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What Is Canada Famous for? Interesting Facts

When you think about Canada, do you think what is Canada famous for?

Obviously, No, we usually plan to travel to Canada by just knowing the best places to visit in Canada.

But, don’t you think before visiting one of the beautiful countries “Canada” we should acknowledge what is Canada famous for.

There are plenty of things for which we know Canada worldwide from maple syrup, and beautiful landmarks, to ice hockey.

Moreover, Canada is the world’s second-largest area in North America after Russia. Also, 60% part of Canada is covered with lakes which have a total of 20% freshwater on earth and the largest lake of Canada is Lake Superior. Canada has a total of 563 major lakes which covered around 891,163 square kilometers of area.

Exploring Canada is something really adventures people get to know some interesting facts. Also, people love going on road trips and enjoy watching the stunning scenery. So, if you are a tourist here then don’t miss the popular things for what Canada is famous for.

1. Niagara Falls

canada famous for, Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

The Niagara Fall is a world-famous waterfall in Canada.

Niagara Falls is a combination of three lakes that fall down into Niagara. However, among the three falls, the largest fall is horseshoe falls also known as Canadian falls.

In Canada, people often visit this place, especially tourists and it’s both a daytime and evening time attraction for tourists. Moreover, the popular tourist attraction in Niagara Falls is the cruise boat Maid Of The Mist which carries passengers below the falls. Tourists love to take a tour of it and it is the most famous thing in Canada.

2. Maple Syrup

canada famous for maple syrup
Maple Syrup

This is a special thing in Canada where indigenous people of North America manufacture maple syrup. The syrup is made from the xylem sap of the sugar maple tree or from any other maple species. 

There are two methods to produce maple syrup:

  1. By drilling the maple tree so it’s sap pour into the container. 
  2. Or by boiling the sap in hot water until the water evaporates and leaves the thick layer of maple syrup.

Canada is best known for this delicious sweet maple syrup. It is popular by every Canadian, especially the bakers, food makers. The Canadian people love to add syrup while preparing a meal. They also prefer adding some other things like an apple or anything which gives a great taste to their tongue.

Also, Canadian people love to make apple pie dishes in which the maple syrup they used adds more taste to it. 

3. Ice hockey

Ice Hockey,canada famous for
Ice Hockey

Canada is famous for playing hockey on ice that’s why this game is popularly known as ice hockey. It is a popular winter sport in Canada. Canadian love hockey so much that people watched the repeated telecast match of the men’s gold hockey championship many times.

In fact, ice hockey is the fastest-growing game regarding women. They found a sudden increase of 400 per-cent in 1995-2005. Even in 2011, there were around 85,000 women in Canada to play ice hockey. 

However, it is to perceive that they gave more preferences to the men’s hockey team than women. Maybe it is because of body checking, as they prohibit it in women’s hockey.

4. National Flag

The national flag of Canada has a print of 11 pointed maple leaves at the center with a white background color. However, the flag also has 2 red color vertical bands on both sides. 

Moreover, the combination of red and white color represents meaning in which red stands for prosperity and hope and white stands for equality and peace. And, the maple leaves represent the cultural heritage and natural resources of the nation.

5. Poutine

Poutine, canada famous for

The Canadian most favorite food is poutine, which comprises french fries and cheese, and brown gravy on it. Many people or Canadians love this delicious food. Tourists who are visiting this country must have a taste of this delicious poutine once. As it is a famous dish of the Canadians.

Moreover, in 2016 the Poutine was served at the Whitehouse during the meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama.

In fact, they celebrated the first poutine festival in Warwick Quebec, this event expanded and became the largest cheese festival in Canada. So, tourists, there must get a great taste of Poutine.  

6. Toronto

Toronto, canada famous for

Toronto is a famous tourist place as it holds many beautiful architectures, and museums to gaze on. Tourists in Canada give their visit to this city to look out for the beauty of this city.

Moreover, the famous places where maximum tourists give their visit are the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Hockey Hall Of Fame. besides this, tourists must visit the Toronto Zoo which has more than 4000 animals of which 460 are distinct species.

Tourists who are visiting this zoo will get a chance to explore more about the place and the animals over there.  

7. The CN Tower

Toronto, CN Tower, canada famous for
Toronto, CN Tower

Canada is known for the CN Tower it was once the tallest building in the world and is something Canada is famous for. Many tourists visit this tower as it was the world’s first tower to stand on its roof of this tower till 2007. Moreover, the CN Tower is 1,815.3 feet high, and it is located in downtown Toronto.

After the construction of the CN Tower, it holds many records. The records are the world’s tallest free-standing structure, the world’s highest public observation gallery, the longest metal staircase, the highest glass floor, and many more. These records hold by this tower because it was the first world’s tallest tower in the world.

Tourists must visit this tower to get a view of the stunning CN Tower and stand on the roof of it to enjoy the full view of Toronto City.

The stunning structure of Canada also gives invitations to tourists to visit this place at least once and enjoy the beauty of nature, surroundings, lakes, and many more things to view and enjoy. Canada is also famous for the friendly behavior that they carry for everyone.

