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What is Spain Known For? Most Popular Things of Spain

Spain is a beautiful country in the Mediterranean, famous for a lot of things. There are several things what is Spain known for are undeniably and quintessentially define a country, and Spain has more than its fair share. So with a lot of attractions and beauty, Spain is known for many things.

Spain is famous for its good food, great people, its scenic beauty, and its vast coastline. The country has become a favorite destination, especially for the food-loving, wine-chugging, and siesta-loving people.

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What is Spain known for? We will tell you about the 12 most popular things that Spain is known for, including people, buildings, events, traditions, and foods. You are already familiar with some of them, and others might amaze you. 

1. Spanish Football

What is Spain Known For? (11 popular things); Spanish Football
Spanish Football

Football is the most beloved sport and famous in Spain and needless to say, the Spaniards outshine it. They treat sports as a religion and they won many different trophies for their national team like the World Cup Title, UEFA European Championship, and many more. La Liga is the national football tournament in Spain in which all the football teams from around the country take part.

La Copa Del Rey is also one the famous tournaments. Spain is famous for Real Madrid and Barcelona Football Club which are the most successful and popular football teams.

The levels of exciting football passion are off the scale in many cities, providing some of the most interesting matches on the stands as well as on the field. Even if you’re not much a fan of the game, if you get a chance to go to a match, it’s an experience not to be missed.

2. Gaudi’s Barcelona

Gaudi’s Barcelona; What is Spain Known For? (11 popular things)
Gaudi’s Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan architect who is popular all around the world for his excellent works of architecture in Barcelona. With more religious design appearing in his work, he got the nickname “God’s architect”. 

Gaudi has built many great landmarks around Barcelona. Some of his most well-known attractions include Park Guell, Bodegas Guell, Casa Calvert, Finca Miralles, and Casa Batllo. The construction of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona consumed most of Antoni Gaud’s career. When he died in 1926, it remained unfinished but still, it is the most famous tourist destination in Europe.

The piece of modernist architecture is one of the biggest and most attractive buildings in the world. Seven of Gaudi’s works in Barcelona have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3. Calat Alhambra

Calat Alhambra
Calat Alhambra

This structure was created by the Moorish king Badis Ben Habus of Spain which was then a Moorish empire for many years. The fortress was basically a small one and was built in 889. But it was reconstructed and many additions were made to it in the year 1333. In the same year, the fortress was changed into a royal palace.

The word ‘Alhambra’ is a short form of the word ‘Calat Alhambra’ which is the title given to a palace. The Palace was strategically located on the hill to give a view of the whole area. Most of the buildings on the Alhambra were painted, but today, after years of being baked in the sun, they look reddish.

Due to its stunning melange of two cultures and art forms, the Alhambra stands out as one of the most remarkable works of architecture. Anyone can get lost in the splendour of this place after spending some time. So, if you’re coming to Spain, don’t forget to visit Alhambra.

4. Flamenco


This is a world-famous dance form that is popular all over the world and is what is Spain known for. Spain is a land of many dance and song forms of art but what sets flamenco separated from the rest is the great difficulty to perform it perfectly.

The dance looks very beautiful to watch but the amount of practice that goes behind a great flamenco performance will make anyone bitter. It consists of 4 main components- cante (song), baile (dance), palmas(handclaps), and toque (playing of the guitar).

Traditional flamenco dancers rarely took any formal training and it is the specialty of Spain. Instead, flamenco was passed down from relatives, friends, and neighbors. Flamenco dancers try to show their deepest emotions by using body movements and facial expressions.

5. Ibiza’s Parties

Ibiza’s Parties; What is Spain Known For
Ibiza’s Parties

Ibiza is a small island in Spain. It is the third-largest island of the independent community of the Balearic Islands. What makes this small island of Ibiza a significant place on the world map is its party culture, that’s what is Spain known for.

In recent years, all the teenagers from Europe and America rush to Ibiza for summer. And the best of the world’s DJs (David Guetta, Sven Vath) descends on the island, making it the final destination for clubbers. 

Seven-million-odd tourists that arrive each year are welcomed by the people of Ibiza which Spain is famous for it. With so much DJ royalty floating around, it can be near-impossible to know where to go.

6. Beaches

Beaches; what is Spain Known For, spain is famous for

You want to know what is Spain known for, it is especially the beaches and has more than 5,000 miles of coastline, much of which is graced with lovely beaches. Although tourists tend to flock to Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol, there are beautiful beaches lining the country on every single coast.

If you’re thinking of summer vacation to Spain, knowing which beach is the best fit for you will help to make your experience from “good” to “simply unforgettable”.

