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Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees & Rules

In the United States of America, Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest Airline. They have quite a large route map, Alaska Airlines was based on McGee Airways in 1932 and is a major airline that has its headquartered in Washington, SeaTac, and within the Seattle metropolitan areas.  

Alaska Airlines has been supported with many awards and honors over many years. With continuous surveys and reviews over Alaska Mileage Plan, Alsaka airline gets the best airline rewards program by U.S. News & World Report over the last 5 consecutive years. Also, Alaska Airlines Cancellation is amazing. And from the last 12 years, Alaska Airlines has been holding the position of first as Traditional Carriers in the J.D. Power 2019 North America Airline Satisfaction Study constantly.


If you have come here for Alaska Airline Baggage Policy, you can just visit our homepage or you can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the solution to your problem regarding baggage policy. However, if you are interested in getting baggage rules information about Alaska Airlines, read this article.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines baggage allowance includes the following for the regular basic fares:

  • 1 personal item – Fee free
  • 1 carry-on item – Fee free
  • Checked baggage – Applicable costs according to bag.
  • Overweight and Oversized bags – Applicable costs depend upon according to carry on weight and size.
  • Sports equipment – Certain items may have relevant charges.
  • Carry-On Baggage

Alaska Airlines Carry-On Allowance Baggage Policy

It allows 1 personal item like a purse, laptop bag, and briefcase and only 1 carry-on size bag fee is free for each passenger.

Following size and weight, the restriction should not be exceeded in carry-on baggage:

  • Including handles and wheels, the bag should be within 22″x14″x9″. 
  • Diaper bags are counted as the one personal item
  • Assistive gadgets like wheelchairs, crutches,  strollers, and so on and other items like umbrellas, diaper bags, jackets, and duty-free items are not counted in carry-on allowance.
  • Alaska Airlines provides an unaccompanied minor policy as well.
  • In front of you, Fit the seat below or within the overhead bin, or you can also upgrade your seat with them.
  • The item should be within 92 centimeters or 45 linear inches. 
  • You can also carry pets, know more about the Alaska airlines Pet policy.
  • Passengers have to place an identification tag inside of their carry-on bag which helps to identify when misplaced the bag. Download this tag online

Lap-Little one carry-on policy:

Lap babies aren’t entitled to their own carry-on allowance, so a diaper bag would count towards the same old carry-on limit of the grownup passenger.

Stroller Check Policy:

These gadgets may be checked with other luggage or at the gate area and the Transportation of a child’s stroller and/or seat is free of cost as checked bags. They have this amazing check-in policy which you can use to make your travel a lot easier, which can be consist of group travel as well, they have online check-in procedures that are beneficial.

Alaska Airline Baggage Allowance fees

They depend on the type of fare you purchased, the destination, whether you are active U.S. military personnel and/or dependents, whether you are already in the frequent flyer program of Last Frontier Airlines (AS), and are sent to The carrier, or whether you have a credit/debit card sponsored by Last Frontier Airlines (AS). 

Alaska Airlines (AS) customary checked baggage/hold bags fees follow:

  • $30.00 USD for First Bag
  • $40.00 USD for Second Bag
  • $100. 00 USD for every third plus bags
  • Initial, Second, and Third bags are free within the State of Alaska

Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage policy

The details of the hold luggage policy of Alaska Airlines are the following:

  • 23 kilograms or 50 pounds maximum weight is allowed.
  • 157 centimeters or 62 inches are the maximum dimensions allowed.
  • 2  standard bag is allowed.

Alaska Airlines checked Baggage Allowance fees

23 kilograms or 50 pounds maximum weight and 158 centimeters or 62 linear inches dimension are allowed. Details of Checked Baggage in air travel Allowance fees are given below in  the tabular format:

Classes Or  Route1st Bag2nd Bag3rd Bag4th Plus Bags
Domestic Economy$30$40$100$100 each
Domestic First ClassFreeFree$100$100
In the state of AlaskaFreeFreeFree$100

Fees for Oversized Bags

Luggage from 63 to 115 linear inches or from 160 to 292 cm will be charged an additional $100 at Alaska Airlines. It is currently not allowed to carry luggage that exceeds 115 linear inches or 292 cm as checked luggage.

