. This famous city is widely one of the few places where baseball has become a beloved national sport.

Here, you can enjoy camping and outdoor lodging, outdoor activities and events and some of the beautiful lakes in the beautiful lakes. Within the city, there are many fine hotels, food, and shops, which always have a welcoming atmosphere.

Naturally, there are a ton of places to watch baseball and your favorite drink. But there are also many other places for the whole family to enjoy some fun and adventure. A day trips from Albany NY for visitors can take a traveling time about 1-2 hours.

5. Pottersville Caves

Pottersville Caves; Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY
Pottersville Caves

The Pottersville caves are famous for their size, but none other than Stone Bridge, the largest marble cave in the country Albany. Its natural sites will be the best placed for day trips from Albany NY.

You can explore the billion-year-old formation on a guided tour. If you want to explore the area by yourself, you can venture above the ground and take advantage of the huge park, which during the winter Features 14-mile long snowshoe trails. A museum is full of rock climbing and the geological history of the area.

6. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls; Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls’s natural attraction ranks second on the bases of the popularity, giving you an idea of ​​the number of people who flock and witness the underground miracle.

It is also the largest underground cave in the entire northeast of the country, making it a worthwhile trip.

You will have the chance to walk both on foot and by boat in various geological formations, as you go on trips that take you 150 feet below the ground.

It is undoubtedly the huge underground lake that was formed during millions of years.

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7. New Paltz

New Paltz
New Paltz

New Paltz is a charming waterfront town nestled in a wilderness area in Ulster County Is and is home to many boutique shops and restaurants. Known as one of the most beautiful cities in upstate New York and just 70 miles south of Albany.

The atmosphere here is consistently joyful and cheerful, due to the Gulzar student population, although it is far from rowdy.

The location of the city in the countryside also means that there are all outdoor activities to take part in, from sailing to jungle walking. Traveler who wants some jungle fun, will love this place as a destination for day trips from Albany NY.

8. Johnstown


Johnstown has a lot of history and great attractions, unique food, and a ton of fabulous people who like to have fun for their day trips from Albany NY. 

The Wildlife Game and Education Museum is an exciting place to explore and learn about fishing, hunting, trapping, and other outdoor sports activities and the history behind them. 

Relax with a game of golf at Fox Run. For animal lovers, Adirondack Animal Land is open to the area’s largest petting zoo for people to come and see more than five hundred animals and hang out with some of them.

If you need a place to stay, Olde Knox Mansion offers respite with bed and breakfast services, while immersing yourself in Grand Victorian-style architecture. Johnstown is about an hour from Albany.

9. Howe Caverns

Howe Caverns
Howe Caverns

Howe Caverns is an amazing attraction that has lots of activities. It would be hard to get through them all the things in just one day. 

Children and families can all learn about the cave system and the history of the area. 

Adult people can enjoy the cave in different ways and are even able to participate in the Naked Cave Tour which promotes body positivity.

People can find some rocks and minerals and a clear plastic bag is allowed to fill them.

Others can mine through the trough to find some good stuff. There are a ton of other activities and events throughout the year for people of all ages. Howe Caverns is only within an hour’s drive from Albany.

10. Adirondack Park Region

Adirondack Park Region, Day trips from Albany NY
NY 365 Entering for Adirondack Park Region

Adirondack Park Region vast area of mountains, parkland, woodland and beautiful wilderness, which can be traveled for the day, or if they take their fancy you can stay longer and camp in countless places.

A true getaway from city life, Adirondack has glacial lakes, waterfalls and more, making them popular among adventure lovers.

Just two hours from the bustling center of Albany, get back to nature with some canoeing, hiking or cross-country skiing.

During the winter, there is even more, with once-in-a-lifetime activities such as ice climbing, dog kills, and ice fishing.

11. Hudson River

Hudson River
Hudson River

Hudson is one of those rivers that really has something to suit every taste and if you follow all the route from Albany to New York City. It will not be impossible for you to find anything attractive, exhilarating or both.

Enjoy breathtaking views from the walkway over the Hudson Walk, the world’s longest pedestrian bridge – or visit the name of the river, Hudson City where you’ll find some of the best dining spots.

For those looking for something more adventurous, down to Hudson River Park for some world-class kayaking with a gorgeous view of the city.

12. Shawangunk Mountains

Shawangunk Mountains
Shawangunk Mountains

Shawangunk Mountains or “Gunks” are referred for Stretching out dramatically from the Northeast’s distinctive gold and red forests.

The sheer 300 feet rock face is one of the best and most iconic rock climbing sites in the world and it is easy to see why.

However, for a day trips from Albany NY is not only the rock climbers who come here, because there are beautiful hiking trails that you can take through any nearby protected land that offers excellent views of the mountain.

If you really want to relax, then visit the spacious and gorgeous Mohonk Mountain House Spa, complete with its lake and rock face.

13. Columbia County

Columbia County
Columbia County

Columbia County is just half an hour from Albany, you’ll find one of the condensed concentrations of historical sites in the Northeast, with everything from pre-presidential retirement homes to huge museums and libraries.

Columbia County is an area filled with homes in old mansions and residential areas surrounded by farms and country markets that give the city a feeling of being separated from the city.

During summer, there is always music to see and hear art with pop-up galleries around every corner and jazz festivals that live on the streets.

A spectacular getaway for a spectacular American settlement, Columbia County is an excellent day trip for those looking for a more comfortable pace of life.

14. Placid Lake

lake placid
Lake Placid

Placid Lake is just two hours from the city streets of Albany, it is one of the United States’ long-favorite vacation spots, the most beautiful of all time.

The vast lake is surrounded by long areas of wildflower fields that shift from purple to orange throughout the year and are simply stunning to observe from various perspectives on Whiteface Mountain.

The village here holds a lot of the charm of its 19th-century small town and is a wonderful base from which to plan walks, hiking routes and even skiing during the winter months.

15. George Lake

George Lake; Weekend Getaways Day Trips From Albany NY
George Lake

George Lake is a beautiful lake in the country. You can find it in the southeast of the huge Adirondacks mountain range.

Visited frequently by locals and travelers alike, there are countless ways to spend the days here, from ferry cruises to water theme parks to every kind of water sport imaginable.

Perfect for people looking for a close-by getaway, it’s only an hour from Albany and if you don’t want to pass up on the home comforts of the city, you’ll also find fine-dining restaurants and shops here.

Warp-Up Words

These were the best day trips from Albany NY. All of these are at a convenient distance from the city. And less than six hours of driving from Albay, one can enjoy any of these mentioned day trips destinations.

With great connectivity with public transport, these tourist attractions near Albany will definitely help you to have kicked in your routine boring life. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and go hit the road.

Wish you a beautiful and safe journey with your friends and family. Good luck!!

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