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13 Adventurous Day Trips From Boise For Weekends Recreation

Boise is the capital of Idaho and the 80th most populous city in the US state. Situated on the Boise River in southwestern Idaho as clear as its name, a green and forested area with scorching summer and heavy snowfall in winter which brought the attraction itself for experiencing a different lifestyle for tourists.

For the day trips from Boise, we can admit that this place has the pleasure of being in the big city as well as the charm that can feel in a small town with all sorts of attractions like shopping, dining, outdoor activities, etc.

Downtown Boise is the cultural center and home to many small and medium businesses. The area has a variety of shops, dining choices, and many local restaurants, bars, and boutiques and supports an amazing nightlife that helps visitors spend their time enjoying Boise’s wine and exploring the city by mountain biking.

The neighborhood of the city has a few abandoned ghost towns left by mining workers long ago and added the adventure of the intrepid explorer. The main attraction of Boise is Idaho State Capitol, the classic Egyptian Theatre, Boise Art Museum as well as Zoo Boise.

Now let’s rock our weekend day trips from Boise with some tips:

13 Weekend Day Trips From Boise

  1. Bogus Basin
  2. Celebration Park
  3. Craters of the Moon
  4. Bruneau Dunes
  5. St Anthony Sand Dunes
  6. Boise National Forest
  7. Idaho City
  8. Silver City Idaho
  9. Idaho Wine Country
  10. Hells Canyon
  11. City of Rocks
  12. Eagle Idaho

1. Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin

It’s a highly elevated area of over 2300 meters, a peak season for skiing during the winter which starts from thanksgiving weekend till April 15, depending on snow conditions. It is 23 miles of cross-country skiing. In contrast, is great for hiking and camping for those who want day trips from Boise to escape the heat in summer.

Driving Distance: 40 min (18.4 mi) via N Bogus Basin Rd

2. Celebration Park

celebration park, day trips from boise

It is Idaho state’s first archeological park for those who enjoy history, Celebration park is really interesting mostly for its Petroglyphs which is a really old etching on the surface of a rock. most of them were made between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago and it’s fifty minute drive from Boise. Essentially, the area agreed to be a good wintering ground for the indigenous peoples.

Activities to do: camping, picnicking, fishing, and hiking
Driving distance: 50min, 39.1 miles through Robinson Rd

3. Craters of the Moon

Cater of the moon

Three and a half an hour drive worth to please your eye with Caters of the moon which is look alike the moon’s surface located in east Boise. Plenty of the black rocks got into the land creating cater and covered all over the hills which look extremely beautiful.

There are viewpoints to have a better look over the fields and tougher outdoor types to try hiking. The beauty is heightened while snow is covering the area which gives the feeling of science fiction movies.

Driving Distance: 3 h 35 min (175.4 mi) via US-20 W

4. Bruneau Dunes

Bruneau Dunes

Another day trip for Boise is a single structured sand dune about 470 feet in North America. Sands are shape-shifting which is because of the wind even the footprint we leave behind gets erased. The amazing part of it is, and moves in two different directions with 180 degrees far from each, that’s why more or less they gather in the same place.

Spring and fall are best to be in dunes. Activities to do: horseback riding, hiking trail, swimming in the lake kite running, boarding and sledding, telescope for stargazing.

Driving Distance: 1 h 7 min (61.9 mi) via ID-51 N and I-84 W

5. St Anthony Sand Dunes

St Anthony Sand Dunes

For those who enjoy dunes in their day trips from Boise, Idaho is a perfect place to be. St Anthony Sand Dunes is also near Boise. Dunes with sand moving by wind become a playground for those who seek adrenaline especially when it comes to sand dune motorsports on ATVs during the summer.

That’s a popular place for bonfires and off-road vehicles. During the winter dunes are closed due to the migration of wildlife. Also, there is the availability of rental vehicles for off-road driving.

Activities to do: a swimming area along the river, several baseball diamonds, and a skate park
Driving Distance:4 h 39 min (285.4 mi) via ID-33 W and US-20 W

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6. Boise National Forest

Boise National Forest

The largest forest in the state with thousands of square miles of untouched, untamed wilderness with the hiking and outdoor opportunities that the forest can have, and amazing rivers offering rafting for tourists, boating, cabin renting, hiking, and biking. During the snowfall in winter, activities change to skiing and snowshoeing.

