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What is Sweden Known For? 10 Best Things About Sweden

The first thing it comes to mind after hearing about Sweden is that it is a beautiful country. It is the greatest country in Northern Europe and is famous for the Northern Lights. The country attracts thousands of tourists each year from all over the world to view the magnificent lights and also be a part of the country’s other well-known activities.

Sweden is also known for its cleanliness, that’s why it is the cleanest country in the world. From music and food to fashion and tradition, this diverse country welcomes all with various types of views and experiences.

No matter where you are in this Scandinavian beauty, you’ll never be far from the sea, a lake or rich forests, while its cities offer lots of interesting museums, art galleries, shops, and restaurants. Of course, if you don’t know about Sweden, this list will give you a great start on making that decision.

What is Sweden Famous For?

  1. The Coffee Culture(Fika)
  2. Landscapes
  3. IKEA
  4. Northern Lights
  5. Swedish Music
  6. Clean Cities
  7. The Royal Family
  8. Swedish Food
  9. The Wooden Dala Horse
  10. The Ice Hotel

1. The Coffee Culture(Fika)

10 best things are Sweden Mostly Known For;The Coffee Culture(Fika)
The Coffee Culture(Fika)

Coffee culture, as it is known to all, is a behavioral instinct by an individual or a culture about coffee. Fika, on the other hand, is known as the Swedish coffee break, which is popular in the Nordic culture. During this break, you can enjoy open-faced sandwiches or baked sweets along with coffee.

Fika is a different type of tradition, which is followed only in Sweden. It s a big part of every swede`s daily life. Basically, Fika just means to have a coffee. But it is more than that, It gives them the chance to meet and hang out with friends and get to know new people.

2. Landscapes

10 best things are Sweden Mostly Known For;Landscapes

Sweden is popular for its breathtaking natural landscapes, which makes it a vibrant tourist destination in the world. Sarek National Park is one of the many beautiful landscapes of this region. It is believed that the Sami people lived in this mountainous region for a long time.

If you are lucky, you can get a glimpse of creatures like wolverines, bears, and large elks in the mountains. The Swedish countryside is dotted with thousands of lakes, freshwater streams, rolling hills, and mountains. So if there’s one thing Sweden has lots of, it’s open landscapes.


10 best things are Sweden Mostly Known For;IKEA

It was invented in 1943 by a Swedish carpenter named Ingvar Kamprad. Over the years, IKEA has converted into a multinational company, which designs ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, and kitchen appliances. 

IKEA is one of the biggest furniture retailers in the world and Ingvar was listed in Forbes as one of the 10 richest people in the world in 2015. With modern designs and eco-friendly items, IKEA becomes a household name in a short span of time.

4.  Northern lights

10 best things are Sweden Mostly Known For;Northern lights
Northern lights

The Northern lights or Aurora Borealis is a beautiful dazzling natural phenomenon. The magical show of lights in the sky attracts many people from around the world. If you are in Sweden and want to watch the Northern Lights, then a visit to the Abisko National Park is a must. 

Scientifically, it is believed that this type of illuminating pattern is formed when the sun’s particles collide with other particles from the Earth’s atmosphere, thus producing kinetic energy which is converted into visible lights.

5. Sweden Music

Sweden Music
Sweden Music

Swedish music is a mixture of both traditional and modern music. Nordic folk dance music started in the Nordic countries and those who play this kind of sound are known as Spelman in Sweden. 

They play different kinds of folk instruments, and a few among those include the clarinet, fiddle, accordion, and the nyckelharpa. Sweden has also become one of the top exporters of pop music in the world.

6. Clean Cities

Stockholm; what is sweden famous for

Sweden is one of the first countries in the world that passed the Environmental Protection Act. The country has taken pollution seriously and the cities are very clean where you can breathe clean air, which will improve your energy level.

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, was the first city to be declared as European Green Capital in 2010 and it still maintains the title. Stockholm is considered one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.

7. The Royal Family

10 best things are Sweden Mostly Known For;The Royal Family
The Royal Family

The royal family of Sweden lives in the Royal House of Bernadotte and the members of the family are closely related to the King of Sweden. Earlier, the eldest son of the Swedish King became the successor to the heir but the country changed this law in 1980.

Princess Victoria, who is King Carl’s eldest daughter, was crowned the heir to the throne, instead of her brother Prince Carl Philip.

8. Swedish Food

Swedish Food; what is sweden famous for
Swedish Food

Sweden’s food consists of very simple dishes. Fish, meat, potatoes, and dairy products form an important part of popular Swedish cuisine. During many occasions and ceremonies, people of the country serve Swedish meatballs seasoned with gravy, boiled potatoes, and lingonberry jam. 

A Swedish winter dish, known as Raggmunk, is very famous in the country, which is a potato pancake decorated with fried pork or lingonberries.

9. The Wooden Dala Horse

The Wooden Dala Horse
The Wooden Dala Horse

The wooden Dala horse, also known as the Dalecarlian horse, was first introduced in the Swedish province of Dalarna. It is a wooden statue of a horse, which is carved and painted with great precision and has become a symbol of Sweden in the modern era. 

Formerly, it was popular among children as a toy, and it was a must-have among children of all ages.

10. The Ice Hotel

10 best things are Sweden Mostly Known For;The Ice Hotel
The Ice Hotel

This hotel first opened in 1990 in the village of Jukkasjarvi, which is in the northern region of Sweden. This hotel is built with ice and snow, which was brought from the Torne River. 

This wonderful creation also features various rooms, including bedrooms, an ice chapel, and a bar, which are designed by various artists invited from all around the globe. This place is maintained at a temperature of -5 °C, and it is rebuilt every year between December to April.


This European country offers everything from Landscapes to the Ice Hotel. Sweden is the most beautiful and famous country in the world. Also, there are other things Sweden is known for. And I will share those things in my next blog. Hope this blog will help you to find things that Sweden is known for. Thank you

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