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11 Things Of What Is Chicago Known For? Famous Facts About The Windy City

In this article, we will explore what is Chicago known for.

Well, sitting on the banks of the great Lake Michigan, the remarkable city finds its place in the state of Illinois (U.S.). Illinois is also known as the “Land of Lincoln” regarded by the great president of America, Abraham Lincoln who is honored for his noble vision.

Established in the year 1837, and now is most prolifically known as mini America. The city is a great example of American culture, skyscrapers, food, nature, adventure, Architecture, and of course History. These things are what Chicago is known for.

Starting off as a small trading post, the city is Nowadays, is regarded as the major hub of America’s trading-related activities along with transport and telecommunications.

The city has a horrific history related to the summer of 1871. By that time there is a fire broke out, leaving thousands of buildings destroyed, and taking a toll on 300 lives. But it never looks back after the incident and continues to become progressive over the years. In fact, it is tagged as the alpha global city due to its influence on Globalization some years back.

If you want to go deep inside the town to explore the things identical to this great American city, well while talking about America how can we forget New York? There are some Very good places to visit in New York as well. But today, we will talk about why is Chicago famous, come with us and keep reading with all your concentration because we bet it is interesting.

What Is Chicago Known For

1. The City of Neighborhoods

The city of Chicago is famously called the city of neighborhoods. There are so many great places to visit in Chicago. You can easily do day trips from Chicago. Although you are much aware of the neighborhood of your house, in a broader complexion it means a city that has a lot of sub-communities. The basic reason behind this fact is that the city is traditionally rich and the effects of its traditions are rooted in its geopolitical lifestyle.

Chicago's neighborhood
So-called Chicago’s neighborhood

Just better understands by visiting a place in the city that has an official name. In the place, you will certainly find the people who call themselves from the sub-community of the place rather than the official one. For example, I’m in the neighborhood of the east-lake view rather than the more official lake view. 

Chicago is widely known for its attractive space that includes a lot of huge parks and grounds. Its awesome lake views make this city a slight cut from the other metropolitans, yes this is one other thing that is Chicago known for it.

2. Pronounced as the Windy City

Nicknamed the windy city, you would probably think of a clear perception of the city of Chicago weather. But do you know why it is called a windy city? The initial fact that comes to mind is the winds of Lake Michigan that keep blowing through the city center.

Chicago's winds
Chicago A “Windy City”

But there is another aspect behind the mystery of this nickname, which is derived from the city’s windy politics. To know the fact better, just go down memory lane to the late 19th century. At the time, Chicago is just gearing up for the world’s fair. With New York City, a strong contender and much more likely to win the bid, Chicago eventually reaches the line.

At the time, New York’s Sun Newspaper Editor Charles Dana Andrews doesn’t digest the fact and told people to ignore the claims of that “Windy City”. There are more facts regarding the city’s nickname presents, other names for what is Chicago known for like a tornado that swept through the city, wind storms, etc.

3. Third-largest city in the U.S

From the population point of view, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States, just falling short of New York and California. According to the most recent Census, the population of the town just reaches an estimated 27,16,450. It is the most populous city in the state of Illinois which covers approximately 606.1 square km.

Chicago's street crowd
Chicago’s busy and crowdy streets

The city of Chicago finds its heart in Cook County which itself is in second place in the list of most populous counties in the United States. In fact, Chicago is known for being the fourth-largest metropolitan city in the world with respect to land area. 

4. Skyscrapers

Undoubtedly, also Chicago is known for its famous Skyscrapers. The city is home to many of the tallest buildings that continue to make the country’s other metropolitan counterparts jealous. In the town, you can witness “Willis tower” the inaugural tallest building in the United States. Completed in 1974, the skyscraper is standing at an altitude of 1451 feet with 110 stories.

Willis Sears tower view
Willis Sears tower among other skyscrapers

The city of Chicago is also famous as the skyscraper’s birthplace. In this town, you can spot some of the oldest skyscrapers in the country. Out of the 10 tallest buildings in the U.S., 4 come from Chicago.

The most notable of such buildings is the Trump International Hotel Tower (the second tallest building in Chicago) and Aon Center, a modern supertall skyscraper. John Hancock Center and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower are also some of the specialized towers of the city. The historic Chicago water tower just narrowly escapes the great fire of 1871 is now proudly stands on the list of must-watch attractions.   

