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What Is The State Of North Carolina Best Known For?

What is North Carolina best known for? The answers is the beautiful natural scenery. Located in the South-eastern part of the United States, N.C is one of the largest states of the U.S. You will get blessed with its magnificent amount of greenery in the form of the Pine trees, dogwood flowers. The state’s bird Cardinal is also a major attraction, which flies in its vast majority of beautiful landscapes.

Actually settled by the great King Charles II of England in 1663, the state became the 12th state of the nation in 1789. Although the first state to declare independence, the state also finds its roots in the wake of the Civil War in the middle of the 19th century.

North Carolina leads the nation in tobacco, furniture, brick, and textile production. The state also has the Unprecedented tag of the nation’s No1 producer of sweet potatoes. The state has the largest highway system in the U.S.

Apart from the Birthplace of Vicks VapoRab, Pepsi-Cola, Barcode, Gatling Gun, “Lady  Edison”, there is so much that you need to know what is the State of North Carolina best known for.   

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Nickname as Tar-heel State

Water of Tar river, North Carolina, What is North Carolina best known for?
A view of Tar river (N.C)

The state of North Carolina is best known as the “Tar-heel State” globally. According to the study, the origins of the so-called abbreviation for the state can be traced back to the time of civil war.

By the time, the confederate troops have got their foot stuck in their ranks like tar on their heels. From there the residents of the state are so passionate about describing the alternative name.

But there is another explanation of the fact that most of the historian already discussed. They claim that the state has an abundant amount of naval stores such as tar, pitch, rosin, and turpentine from its extensive pine forests during the uprising.

Another interesting legend can take you to the great American revolution. During the period, a river (Presently Tar river) just stop the advancement of the English troops.

Above explanations are based on the observed history, but the mystery of this nickname is still under a debated matter.       

The University of North Carolina

Under North Carolina University Campus (Duke University)
Duke University under N.C.U Campus

Situated in the heart of North Carolina, UNC at Chapel Hill or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is what North Carolina is known for. This public research university is the most renowned institution across the world to bring masters in innovation and research.

Established in 1789, the inaugural public university of the U.S finds its place among top 30 universities of the nation. The UNC provides a lot of activities for the students as part of their higher-level education and ground-breaking research. Divided into a number of colleges, UNC comes with a majority of the graduate programs for its curiosity awaken students.

Not just the College, but the town of Chapel Hill is also a major attraction. The town offers to its visitors the best of music, shopping centers, and restaurants. It is regarded as one of the best campus towns in the U.S.       

Gold rush

One of the gold digging family from North Carolina in early 19th century.
A gold-digging family at the time of great rush

The sophisticated land of North Carolina is also a place for the first gold rush in America. This story can take you to the year 1799 when a teenage boy from Cabarrus County, N.C, discovers a 17-pound gold nugget. The discovery of this nugget actually leads to the gold rush, which makes an interesting impact on the history of the state.

After the discovery, a massive run for the gold began in the state, which totally changes the complexion of the State and the Country. The nearby counties also get the news and start the expedition at the highest level.

As a result, people from the other parts of the country gather or even migrates to the state. They start gold mining and eventually paved the way for the great North Carolina Gold Mine Company.

This gold rush even wakes up the then-president Thomas Jefferson, who in 1804 just thwarts to the area to see if there are any further findings. Afterward, so many people are engaged in the gold mining industry in the hope of finding the piece of this yellow treasure. John reed, without exception, is one of the notable people of the great rush.

Some historians have thought that this historic event makes the state a wealthy one across the United States at the time.    

Fantastic museums

Paintings on display inside North Carolina Museum Of Art.
Beautiful Paintings inside N.C.M.A

Your North Carolina tour will be incomplete if you do not visit its most sophisticated and fantastic museums. The state has a number of eye-catching museums that can draw much of the visitor’s attention. Some of the best museums are listed below which you can find nowhere else.  

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Situated in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the oldest museum of the state. It is the state’s most visited museum that displays natural exhibits relating to the plants and animal life sciences. It even includes live animals with self-guided tours as well as shops and fine cafes.    

North Carolina Maritime Museum

Under the N.C Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, North Carolina Maritime Museum best showcases the rich surfing history of the State. Spanning to the nearby locations, it is actually a system of regional museums providing the state’s coastal and marine past.  

North Carolina Museum Of Art 

Raleigh’s most exceptional museum, N.C.M.A is the center of art galleries and fine artworks from around the globe. Funded by the state, it is the large museum with the collection of a variety of artworks.   

Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum

A kind of its own, Wheels Through The Time Motorcycle Museum is the best place to go down memory lane. A great place to witness the vintage collection of Motorbikes and automobiles of the country. 

North Carolina Museum of History

North Carolina Museum of History is the hub of providing the artifacts relating to the State’s history dates back thousands of years to the present. You can witness the state’s evolution through various time periods with its culture and geographical history.    

Delightful food

Grilled Barbecue meat, a unique specialty of North Carolina.
A grilled BBQ Meat

In North Carolina, just can’t imagine being the ordinary person traveling the state and ignoring some of the unique Cuisines of the state. The state has the specialty of serving its visitors it’s delicious food which is listed below.     


One food which is the most common of all North Carolina is Barbeque or most famously known as BBQ. A unique specialty of the state, BBQ comes mostly with the flavor of pork, lamb or chicken. It also coated with coleslaw, spicy smoked sweet potatoes, cornbread, barbecued beans, and jalapeno cheddar corn cakes.      

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are just one thing that can come in the minds of the North Carolinians, especially if you are in Charlotte. As the name suggests, these baked doughnuts are so yummy in taste that really makes what North Carolina is known for. Just take them with your morning coffee or with breakfast. 


One item which is a must to taste in America or in North Carolina is to take a slice of Burger. Especially in the state of Charlotte, these burgers come with the unique spice. They filled with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of bacon to provide a unique taste.   


As close proximity of State’s borders with the Atlantic, a variety of seafood is a preferred choice in North Carolina. These spicy dishes are just come with the best combination of fried, rice, pasta or garlic bread. 


Another well-known specialty of the state is to cheer the unique taste of the iconic Cheerwine. Alternatively known as “nectar of the tar heel”, this cherry-flavored soft drink is very common among many of the State’s restaurants.  

Mount Olive Pickles

Another popular food item with a rather low diet is to pick the delicious flavor of crispy and chunky Mount olive Pickles. Just try them with the fried foods to make a treat to taste.     

Unique culture

People gathers in American Dance Festival
people enjoy Dance festival

Due to its rich history, the state of North Carolina is famously known for its unique culture across the United States. As a coastal state, there is certain impact of regional places to the state and also from the early settlers. Some of the best of Cultural activities of the state can be observed from its variety of festivals.    

American dance festival

Claims to be the world’s best dancing festival but at least the best dancing event in the state of North Carolina, the American dancing festival is actually an organization. It provides dance training with sophisticated methods, styles, theories together with the most diverse artists.  

Carolina Renaissance festival

Carolina Renaissance Festival is the typical seasonal state fair showcasing the European like arts and entertainment from the middle ages. It comprises the circus show, open theatre, etc; to just memorialize the state’s culture in the renaissance period.    

Barbecue festival 

Named after the iconic food of the State, The Barbecue Festival is all about going to the streets and challenge the other participants to make the best dish of BBQ. Apart from the competition, the fair is a mixture of displaying fine artworks, drinks, music, entertainment and much more. 

Seagrove Pottery festival

Seagrove Pottery Festival is an annual event and a chance for most of the Seagrove area potters to display their skills of pottery. It is also the show of some fine potters ready to be sold.  

North Carolina State Fair

Another cultural fair and a must-attend event for the agriculturists from the region is the North Carolina State Fair. The fair provides the exhibits of the vintage farming tools and machinery. The fair also provides the beauty of flowers, gardens as well as old villages and their villager’s hand-on craft-works.     

Marvelous parks and landscapes

Appalachian mountains and surrounding greenery, truly a gem in North Carolina.
A magnetic view of Appalachians and greenery

The State of North Carolina, unlike the Bay area (San Fransisco) which is more populous, is best observed from its naturally rich landscapes. Its amazing region spans from the Appalachian Mountains, Piedmont all the way to the Coastal Plains. Some of the parks for your unique adventure in the outback are as follows.  

William B. Umstead State Park

A paradise for the long hikers, William B. Umstead State Park is a large park that provides you with multiple interlinking trials. These trails also comprise the regional cities of  Raleigh, Cary, and Durham. People just love to enjoy activities like trail running, bicycling, equestrian, etc; to its over 5000 acres of land.   

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is covered with lush greenery, rivers, magnetic waterfalls, and an amazing  Appalachian Mountain hiking trail. Just head to the top of Clingman’s dome to observe the awesome scenery. With the tag of Unesco World Heritage site, its a must-visit site in North Carolina.

Grandfather mountain

As the name suggests, the GrandFather mountain is truly a gem in the series of the Appalachian mountain. The natural wonder provides a breathtaking view of its surrounding nature.