8. Beautiful Landscapes

Canada, canada famous for

The country Canada is a famous place to capture nature’s beauty. It is enriched with beautiful landscapes, lakes, mountains, gardens, and many more places to explore. Tourists here love to do outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, fishing, swimming, and many more.

The city of Canada has numerous things to watch and roam around. And the world famous is Niagara Falls. Tourists travel from far away to just have a look at the Niagara waterfalls. 

Moreover, tourists in winter have time to do some silly activities with snow to have fun with ice. Its beautiful landscapes are no less than a paradise on Earth.

9. Culture in Canada

Canadian Cultures, canada famous for
Canadian Cultures

Canada is a country enriched with many things. And, the best way to explore this place is by getting deep knowledge about the cultures followed by Canadians.

There are many rituals and cultures followed by the Canadians, but few of them are famous ones. Here is a list of some famous cultures in Canada.

  • Celebration of light.
  • Winter lude
  • Just for laughs
  • Canadian national exhibition.
  • Calgary Stampede.  
  • Pride Toronto.
  • Toronto international film festival
  • Quebec Winter Carnival.

10. Ottawa

Ottawa, canada famous for

It is the capital of Canada and many tourists visit this place, as there are many beautiful sites to visit in this city. Ottawa is known for the Niagara waterfall which attracts many tourists to visit the capital of Canada. 

It is also famous for the local Beaver Tail its delicious pastry in Ottawa, which gives an awesome taste to your tongue. So, tourists must taste it before leaving this city. 

11. Eminent Politeness

Canadian Eminent Politeness, canada famous for
Canadian Eminent Politeness

People in Canada are famous for their polite nature and etiquette. 

There are many people who feel difficult to apologize even when the mistake is done by them only. But, with Canadians, the level of politeness they carry is at its peak. They hardly focus on who had done something wrong, Canadians are the one who never feels ashamed to say sorry. 

Moreover, the level of politeness can be observed in these places in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Visitors will love visiting Canada not because of its beautiful landscapes but also because of the friendly and polite nature of Canadians which helps them to explore new places.

In fact, there are many travel bloggers who share the experience of traveling to new places and interacting with new people. And, they mention the Canadian’s eminent politeness which helps tourists in a different manner while being in trouble.

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12. Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Canada, canada famous for
Northern Lights, Canada

Northern lights are the lights that occur in the sky when the sun electrically charged particles enter the earth’s atmosphere.

That is the most famous thing in Canada “The Northern Lights”. There are many untouched areas that are perfect to enjoy the view of the northern lights. Besides, Canada there are many other countries like Norway, and Iceland that give the best view of the northern lights. But, Canada is excellent to enjoy the vibrant purple, green, and red color lights.

There are a few famous places in Canada where tourists can enjoy viewing these lights. The best places are Yellowknife, Whitehorse, and Churchill. 

13. Road Trips

Road Trip In Canada, canada famous for
Road Trip In Canada

Canada is heaven for those who love a long drive or enjoy watching beautiful sceneries on road trips. We often observe that many people prefer going on road trips.

Canada is the best place to visit if you love going on a long drive with your partner. even, people there provide many services to have a wonderful road trip, enjoy renting a car, buy a ticket for a road trip and the best one is like how people of Canada do Road trip on a Motorhome, you also can easily rent one and explore the country even if you have the approval you can go from the U.S. and Canadian borders.

Other things that Canada is famous for Tourists will is watching the stunning beaches, coastline, rainforests, mountains, and many more. So, don’t stop yourself from it, if you are not having any vehicle to go for a road trip then you can take a car for rent and enjoy the trip.

14. Lakes

Superior Lake
Superior Lake

Canada is famous for its lakes and it is the second-largest country in the world after Russia and has more lakes than the rest of the world. These lakes contain 20% of fresh drinkable water more than any county on this earth. The biggest lake in the country is lake Superior which covers almost 82,000 square kilometers. Almost 50% of freshwater lakes in the world are only situated in Canada.

This country has a total of 563 lakes and also has many power dams. Lake Superior has one of the cleanest water of any lake in the world, through which we can see at least 27 meters inside the lake.

15. Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diveristy
Cultural Diversity

Canadian culture is known for being the most diversified culture internationally. Mainly it is a mix of Britishers, French, and Americans. This country is so much diversified that people from different countries, religions, and backgrounds live together in peace. Today most of the population is migrated and contributing to Canada’s development and in other fields as well such as Sports, Science, and Acting.

This multicultural country is a parliamentary and constitutional democracy which means there is a democracy and people have the right to vote.

Canadian people are one of the most joyful people in the world and the life expectancy is more in Canada because of their climate and green environment. There are more than 250 different ethnic origins or ancestors were reported in 2016. With diversification, the nation has an advantage of innovation and creativity.

In Summary

We hope you get detailed knowledge about what is Canada famous for after reading this blog. We discussed some interesting facts about this beautiful place, which you may never knew about it earlier.

Our advice is to pack your bags and get ready to explore Canada with your loved ones. And interact with Canadian there who always carry sweetness and well behavior attitudes speaking. 

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