Excess Baggage Fees

For third and Additional Bagsg $100.00 USD will be charged to Alaska Airlines.

Special baggage

Special baggage needs special attention and extra regulations. This includes some Items like Sports equipment, Firearms and ammunition, musical instruments, and perishable items.

Sports equipment

Sports equipment that does not exceed the size and weight restrictions of AK Airlines (AS), such as snowboards, golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey and field game equipment, can accept joint inspection of checked baggage/checked baggage, and relevant fees may be charged.

Firearms and ammunition

Passengers are allowed to carry a firearm as checked baggage only and you should meet the age criteria of 18years. Your firearms should be unloaded and in a locked condition and packed in a hard case.

Musical instruments

Passengers allow carrying small musical instruments in one carry-on bag which may not exceed the dimension of the given carry-on criteria. But if you want to carry your musical instruments as a carry-on then you have to purchase a second seat for this. The musical instruments fee may charge if the weight of your musical instrument is over 50lbs to 165lbs then the fee is $100.

Perishable items

Alaska allows the passenger to carry a perishable item if the item is properly packed in a leaked-proof container. it is recommendable that perishable item is able to withstand at least 48hours without refrigeration.

Fees for Overweight Bags

Alaska Airlines will charge for overweight bags when the bag weight is greater than 23 kilograms or 50 pounds on U.S domestic flights. The details are given below:

  • $100 USD extra per bag if the bag weight is between 24 to 46 kilograms or 51 to 100 pounds.
  • Bags having a weight of more than 46 kilograms or 100 pounds will not be accepted.

Exclusions and Waivers

*Seasonal Baggage Limits may additionally apply on a few routes.

  • 1 checked bag is free for Alaska Airlines World Elite® Mastercard® cardholders and up to six passengers traveling on the same Alaska Airlines reservation.
  • 2 checked bags are free for club 49® members touring on a price ticket that contains at least one Alaska Airlines town in Alaska.
  • 2 checked luggage free in Elite stage Mileage Plan™ members.
  • 5 checked bags free in Active responsibility US navy personnel & active duty US military dependents (on tour orders).

Checked Bag in Alaska Airlines with Credit Cards

Alaska Airlines would possibly waive checked bag charges in case you fly first elegance or within the country of Alaska, however what if you’re flying economy outdoor of Alaska.

The answer is simple, you get their co-branded credit score card provided through Bank of America. Holding this card, you may receive your first checked bag for free. Details are given below in the tabular format:

Loyalty ProgramCard NameBenefit Details
Mileage plan Frequent Flyer Program of Alaska AirlinesAlaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card of Bank Of AmericaOne free checked bag is received to you and for your 6 companions each.
Mileage plan Frequent Flyer Program of Alaska AirlinesAlaska Airlines Visa Signature Business Credit Card of Bank Of AmericaOne free checked bag is received to you and for your 6 companions each.

Alaska Airlines Restricted Items 

Items that we commonly used every day in the workplace or at home may seem harmless; however, they can be very dangerous and prohibited when transported in the air due to variations in temperature and pressure. During a flight, these items can leak, generate toxic fumes or start a fire.

ItemsCarry-On BaggageChecked Baggage
Alcohol more than 3.4 ozNot AllowedMore than 70% of alcohol is prohibited
Breast MilkAllowedAllowed
WeaponsNot AllowedAllowed with some restrictions
Styrofoam ContainersAllowedNot Allowed
Pool ChemicalsNot AllowedNot Allowed
Personal Air PurifiersNot AllowedAllowed
Matches or LightersAllowedNot Allowed
MarijuanaNot AllowedAllowed

Alaska Airlines Pets Policy

In Alaska Airlines, you are allowed to bring your pet (dogs, cats, rabbits, or households birds) to travel in the plane if you are above 18 years. There is a specific rule given by the airline that a pet will be carried in the carrier comfortably in which a pet can easily sir stand or turn around. The carrier should fit under the front seat of the passenger. 

The one-way charge to carry a pet on board is $100 and the price of the journey is one way. The pet who is in a good health or vaccinated then only it will be allowed by the airlines.

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