Providing a rather tough trial into its Grandfather mountain state park, the adventure lovers just somehow manage to tie the knot. Visitors just rush to its famous mile-high swinging bridge, mini zoo to admire the scenic beauty from the distance.     

Mount Mitchell

The highest peak in the Appalachian mountain series, Mount Mitchell is a worth visiting site in the North Carolina State. Close to the blue ridge parkway, it offers a scenic view from the ride. 

Blue Ridge Parkway

America’s longest linear park, the blue ridge parkway, is North Carolina’s famous adventurous park. It draws much of the attention of the adventure lovers. The visitors just admire the scenic view in addition to amazing hiking and trails.    

Great historical sites

Biltmore Estate, a unique of its own private mansion in North Carolina
Magnificent exterior view of Biltmore Estate

North Carolina is also known for its historical and fact-filled sites. Some of the notable sites are as follows.  

North Carolina Executive Mansion

North Carolina Executive Mansion is the fine example of the great Victorian-style architecture in America. In fact, one of the former U.S presidents hailed this architecture as the most beautiful governor’s residence interiors in America. 

Biltmore Estate

The largest privately-owned house in the United States, the Biltmore Estate is a historic house museum built in Châteauesque style. The visitors here admired the great architectural work which is unique of its own in America.  

Battleship North Carolina

Served as the first Battleship for the United States Army during WWII, the Battleship North Carolina is the iconic historic landmark of the state. 

Wright Brothers National Memorial

A place where the imagination of the two Wright brothers comes into reality when they successfully fly the world’s first aircraft. Wright Brothers National Memorial is all about commemorating this groundbreaking event not just in North Carolina but in world history.

Moores Creek National Battlefield

The historic Moores Creek National Battlefield, witnesses an important chapter in the history of the great American revolution. The place memorizes the great victory of the thousand patriots took on the less numbered Loyalists at the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge in 1776.  

Exceptional gardens

J.C Arboretum's Rose garden
A beautiful Rose garden at J.C Arboretum

Talking about North Carolina and not its garden sounds weird. Some of the state’s most known and exceptional gardens are as follows.  

Raleigh Beer garden

Specialized in the world’s largest draft beer, The Raleigh Beer Garden in Raleigh is an ideal place for all beer junkies. The garden provides the taste of the variety of liquor in N.C state. It is also an exceptional place to admire the beautiful grape fields in the outbacks.   

JC Raulston Arboretum

JC Raulston Arboretum is a botanical garden specializes in collecting the most diverse quality of landscape plants in America. The arboretum gains its national status as a result of collecting the world’s most famous plants at the national level. 

Wonderful beaches

Wild Horses, a symbol of life at Corova beach, North Carolina
Special spotting of wild Horses at the Corova beach

The state of North Carolina has a vast collection of beaches. Some of them are so unique and a must-visit for the beech lovers to get the seaside experience of the state.    

Carolina beach

Famously known for the Venus flytrap, Carolina beach provides you with the amazement of its Flytrap trails. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy camping, fishing, entertainment, watersport activities to its historic white sandy beaches.

Corova beach

The Corova beach is situated in the extreme Northeast side of North Carolina. The beach can only be accessed by either a boat or a four-wheeler, making it the most desolate beach in North Carolina. The beach is best known for spotting the outer bank wild Horses, a unique specialty in the region.

Perfect leisure

A boy feeding Giraffes at N.C Zoo
A boy feeding Giraffes at N.C Zoo

You can certainly find some of the unique sites in the state of North Carolina for your perfect leisure and fun. The state is full of places where you can experience the best of enjoyment as well as to know about the interesting facts. For the purpose, some notable places are listed below.

Elijah Mountain Gem Mine

To witness the best of North Carolina’s mining, just rush with your family to the marvelous Elijah Mountain Gem Mine. A perfect place to sneaks your leisure time through a treasure hunt that can guarantee you to get thrilled.    

North Carolina Zoo

North Carolina Zoo is known as the world’s largest natural habitat Zoo. The zoo is committed to taking proper care of its over 1800 animals that thrive in the State. As part of the state’s natural diversity protection, the zoo is worth a visit.   

Final words 

The state of North Carolina definitely has a unique identity in the United States. The history of America can be rough if not knowing the importance of the state’s valuable past. A major factor of tourism in the country, the state is the tenth largest economy in the U.S.

Home of the first English settlement in the new world, The State of California is now just settling other people who are coming each year into its soil in the search of a new life.    

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