5. Lake Michigan Beaches

You cannot imagine the tour of Chicago city if you just can’t windup by going to the identical Lake Michigan beaches. Lake Michigan beaches are some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. One such beach is North Avenue Beach. The iconic beach is providing you with the perfect scenic combination of the Lake as well as the city lights. In fact, a perfect moment to enjoy the same time calm of the lake and the bustle of the city.

Lake Michigan's beach view
Scenic beachside view of Lake Michigan

In addition to North Avenue Beach, which on some occasions, proudly hosts the international beach volleyball competition, there are other beaches that also come in the line of competing on the shores of Lake Michigan. These are Oak Street Beach, Rainbow Beach and Park, 57th Street Beach, Foster Avenue Beach, Oakwood Beach, South Shore Beach, and Montrose Beach.

You can also make fun strolling along the beaches, doing outdoor yoga, sun-basking, and cycling which gives you the ultimate experience of the city of Chicago.

6. Museums

The city, of course, made its specialty by having some of the fine examples of offbeat museums in the country. While on the survey of finding the best Offbeat Museums in Chicago, one place to stop by is the International Museum of Surgical Science. Situated in the Gold Coast neighborhood and founded in 1954, It is a world-class museum showcasing Antique equipment and fascinating exhibits on the history of medical science.

The one and only Art Institute of Chicago
Streetside view of the Art Institute of Chicago

Just pin up with Busy Beaver Button Museum with thousands of pin-up buttons on display. Chicago sports museum is what you must just visit and hang out in a playful mood. Enjoy understanding American literature by rushing to the more recent American Writers Museum with interactive displays.

Above all just don’t miss wandering around the famous Art Institute Of Chicago. One of the oldest and largest museums in the United States so popularized by visitors. Other notable museums are the Field Museum of Natural History and the Adler Planetarium. 

7. Unique Cuisines

Other stuff is what is Chicago known for! Yummy Cuisines ☺️ you can not ignore these Chicago’s popularity from the perception of food. We just remind you that the city is also world-famous for its regional tasty treats. Just try out the city’s iconic deep-dish pizza (famously known as Chicago pizza) and the Chicago-style hot dogs, a unique flavor of Chicago’s traditional food. Some of the best collections of Chicago pizzas are Giordanos, Unos, Lou Malnati, and Ginos.

Deep Dish Cheese Pizza
A mouth-watering Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

You would be new to this metropolitan if not familiar with the Jibarito sandwiches. Interestingly, Jibaritos sandwiches are not made from bread but with an ingredient of meats, cheese, lettuce, and sometimes tomato that surely make water out of your mouth.

Chicago Doughnut is another specialty of this big city and a must to get the old-fashioned treat of Chicago. Although these Doughnuts are crispy and coated with vanilla beans ideal for your breakfast sun, you can prefer this anytime to get the real taste of the City.

8. Architecture

If talking about Architecture, the one name that appears instantly is Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect, and the mastermind behind the awesome houses in the city. The masterpieces of Wright’s interior decor are not an exception in the outside world. But you can find the best of its creation in the heart of Chicago, where he practices his artwork most.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture
An example of the Organic architecture of F.L.Wright

Wright specifically introduces the Prairie Styles of homes that are coming in the majority of Chicagoans’ homes which results in the domineering specialty of the city. The houses built in this category have a unique combination of harmony, humanity, and the environment.

When we speak about architecture. What interests me the most are those old beautiful castles that remind us of the great history we left behind. Some of these Castles are also there in Chicago and many other beautiful famous castles in the world too.

The examples of these organic architectures are found most predominantly in houses of Chicago’s Upper and middle-class society. Robie House, Rookery, Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio, and Charnley-Persky House are some fine examples of Wright’s artworks.