Driving Distance:2 h 2 min (81.2 mi) via County Hwy 17 and ID-55 S

7. Idaho City

Idaho City

The historical city of Idaho originally known as Bannock was once the gold rush mining town and the capital of Idaho state. But as of now, the city is presenting itself as a half-live half-ghost city. Idaho has a natural hot springs pool that is open all over the year even during the snowfall.

Driving Distance:52 min (40.5 mi) via ID-21 S

8. Silver City Idaho

Silver City Idaho

It is situated in the backcountry of the Owyhee Mountains and is one of Idaho’s most notorious ghost towns which was an old mining town and a boom of its own during the late 1880s.

It got depleted because of its remote location. Four cemeteries are located in this town and a few of them have very interesting headstones. To reach this city during summer travel is possible only by vehicle and in winter by snowmobile.

Driving distance:1 h 59 min (72.9 mi) via Silver City Rd

9. Idaho Wine Country

Idaho Wine country

The Sunnyslope wine strict is a place for 13 various wineries that got award-winning wines from full-bodied reds to delicate roses and it is the fastest-growing agricultural industry.

The achievement can be due to the good weather and an environment for wine grapes. The population in this area has increased from 38 to 51 from 2008 to 2013.

Driving Distance: 2 min (0.4 mi) via N 9th St and W Main St

10. Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon, Swimming day trip in Boise

Hells Canyon is placed in north Boise 16 km wide. It’s the deepest water canyon in North America with snake river flowing there. Recreation season starts in early spring and runs through late November. Always has winter storms and summer thunderstorm which is very common.

For the purpose of the trail, it contains more than 900 for hiking and backpacking. The amazing one begins at DugBar 27 miles from Imnaha. The rout view is spectacular and has a shady forest.

Things to be prepared for is, there will be a problem with high and low temperatures with limitation of water which requires to carry before leaving the town for trial. Another issue is to be mentally ready and not scared of wilderness problems like poison oak and rattlesnakes.

Activities to do: fishing, jet boat tours, hunting, hiking, camping, rafting, and kayaking. most of the water activities peak in summer.
Driving Distance: 3 h 24 min (193.5 mi) via OR-86 W and I-84 E

11. Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls, day trip from Boise

It is located in the northeast of twin falls town and has the largest waterfall which is called Niagara the west. The waterfall is in Shoshone park and because of the mist on sunny days, there is a rainbow visible.

Shoshone Park is providing some facilities like a swimming area, hiking, a playground for kids, and a boat ramp. The park is a great place for a picnic and provides an excellent view of the fall.

Driving Distance:2 h 7 min (132.1 mi) via I-84 W

12. City of Rocks

City of Rocks, rock climbing in day trips from Boise

The City of Rocks is one of the amazing places for having an adventure and mostly it is famous for rock climbing. Its the city of steeple rocks and the silence in the southern part of Albion Mountain and became a popular outdoor activity, especially for rock climbing, hiking, camping, and hunting.

Driving distance: 3 h 7 min (203.9 mi) via I-84

13. Eagle Idaho

Eagle Idaho, Day trips from Boise

Eagle Idaho is on the west side of Boise, located on Boise River, it’s sophisticated featuring mid to high-end homes containing restaurants, and shopping. Tourists can get engaged with local sports activities, hiking, fishing, biking, and so on. In downtown Eagle Historical Museum and the Eagle, Performing Art Center exists.

Driving distance: 19 min (10.0 mi) via E State St

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Wrap up Lines

Boise is a place of adventure with all-seasonal activities for those who need refreshment in their life and different choices that they can opt for according to their mood and tastes. It can be some desert driving during May with the blossom of the wildflowers in some spots staring at the sky seeing stars or maybe satellites that are going around of sky.

Maybe rifling in snake river canyon and have an immersing memorable time that can be experienced for your day trip from Boise but whatever is attracting you to this place, is because you are the maker of your story and trip.

The article tried to look out for the adventurous view for a day trips from Boise. Let’s hope to make the best out of it and the information about Boise comes in handy. Also, please keep updating through comments if you know or suggest more stuff to do on Boise’s trip, especially about fun places for having food.

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