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 Where to stay in Mykonos – Best 5 locations 

Also referred to as the Queen of the Cyclades, Mykonos is, no wonder, a royal star in the Mediterranean and an absolutely adored playground for celebs’ since the 1960s. Infusing Greek island allure, it captivates all senses with its profound natural beauty, powdery coastline, crystalline waters, and whitewashed architecture, while also providing visitors with heart-stopping seascapes, idyllic sunsets, and an endless list of opportunities to enjoy life with utmost luxury and pampering. 

The careful selection of the place to stay in Mykonos will, of course, help amplify the overall adventure and ensure a fantastic Mykonos escape that may even exceed what you have imagined or dreamed of when planning your Mykonos trip. So, with a little help from our Mykonian friends of, here are the top 5 Mykonos regions to stay, based on what experience you are after in Mykonos!

Best place to stay in for sightseeing – Mykonos Town

Romantic and incredibly diverse, Mykonos Town or Chora is the centre of all action on Mykonos. Distinguished by narrow, cobbled streets lined with designer boutiques, restaurants, cafes, galleries, and milky-white houses with charming blue shutters, Mykonos Town is, indeed, the pulsing heart of the island. 

In the morning hours, it invites visitors to authentic Mykonos experiences as you get to enjoy your morning cup of coffee at a local kafeneio along the harbour or the uber-romantic Little Venice area and watch the fishermen bring their day’s catch to the pier before heading to the most popular local attractions, including the Windmills and Panagia Paraportiani church. 

After sunset, it transforms into a lively hub, spoiling with vibrant bars and clubs throwing exciting parties, showing the friskier and more playful side of the electric Greek island. Overall, Mykonos Town is a fantastic starting point for your Mykonos explorations, tours, and cruises. 

Accommodation-wise, Mykonos Town is characterised by abundance of options, as you can choosein  from chic villas overlooking the archipelago and beautiful hotels with top-tier amenities to B&B’s. Villa Waterfront is a great option if  you like to stay in Mykonos Town. 

Best place to stay for an excellent beach experience – Elia area 

Tucked around probably the most cosmopolitan and elegant shore on the island, the Elia area is where you need to stay if you are after luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing beach endeavours. Expect never-ending stretches of fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and refreshing cocktails that you get to savour while laying eyes of pristine seascapes. Let the light cool breeze rejuvenate your senses and melt away all your anxieties and worries under a thatched umbrella or explore the idyllic coves nearby for even more solitude and peace. Want more adrenaline-packed moments by the sea? Elia is full of water sports facilities to try. Prefer to enjoy the sun with the bare minimum? Elia has a separate nudist section, while also being one of the several gay-friendly beaches on Mykonos. If the idea of staying here suits your requirements, you will find plenty of exclusive mansions perched on the hills surrounding the beach. We recommend taking a look on Villa Utopia.

Best place to stay for water sports – Kalafatis  

An exquisite side of Mykonos, Kalafatis beach is a hugely popular option among adventure seekers, water sports enthusiasts, and families with children. Being located on the south-east side of the island, Kalafatis is an exceptional seaside place to take advantage of the northern winds that blow almost year-round on Mykonos (called Meltemi wind) and show off your skills on water sports like windsurfing and parasailing or try jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, wakeboarding, canoe kayaking, pedal boating, and so many more. In fact, Kalafatis has one of the best water sports facilities for everybody to enjoy. Away from the more touristy beaches, Kalafatis is less developed, offering unique moments of fun and relaxation, with a few hotels, restaurants, and some of the most stylish villas on Mykonos sitting around it. We love Villa Mirela in Kalafatis area!

Best place to stay for partying and nourishing the senses– Super Paradise 

With an unbeatable bohemian feel, beautiful Mykonian aesthetics, upbeat vibes, chill-out corners, mouth-watering dishes, legendary parties, and sensational cocktails, Super Paradise is an iconic beach club with a long history. Being the most beloved Mykonos fun-having spot for celebs since the 1960s, it welcomes visitors with a soothing ambiance, wood, granite rock, and stone details that blend harmoniously with the landscape, pristine waters, and international Djs. Truth be told, Super Paradise is a one-way option when it comes to choosing the most fitted place on Mykonos to stay to take in the most of its world-renowned nightlife. The events here start right after sunset (or about that time) and take participants through the early wee hours. There are a couple of fabulous hotels to choose from, but they can not be compared to  villas like Villa Jewel or Villa Gastone

Best place to stay on for heart-stopping seascapes and utmost relaxation – Agios Lazaros 

Hands down, one of the most tranquil places to be on Mykonos, enchanting tourists with jaw-dropping views of the shimmering Aegean Sea and an unmatched sense of splendour and magnificence. Perfect for those wanting a more quiet escape away from the lively capital and family-friendly moments, Agios Lazaros is, at the same time, a convenient option bewildering with sweeping sunset views if you would like to combine both the vigorous and dynamic with the more sweet, serene, and mellow side of Mykonos as it sits very close to Mykonos Town (yet far enough to avoid the crowds and noise). A wonderful beach resort also close to other picturesque regions, such as charming Ornos, Platis Gialos, and Paraga beaches, it spoils with many world-class villas like Villa Paragon.

Best Mykonos accommodation types 

Everything seems to come down to two options – elite hotels and sophisticated villas. Both offering refined luxury and an incomparable range of services, facilities, and amenities, they lay the table for genuinely VIP experiences. Whether you choose a hotel or a villa depends on what type of experience you desire while visiting the Island of the Winds. For example, hotels feel like an apartment building, whereas villas feel like private standalone homes. Service-wise, hotels serve a large clientele, while you have the staff all to yourself at a villa (yet, they can both satisfy guests and meet their needs). When it comes to safety, both provide security options, such as electronic cards and 24/7 security guards. Nevertheless, if privacy is a major prerequisite for you, then a villa will probably be more up you alley as you get to enjoy multiple privacy options while staying at the property, which range from private swimming pool and balconies to private beaches and chef. 

Whatever you do, whichever option you select, Mykonos is magical, so we hope you are prepared to be overwhelmed by a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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