List of Some Beaches in Spain

  • La Concha Beach, San Sebastian
  • Playa de Las Catedrales, Galicia
  • Playa del Silencio, Asturias
  • Ses Illetes, Formentera, Balearic Islands
  • Beaches of Sitges, Catalonia, Near Barcelona
  • Nerja, Costa del Sol, Andalusia
  • La Barrosa, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz
  • Tarifa, Cádiz, Andalusia
  • Gandia, Costa Blanca, Valencia

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7. Wine

Wine; What is spain known for

At nearly three million acres, it will come as a surprise to many that Spain has more vineyards by area than any other country. It is also the third-largest producer of wine, making some of the most iconic and recognizable varieties, from deep red Riojas to the light and sparkling Cava. The country is having so many fun-loving people and wine is one of the most famous things in Spain.

You can find so many great values in Spanish wine bottles that are good and cheap for any night of the week. Because Spain is a member of the European Union, the wine labeling system is much similar to those of France and Italy.

8. Bullfighting (Corrida De Toros)

What is Spain Known For? ;Bullfighting

Another thing that Spain is famous for is the ancient sport “Bullfighting”. Some kind of bullfighting has been occurring in Spain since Roman times, but more recently the sport has been going through an identity crisis. The nation is divided. While it is a part of the nation’s culture, they are opposed to the animal cruelty it represents.

Traditionally, there are three stages of a Spanish bullfight- Tercio de varas (lances third), tercio de banderillas (banderillas third), and tercio the Muerte (death third). When the matador kills the bull then he is allowed to take the ears of the bull as a trophy for victory.

9. Pablo Picasso

An artwork of Pablo Picasso
Picasso’s painting

One of the world’s most famous artists of the 20th century, Picasso turned his hand to painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and set making. He was born in Malaga, left with his family to A Coruna and Barcelona, and spent most of his adult life in France. 

Two of his most popular paintings are “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and  “Guernica”. The family believed that their son would achieve success as an academic painter, and in 1897 his eventual fame in Spain seemed assured. This year his famous painting “Science and Charity” was well awarded an honorable mention in Madrid at the Fine Arts Exhibition.

10. La Tomatina

La Tomatina
La Tomatina

This tomato festival is a popular Spanish fiesta celebrated with tomatoes. It is actually celebrated only in the city of Bunol in Valencia. It is a festival which is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year. 

The tomatoes used in the festival are grown especially for it and they are very bad in taste. The festival lasts only for approximately an hour with some predefined rules.

The majority of participants wear white clothes this is probably because of the heat, or to see specifically how much of a mess the tomatoes make of their clothes. That’s why it is on the list of what is Spain known for.

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11. Sangria


It is the Spanish way of a mix of fruit and wine that became popular in Europe. The word sangria is much more important than the drink itself. It comes from the Latin word for blood. 

While you can buy expensive, ready-made sangrias, it’s also a lot of fun to start with a wine that you enjoy. Sangria is on the tables of Spaniards since the Middle Ages, during a time when water was unhealthy to drink.

various European countries and hundreds of restaurants have started their own variations on the sangria theme.  Spain alone gives quite a few traditional choices based on country, with sparkling ingredients coming from the areas that produce Cava.

12. Siesta


Every country has its own strange facts and Spain also has its strange practice named ‘Siesta’. This means a short nap which is taken in the mid-noon after the heavy lunch by the locals.

The duration of this nap is around 20-30 minutes. This nap has a history because on the hot summer days in Spain people used to rest in the noon after their work. This term commonly came in the 20th century when people were used to farming and doing jobs related to agriculture, this was the time when Siesta became common.

Siesta is also common in Asian sub continents like India, China, and the Middle East. There are also some scientific researches that prove short naps are a biological need. According to a survey, there are around 16.2% of Spanish take naps daily which helps to make them more productive.

13. Tapas

Tapas are little appetizers or finger snacks. The Most Important thing Spain is known for is its freezers, which are available in every Spanish bar. Patatas bravas, calamares, chorizos, cheese, and olives are some of the notable tapas served. They can be served hot or cold, and certain tapas are offered with a specific beverage. Generally, Spaniards are the fun-loving people and they can’t live without catching up with their friends in the evening and accompanying the drinks with certain tapas that are served. Tapas culture is unique to Spain and a few Latin American countries.


Spain, as a country is so simple and yet so difficult to define. The country has something beautiful and meaningful to offer to each and every person who goes there. The not-so-little and eye-stabbing beautiful country of Spain are undoubtedly one of the best countries in the world.

Spain has wonderful, different, and interesting places to go by. Each one is regarded as a separate community of Spain and considered different from the next.

We hope this blog ultimately helps you to find “What is Spain Known For?”. Thanks for your visit…

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