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Amenity Kits on Flights – What are They and Things You Need to Know

You can imagine how tiring and uncomfortable long-distance international flights can often be. On top of that, you are not allowed to bring along some items you may require in your carry-on bag inside the flight. But, don’t worry. Airline carriers are prepared for that as well. They often provide their passengers with some useful things so that you can have a comfortable journey. Apart from being offered in-flight meals, beverages and entertainment, what you also get is an amenity kit. What is this kit and what does it contain? You’ll find out here.

In this blog, we are going to give you a detailed overview of what are amenity kits on flights and also know their purpose and availability in airline carriers.

What is an Airline Amenity Kit?

In air travel, an amenity kit is basically a small hand-held bag or pouch which contains personal care items, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, lip balm, earplugs, eye mask, socks and pyjamas.

Airlines usually provide amenity kits to all passengers travelling on long-haul international flights. Such amenities are typical essential items that are used for comfort or refresh throughout the journey. Thus, passengers travelling in economy, premium economy (available on some airlines), business and first-class, all get amenity kits. However, the items may be more or less, considering the travel class and airline carriers you are travelling with.

Does Amenity Kit Differ by Travel Class and Airline Carriers?

Well, yes. Although the items mentioned above are typically essential for a passenger who is travelling on a long-distance flight, there may be certain items which are only provided to first and business-class passengers. Some airlines also provide additional items to their premium economy class passengers as well.

Among the essential dental kit, skincare, cosmetics, earplugs, eye mask, socks and pyjamas, there are also several premium luxury branded items that business and first-class passengers, in particular, are fortunate to have offered. For instance, these premium items may include pocket perfume bottles and cosmetics from major luxury brands. Airline companies and premium luxury brands work in partnership in order to provide customers with a better experience.

Airline carriers, such as Finnair provides amenity kits that are manufactured by their home brand Marimekko. Similarly, amenity kits provided to Japan Airlines’ passengers include items from the country’s own premium luxury brand Shiseido. Also, passengers travelling on Swiss International Air Lines are provided amenity kits from Swiss brands, such as Bally and La Prairie. Air France presents their passengers with premium items from the country’s Clarins brand. Turkish Airlines offers items from the popular brand Versace.

Amenity Kit offered on American Airlines

American Airlines offers a designer leather zipper pouch from the brand This is Ground to passengers travelling on first class. Inside one side of the pouch, you will find items strapped to hold them, while the other side contains a wide pocket to put other items.

Amenity kits offered to long-haul international first-class passengers include items, like a dental kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, facial moisturiser, body lotion, lip balm, a tissue pack, mints, earplugs, socks, a pen, a credit card pitch and a discount code for some products.

Amenity Kit offered on Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines provides pale grey colour bags to women and charcoal grey colour bags to men travelling in business class. The items in this amenity kit include premium skincare products from the luxury Italian brand Bulgari, toiletries and more.

Amenity Kit offered on Etihad Airways

Passengers travelling to different destination cities on Etihad Airways flights are usually offered amenity kits with a fine design that is reminiscent of the region. For instance, a passenger headed to Sydney will be given a specially designed amenity kit having water-like whorls decorated on the bag or pouch.

If you are travelling business class on Etihad Airways, your amenity kit will also include items, like up-to-date LUXE City Guides, listing the best restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas.

Amenity Kit offered on Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines provides amenity kit bags that look like a canvas and include artwork of photographers, designers and also, and indigenous people of Australia. Among the commonly included essential items, passengers are also provided hydrating hand cream, moisturiser and a few luxury items.

Are Amenity Kits offered for Free or Charged Fees?

Amenity kits provided to passengers on flights are free of cost. Also, the airline does not bother asking their passengers to return the amenity kits upon arriving at their destinations.

Many passengers usually take amenity kits along with them, however, certain passengers simply leave their amenity kits on their seats and walk away. In addition, there are both one-time use and reusable items in these amenity kits. Since, you are only going to use some items once during your trip, like a toothbrush, if we look at it the other way, it’s also a waste. But, needless to say, reusable items, like earplugs, eye masks, socks and pyjamas can be taken along without any problems, and the security at the airport will also not hold these items back.

However, bear in mind that certain amenities, like pillows, blankets and noise-cancelling headphones that are mostly offered to first and business-class passengers, are requested back by airlines at the end of the journey.


Amenity kits are very useful during long-haul international flights. Better yet, passengers of all travel classes are provided with these essential personal care items, which is often seen as an appreciated approach by airline carriers.

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