9. Cloud Gate (The Bean)

The Cloud Gate, the well-known mirrored sculpture in Millennium Park, is unquestionably among Chicago’s top attractions. Anish Kapoor, a British artist of Indian descent, created Cloud Gate, affectionately known as “The Bean.” If you enjoy modern art and want to go and explore then it is a stunning and striking mirrored sculpture. The Bean is a must-see attraction despite being highly crowded with tourists. You can go there with your family and friends and make your vacation memorable by capturing some photos there because it is one of the greatest places to take pictures to remember your vacation to Chicago. You can visit Millennium Park, free of cost. But you should visit Millennium Park early in the morning or later in the day to avoid crowds, as it is frequently packed during the summer and on weekends. You can also visit Maggie Daley park which is connected to Millennium park which is famous as a larger outdoor.

10. Gangster Tour

Well, sounds weird, but the city of Chicago has a dark side to the coin for having organized crime tours. One name that fiercely comes to mind while talking about the crimes in the city is Al Capone. Al Capone made his name famous and became the sole crime boss or mafia of the Chicago underworld.

Union Station Building's dark interior look.
Inside Union Station Building, Chicago

Al Capone is the name of Chicago’s dark and fearsome criminal past. Famously known as “Scarface”, he co-founded “Chicago outfit”. Just explore the various sites where he and his gang actually committed the crimes. In fact, there are some classics also made on the life of this underworld don of Chicago.

You can go for the “Untouchable Gangster Tours” to view some of the listed criminal sites where the world’s most famous criminals, mobsters, and gangsters have their impact.

You can also go barefoot to see the sites where most noted Chicago gangsters and Mobsters like John Dillinger and Hymie Weiss have their plays. Such sites are Green Mill, Biograph Theater, Union Station, and St Valentine’s Day Massacre Site.

11. Jazz Music

Chicago is best known for its legendary music which they gave the world such as Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll, and hip-hop music for many years. As we all know music unites the world and Chicago is a place where Electronic music was born In today’s time, EDM is banging many heads with its lovely classic instrumental beats.

Jazz Music of Chicago
Jazz Music of Chicago

In the 1980s and 1990, Orchestras started gaining popularity as famous artists like the Chicago Sinfonietta, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Lyric Opera of Chicago are from Chicago. These artists play a major role in the popularity of Jazz music.

Today’s many famous artists perform in the world music festivals like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and many more they are making the world mad with their beats, it is only possible because Chicago is a legendary music premier city.

Jazz music has a great history in the music industry because in the mid-1930s Gospel music started gaining popularity in Chicago because Mc Kinley known as Muddy Waters and took the music to the next level also known as the “father of modern Chicago Blues”.

12. Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls is a famous professional American Basketball team that competes in NBA (National Basketball Association). This team was founded on 16 January 1966 and has won many championships they are mainly known for having one of the NBA’s great dynasties.

Chicago Bulls Team
Chicago Bulls Team

Chicago Bulls was founded by Dick Klein and this team has a record that they have not lost a single match in the history of NBA finals. Chicago Bulls won six NBA championships in seven years from 1991 to 1998 and it was also their golden period.

All of these championships were led by the great Basketball player Michael Jordan one of the most famous Chicagoans. and this was the first team to win 72 games in a single season. The logo of the Chicago bulls was designed by Theodore “Ted” W. Drake, and the logo denotes that there is blood on the horns of the bull. Also, this team has a separate die-hard fanbase who supports the team in their tough time as well.

13. Chicago Riverwalk

Another must-see Chicago sight, particularly in the summer, is the Chicago Riverwalk, a pedestrian promenade along the river. One of the best places in Chicago for people-watching is the Riverwalk, which also includes a number of places to sit and eat. The recently renovated Chicago Riverwalk offers a picturesque waterside route free of motorized traffic. People who work downtown frequently utilize it for lunchtime fitness on foot. You can rent a kayak as well as something to eat at The Marina Plaza, and explore the river at The Cove.

Final Words

The city of Chicago is so diverse, that you can dissolve into its culture and can come to the conclusion of the city is a place that is unique on its own. The city can be your neighborhood too if you have the craze of knowing the things What is Chicago known for are more than an average visitor or tourist.

Surely the inaugural or old concrete jungle of America has something that makes it cutting edge from the other cities of the United States or perhaps the towns around the world. We hope you enjoy the article and comment on us with your precious views. Chicago is the best place for a visit in September just like many other places to visit in the world during September.

We hope this article was very helpful to you. If it did then do let us know about it. It helps us in providing good content regularly.

Thanks for reading.

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